Anushka Sharma's alleged ex-boyfriend Ranveer Singh LIKES her wedding pics

Anushka Sharma’s alleged ex-boyfriend Ranveer Singh liked the pictures of the newly-weds.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli tied the knot in Itay today. Family and close friends attended the ceremony at a resort in Tuscany amid high security. 

The couple also shared pictures from their wedding ceremony. The actress looked ethereal in a pink

lehanga with pearls and beads. Virat, on the other hand, looked handsome in an ivory raw silk sherwani. As soon as the wedding news came in, congratulatory messages started to pour in from B-Town celebs and fans on the social media. 

Anushka Sharma’s alleged ex-boyfriend Ranveer Singh liked the pictures of the newly-weds. Anushka and Ranveer were rumoured

to be dating each other some years back.  However, the relationship did not last for long and the two went their separate ways. The two have been extremely cordial to each other even after their alleged breakup. Both Anushka and Ranveer have worked together in three films- Band Baja Baarat, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl and Dil Dhakadne Do. 

Earlier during an interview, when Anushka was about her first meeting with Ranveer, the actress had revealed, "It was during his audition for Band Baaja Baaraat. The team had called me to do a scene with him. And he was just being Ranveer! (laughs). He was hyperactive and restless. If you ask me what was my first impression of him, I would say, ‘Not much’ (laughs)."

Talking about Anushka, Ranveer had said, “I respect Anushka a lot. She is someone who held my hand and guided me through my first film. As I was new and didn’t understand the nuances of

film making, Anushka was extremely patient. Anushka is misunderstood as she is not manipulative. She is from an army background- very straight forward and righteous to the core.’’

Talking about Anushka and Virat, the two are expected to return to Mumbai soon. The couple made an official announcement on their social media account by posting, “Today we have promised each other to be bound in love forever. We are truly blessed to share the news with you. This beautiful day will be made more special with the love and support of our family of fans &well wishers

. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey.”

The couple will be hosting wedding receptions in Delhi and Mumbai. Virat will be hosting a reception for his extended family on 21st December and Anushka’s family will host a reception in Mumbai on 26th December.

The Mumbai reception will see Anushka’s industry friends and cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh. Anushka has invited all her industry friends including Shah Rukh Khan, AamirKhan and others. Anushka’s father has also invited their neighbors for the reception in Mumbai.




Credits: Instagram

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Thank god their relationship did not work out! Virat is a much better man and person for her. Ranveer is a womanizer.

It's nice to see that there's no bad blood between Anushka and Ranveer. They seem to still respect each other and he sincerely wishes her well. As for Anushka and Deepika, that is another equation altogether.

By Virushka fans logic: if Ranveer is stuck with Ranbir's left over then by that logic Virat is stuck with Ranveer's leftover. Such cheap way of thinking these Virushka fans. It's a moment of celebration for your idols stop attacking other people please. Both the parties have moved on yet Anushka fans still drag Ranveer and Deepika in to everything.

RS ka kitne exes hai?

i jst read tgt rk rockstar give

Poor uncle crying hahah

Hahahh now crying for cheating on anushka haha drug monkey lol

U r nothing infront of virat u looser

Looser now movie is not releasing so crying lol

I am sorry but I have to vent this somewhere. I really like Deepika but I am so disappointed that she has deliberately chosen to not wish Anushka on her special day. And I first thought "oh maybe she's busy and not on her social network" but then she posts a random post on Instagram yesterday. Like really woman? This is a person who wished Katrina a happy birthday when she is not even on twitter.

Well, Anushka grass definitely looks greener on her side...........Ranveer is a cool guy and I am sure he has moved on since then but he is stuck with a girl who will always bear and RK initial, that does look pathetic on his part.

But i wanna see RS and DP got married.

Anushka seems like a grounded girl and not like usual actresses. I am glad she married when she thought right and not let her career dictate her life.

irresponsible media reporting

Anu made the right choice. Virat is awesome. Sadly very rare to find men like him!

Rs hahha need fame khilji bc movie is not releasing

bc dont cry , your idol DRUG MONKEY DOG only can dream the stardom of RS

Rk leftover dog

Hahhah anushka life is set wt this looser cheater is stuck with rk leftover lol...

