Anushka Sharma to get a wax statue with an interactive feature at Madame Tussauds Singapore

Anushka Sharma will soon get her wax statue at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Singapore. Anushka’s statue will be seen holding a phone and will ‘have her talk’.
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Anushka Sharma is one of the most popular actors in the country today. The actor will soon get her wax statue at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Singapore.

“Yes, it’s true that the wax museum is set to unveil an interactive statue of Anushka. Madame Tussauds is extremely selective when it comes to zeroing in on the personalities whose statue gets a special interactive feature. Thanks to her special statute, she is set to join the list of global icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Christiano Ronaldo and Lewis Hamilton, who also have their interactive replicas at the Singapore museum,” an insider told Hindustan imes.

“In fact, hers will be the first wax statue at the Singapore museum with this feature. It’s a new interactive feature that Madame Tussauds is introducing with her replica. It only proves her popularity across countries because only a handful global leaders and icons have such interactive features with their statues,” the source added.

Anushka’s statue will be seen holding a phone and will ‘have her talk’.

“Guests can take selfies with ‘waxed’ Anushka and she will be heard saying warm greetings if one picks up the phone,” the source revealed.

Madame Tussauds Singapore has statues of Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Kajol and many other Bollywood celebs. Husband Virat Kohli unveiled his statue at the Delhi Madame Tussauds museum recently.

On the work front, Anushka Sharma has wrapped up her next films, Zero with Shah Rukh Khan and Sui Dhaaga: Made in India with Varun Dhawan.



Well this is a big achievement, she is the first Indian to get a talking feature and the first wax statue in Singapore to have a talking feature . It’s a big deal that the madam T of Singapore chose to unveil their talking feature through Anushka . They could have chosen anyone , she might have a good fan following there .

I don't want to disrespect anyone but these wax statues have become a joke now.

Fare enough especially after giving performances like nh10 and pari she deserves to be more appreciated. I wish she chooses better films though like Alia does , that’s when she can ace the market by giving hits as well as good performances. But there is no doubt that this woman is talented

She will chose like Alia only if she is offered...which won't happen anytime soon!!

Congrats Anushka and yes she deserves it , to be an outsider and make it to the A-list actress list within 10 years is a fucking achievement. I am a theatre actor myself and thanks to nepotism thousands like me don’t get our due . So that fact that she made it is inspiring and gives actors like us so much hope . Her , Kangana , Priyanka, Vidya are prime examples of talent making it big despite being from middle class households. Kudos to her

Yay so happy both Varun and Anushka have wax statues in Singapore now

God knows what people here are talking about or maybe they are just paid haters but anushka is damn famous here in Singapore. The few hot Bollywood films that everyone has watched in Singapore have her , from ran be Bana di Jodi , band baja Bharat,jab Tak Hai Jaan, sultan , Pk, too even ADHM these are all famous Bollywood films in Singapore and she plays leads in most of them . So she is very highly regarded here . Her wax statue totally makes sense

Congratulations anushka ❤️

Ya right , you think Madame T is bought then Kohli is ours be the first one there becaue having his wax statue in Singapore rather then Delhi would do a lot more for his brand value especially since cricket is not so widely seen in Singapore

What language is this?

Guys why are you all so negative , you really think Madame T Singapore takes donations ? If that was the case then Karan , Alia , and every other Bollywood celeb would have a statue becaue they could all afford it .

Awww so may jealous souls here , burn bitches , but let me tell you even Kohli doesn’t have a wax statue internationally, he has one in Delhi . Secondly Anushka is quite famous abroad so makes sense . Even Varun and Kajol have one

Kohli paid....Just like how he ghost produces her idiotic flop films she's over rated big time. Now kohli can slam my comments and say "shame"

Are these paid stautes ....

Definitely a paid one. Few months back her husband get a waxed now she. It's not a co incidence.

She is running a wheel of fortune now. The day she bagged Kohli, she changed her life completely. Instead of being completely written off after series of flops..she is going places. But the day she runs out of luck, she will know her true worth.

She is more desrving thn kohli, dhoni, her contemporaries..Deepika..kangana..etc etc!! Har cheez bikti hai..flop actress ka statue!!

yeh Sunne se pahele mar kyun ny gaya yaar there are many more legends in bollywood why her?

Meh, she already has enough wax pumped inside that'd be a no for me dawg

you haters mind your own bussiness coz our anushka is our anushka none of your anushka. if you cant say something good about her then dont say bad things. this show how your parents brought up you.

Plastic ka kya plastic statute bnaynge log ?

what has she achieved to be made into a wax statue

I have an idea : instead of making whole wax statue pls make her stand their forever . FREEZE HER

Yeah the feature is to kiss everyone that comes in front of her. Much like what she did in her career. PV post reality please.

eRRRRR For what , she s done zilk any good films

Why phone??? Being super clean Singapore, maybe her statue should remind people to use bins. * Oh yeah baby, I am a bona fide hater*

Ever wonder if Madame T coffers accept generous donations from strategic well wishers???

Who's her well wisher? Even Kohli doesn't have a wax statue at any international location - only in Delhi.

Perks of marrying Kohli. No one gave a shyte about her before she hooked up with him. All of a sudden she is everywhere.

Somebody file a case on ansuhka sharma for lying to us that she did not went under the surgery to look like a DUCK

Thete has to be a lot of hardwork as they will be making a DUCK

Hahaha.what ? Like seriousy ? A DUCK statute

Wow! There's no wax statue of Deepika who is definitely more deserving than her and Anushka is getting one...there will be no hold to her arrogance now! Hope she keeps the same face here on as they can't keep correcting the statue with plastic and fillers!

why? did she pay for this?

kuch bhi


Uhh, what?

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