Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli: Work life balance to net worth, how Virushka are raising the bar for Gen-Z

Actress Anushka Sharma and Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli got hitched in 2017 and became parents in 2021. From professional life to personal, they're nothing short of a power couple. Here's how.

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Photos
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli: Work life balance to net worth, how Virushka are raising the bar for Gen-Z
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"We're a team. Watch us build an empire together," is a quote that comes to mind when anyone thinks of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. One of the most adored couples in the limelight, Anushka and Virat were already superstars in their own respective fields before coming together and getting married. While Anushka was already a big name in Bollywood, Virat too had found his footing in the Indian men's cricket team when they got hitched in December 2017. 

As they began their journey as a married couple, 'Virushka' slowly and steadily began building their empire together. But, even while they were busy building their individual careers and achieving their personal goals, they managed to give each other priority no matter what. With so much that they did and are still continuing to do, their impact on people across the world is massive. With each of their achievements, in personal and professional life, Virat and Anushka have been raising the bar very high for millennials. Here's why they are among the power couples in showbiz.

1. Virushka's Net Worth


When we talk about Virat and Anushka's net worth, we need to understand that they are not just two professionals, but an amalgamation of two of the biggest entertainment worlds- Cricket and Bollywood. Back in 2019, as per Forbes Celebrity 100 list, Virat was at the first spot and his net salary was assessed at a whopping 252.72 Crore. However, when his overall net worth is accounted for, it reportedly comes around a figure of Rs 900 Crore, as per GQ India. Virat's net worth also includes his reported retainee fee for RCB in IPL that is Rs 17 Crore and his additional contracted annual salary of Rs 7 Crore from BCCI. Besides all of it, he continues to be in ICC's top-ranking batsmen in the world. 


On the other hand, Anushka, in the 2019 Forbes Celebrity 100 list of 2019 was on the 21st spot as she earned around Rs 28.67 Crores in that year. Her total net worth reportedly is estimated at around Rs 350 Crore, as per GQ India. The actress reportedly charges Rs 12-15 Crore for each film that she does. Besides this, Anushka also owns her own apparel brand that is quite popular. Her production house Clean Slate Films also has been doing great work. Although the star remained out of the limelight professionally after her film Zero (2018), her fan following continued to grow across the world. Thus, when we talk about a combined net worth, it is estimated at Rs 1250 Crore. Now, that is why clearly, they are sheer goals!

2. Brand Valuation Individually


When we talk about brand value, Virat and Anushka's brand portfolio is quite huge and hence, they rank very high among their peers. Talking about Virat, according to Duff & Phelps report 2019, Virat bagged the top spot as India's most valued celebrity with an estimated brand value of USD 237.7 million. In 2020 too, Virat managed to retain the top spot as the most valued by brands. Looking at his brand portfolio, from cars to tyres to energy drinks to apparel to snacks, there isn't any genre of items that Virat hasn't endorsed. 

Talking about Anushka, as per the Duff & Phelps report of 2019, Anushka had bagged the 18th spot that year among the celebs and their brand values. Her brand valuation was estimated back then at USD 26.7 million. In 2020, her rank jumped and she was at the 13th spot. Her brand endorsements portfolio includes a host of products ranging from accessories, fashion products, clothing, electronics to banks and much more. Collectively, as per the 2019 report, the couple had an estimated brand valuation of USD 264.4 million. Now, isn't that aspirational? Well, it also is one of the reasons why they continue to be among the power couples. 

3. Social Media Fan Following


'Virushka' are not just followed in India, but their fan following spans across the globe. The proof of it was revealed by Virat himself when he shared that he and Anushka found fans even in the remote location of Finland where they had flown for their honeymoon. Well, as they say, when you are a power couple, fans follow you across the world. If we talk in terms of numbers, Anushka has over 50.9 million followers on Instagram and over 22.4 million on Twitter. On the other hand, Virat has over 47.2 million followers on Twitter and over 133 million followers on Instagram. Collectively, on Instagram, Virushka have a reach of 183.9 million while on Twitter it is around 69.6 million followers. With a reach like that, brand valuation is bound to go through the roof for this adorable couple!

4. Work-Life Balance


One of the things that set Anushka and Virat apart from all other couples who are successful in their lines of work is the fact that they have successfully maintained a work-life balance. While it may seem impossible to outsiders that a successful cricketer and a Bollywood superstar can maintain a healthy work-life balance, to Virushka it is a way of life that they have opted for. Back in 2018, Anushka had revealed at India Today Mind Rocks that she and Virat love doing what they do but they don't take their career too seriously. She had said, "We don't draw our identity only from that. We are very simple and like doing normal things. We don't see each other in terms of our profession." She had also revealed that they make the effort to find time for each other and do things together. Hence, we get to see Anushka jet off with Virat for tours and likewise, he too often takes time off to be with her. 


The ultimate proof of how well they manage their work-life balance came when Virat and Anushka both took time off to welcome their baby girl. While Anushka finished her work commitments before the arrival of their child, Virat too took paternity leave in December 2020 to be with Anushka. Both of them prioritised their family when the time was right and it was needed. Thus, they gave all millennial couples who crib about not having enough time amid work for each other, another reason to idolise them! Pure goals, Aren't they?

5. Virushka's Business ventures

Anushka and Virat didn't just focus on their own careers as an actress and a cricketer but also explored other areas of their interest with time. Slowly and steadily, Virushka forayed into spaces other than their professions and explored their interests. And, each of them turned out to be a success. Talking about Anushka, she launched her own apparel brand Nush that is doing quite well. She also started her own production house by the name of Clean Slate Filmz with brother Karnesh Sharma and has been focused on producing trailblazing content. Her productions Bulbbul and Paatal Lok have been two of the most successful projects in 2020. 


On the other hand, when we talk about Kaptaan Kohli, there is so much he has ventured into owing to his varied areas of interest. From an apparel brand Wrogn to his One8 collaboration with Puma, Virat has stakes in each of them. He also has invested in a tech startup Sport Convo with other players. Virat has also invested in a chain of gyms that spans across India, a football team named FC Goa, Tennis team and a wrestling team. Besides all of this, Virat also owns hospitality ventures. He has restaurants named Nueva and One8 Commune. Now, when you look at their collective investments outside of the profession, don't Virushka inspire you? Well, certainly does make them a power couple too. 

Put together, Virat and Anushka have managed to build it all with their hard work, dedication and commitment and while doing all of it, they continue to prioritise each other. Now, that's what makes them the IT couple!

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