Anushka Sharma talks about husband Virat Kohli in her FIRST interview post marriage

In her first ever interview after wedding to Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma talked about her production company, love for films and family. She also said that husband Virat Kohli is her strength in vulnerable times.
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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony in Tuscany, Italy on December 11, 2017. The couple kept their wedding a secret and after tying the knot, they announced it on social media. They shared beautiful photos from their wedding ceremony. The couple has been setting relationship goals with their social media PDA. Anushka returned to the city yesterday after spending a month with Virat Kohli in the United Kingdom, where India is playing an international series.

In an interview with Femina, Anushka talked about her love for acting, production ventures and her animal shelter. This is Anushka’s first cover after her marriage to Virat Kohli. She slays on the cover with gelled hair, a stylish outfit and nude make up. In the interview with the magazine, when asked about who is her biggest source of strength in vulnerable moments, Anushka said, “Virat”. She also talked about how being in the spotlight constantly gets too much at times.


Happy friendships day

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She explained, “It does get too much sometimes. I’m a very private person, I like being by myself and spending time with my family—it’s something that makes me feel calm. But in my job, you’re constantly working and travelling, and you don’t have much time for yourself. You have to work towards finding time, so I’ve started doing that now. I try to balance my life in a better way. I think the right balance; so you’re not always loaded with work, is also very important to your creativity.”



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She has nothing left to her credit except blab about her foolish husband. I've never seen any cricketers wife trying to gatecrash everywhere. Not even sangeeta bijlani. Could she and her worst half just focus on their careers instead of bugging us of their PDA. Kinda nauseating

Anushka loves thr attention and marriage has totally upped her brand value, who’s she kidding?

anushka is bad news for virat

They make a wonderful pair, not are fit ,good looking ,on top of their profession and very much in love.God bless them .

Its the so called private actress. That cover looks like it came straight outta her flop movie Pari. She can try as hard as she can but she just ain't sexy at all.

Pari wasn't a flop

Remember when she was nowhere to be seen and Kohli focused on cricket?

Oh, she's back to talking about him again.

Why can’t she talk about him? He’s her husband bro

Why can’t she talk about him? He’s her husband bro

The private couple lol

Current trend in Bollywood - give every tiny detail of your life on social media, and then claim that you are private people. Attention seekers, every single one of them. And the leaders of that group are Anushka-Virat.

Anushka is a very private person. I cant hear it anymore

Please don't leak our pictures or personal informations, we are a VERY PRIVATE COUPLE

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