Anushka Sharma talks about doing Pari, Sui Dhaaga & Zero all in one year; says I have hands full as a producer

Anushka Sharma talks about having her hands full as a producer and how she thinks she doesn't need to do films or any project simply because she has to fill free time. Check out what did the actress have to add to it.
Anushka Sharma talks about doing Pari, Sui Dhaaga & Zero all in one year; says I have hands full as a producerAnushka Sharma talks about doing Pari, Sui Dhaaga & Zero all in one year; says I have hands full as a producer
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Anushka Sharma has had a great 2018 and while fans do want her to return to the screens with something that is bigger, the actress sure is in no hurry. After her last few films being complete critic favourites, we can't wait to know what does she have in store after the likes of Pari, Sui Dhaaga and Zero. While that is there, the actress also went on to say how in the past three years she has had a rather hectic schedule and has had to pull off roles that were emotionally demanding.

She added how doing completely different roles on a single calendar year can take a toll on you and given how different each role was, a lot of prep has gone into it. She further revealed how after such a journey, one wishes to sit back and take a call. She added how she thinks so because she thinks that as an actor she has reached that kind of position and security. She also said how she doesn't wish to take up films simply to fill time and also talked about her ventures as a producer for streaming platforms as well as a film coming in.




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Telling how there is a lot of work she has to do behind the scenes too and that it is such things which people will not be privy too, however, she said that she wants to focus on that for now and also wishes to be able to look back at what she has done. Adding further, the actress said how she is after all satisfied with the work she has done and that is how she is, picky.

Well, we wish her all the best with everything she has coming in and hope to see her back on the screens soon.

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Let's accept the fact that she's now super rich, given her marriage to Virat. She can do whatever she wants. No one wants to slog if you have the luxury to relax. And she has a production company that she started way back in 2012. So I would say she's smart too.

Don't know why so much negativity for her in the comments section. For me she is an great actress.. Who is graceful and respectful.. I am really one of her biggest fan.

Kjo , Khans tried to fit in Anushka bcoz they couldn't afford DP. They all tried hard to bring attention to Anushka gave her too many changes to bring DP down. Now Kjo is doing same with Alia too. Kjo accept for once, you may be good businessman but the REAL talent always stands out and all these mediocre people disappear with no time

i think she was holding off for the slb movie but she’s even less desirable than alia for a salman pair. truth is she isn’t a versatile actor and people are finally catching on

She was good in Pari, but extremely bad in zero and suidagga. Time to introspect and start afresh. Also her other married contemporaries haven't changed a bit when it comes to approaching their profession, but Anushka will no longer do glamorous, sensuous, bold characters and onscreen kissing. So it's going to make it all the more difficult for her.

Pregnant or planning for pregnancy.

Trying to copy the Deepika route

Zero was terrible. Her portrayal of cerebral palsy was so shoddy and inaccurate, you wonder if she did any kind of homework at all on the disorder. When you have the meatier role and yet, Katrina Kaif walks away as the best part of the film, its time to introspect hard

Alia to follow same, there is overdose of actresses during a particular year then they are finished bcoz of overdose

Too ugly no talent after clothing line fiasco with her clothing she married virat as a cover exposed as can't act. Making excuses like flop srk

Just luck, good or bad, depending on how you look at it or who you are, that all her films released at once. Everyone will be missing her when they see 3-4 Alia movies instead.

She will have to produce her own flops if she still wants to act. So many new comers NEPO babies and lookers are getting ready to burst. Nobody wants to watch horrible actors like her, Sonam and DP. Their time is up.

she’s nowhere near as bad as sonam. deepika is a fine actor tho

Her husband is rich! of course she has security

audiences are tired of her and she’s married to the most popular man in india, it’s time to relax

pari was her only good performance last year, she was terrible in the other two! i think we can see what her limits are for commercial movies and finally everyone else can too. she’s producing a web series from a writer kn trial for rape charges. watch her pr wash it all away

She has not been offered anything. She wants to do one massy film and one her own production but alas cos of no mass appeal has not been given a role opposite any big actors.

This woman has the dubious ability of being arrogant, insecure and delusional all at the same time.


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