He know his carrer is over film is not relasing n dp is not giving baab so by attaching name to anushka he wanted to get 2 minute fame

arrey dont insult like this our gigastar RANBIR KAPOOR

correction here hater he is and will not give any bhaav to dp.she is back to rk and neetu.pv post

Meaning neetu villion

Glad she didnt end up marrying this arrogant ugly joker bc she deserve a prince like kohli not a losee like this rs

U desrve it looser ching

Yea looser u dserve it hah looser dp dog

Well from an joker ugly(rs) to handsome best batsman in the world(kholi) nice upgrade anishka

Anushka Looking better than virat

This rs fans r obesed with rk now defending this cock addicr looser by using rk name....oh loser fans rk got class he is not a looser like this uncle joker

Nice rs used her n marry dp such a looser but sahi hn my rk cheated on tht cheater dp

Channa is rk song ok rs fans stop giving him rk rockstar songs

Poor Ranveer is stuck in a pr relationship.He deserved that for cheating over Anushka.

How much easier life would be if I had a selective memory like ranveer fans. The story always changes according to their convenience. Now ranveer wasnt into anushka and she was chasing him. Lol I remember it being the other way around. Whatever you need to think so it seems like ranveer is desirable.

Yea now crying to cheat on her with tht looser dp who is also gotted cheated by rk lol

Well from an average actor to one of the greatest batsman in the world.

anushka never dated ranbir kapoor bc

Lol kohli and his contribution to india is much greater than ranveer.

I think Anushka was in love with Ranveer for long after break up and hence so much bitter towards him or about him since their break up. Ranveer on the other hand, was never in love with her, easily moved on and therefore always spoke so cordially to her or about her. Gentlemen. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

I dont think it was super serious. IIRC, Anushka and him went to spain on vacay, and there/soon after she broke up with him. I remember Ranveer mentioned in an interview that he didn't leave the room for 3 days after his previous breakup (alluding to a mystery woman, likely AS). And then Bombay Velvet happened-- Ranveer got dropped, Ranbir got in, Anushka stayed. My guess, Ranveer was more upset than she was. Anyway, he started working on Ram Leela right after and fell for Leela pretty quick. And it got awkward between the Ranveer and Anushka since he moved on pretty quick. They were avoiding eachother for a couple of years till things cooled down.

Anywho, it's water under the bridge. They worked together in DDD, did publicity for the movie, and speak about eachother pretty cordially.

Don't think they are that cool. In KwK, Ranveer said he'd kill Anushka (out of Deepika, Anushka and someone else) cos she's always mean to him for no good reason :D

Glad he didn’t end up with this arrogant child woman.

But ended up with arrogant old woman

rs and that arrogant beautiful woman will make a beautiful couple respects anushka and anushka knows this.he is no coward like rk and dp.both rk and dp can now enjoy behind the curtains.amd neetu ji can be t peace with her bahurani doesn't hate and bully anyone. so. can u digest it?if yes then good for you and if not then also its your hater.pv post

Ranveer Cheated on Anushka with DP. Watch old Koffee with Karan. Anushka never advertised her breakup for public sympathy. Look who she ended up marrying. Leave everything to God, someone has rightly said.

Let's face it...ranveer wasn't in love with her he moved on so quickly...and she didn't acknowledges him either ...

Ranveer and Anushka had an on and off casual fling. Right after they broke it off they met the loves of their life. Ranveer has always said nice things about Anushka and they are cordial whenever they meet. They did a movie after their break up while dating their current partners. If there is romantic feelings involved highly doubt

Whenever Ranveer and Anushka meet socially they have been cordial with each other. They both have moved on clearly. Also Anu and Ranveer just had a fling and then after breaking up met their current loves so I don't think they ever had intense, romantic feelings to

Ranveer and anushka were not in a relationship ,,anushka wanted ranveer but he was too focused on his career and young at that time,, i remember anushka saying that in all her interviews in 2011 ,then he met deepika and she met virat .now all are happy

I wonder what DP and Ranveer are doing. They have been dating since Ram Leela. It is either now or never. I think Sonam will tie the knot next. Anand is the only man she has dated so publicly. She must be absolutely sure about him to have made it public.

He must be singing channa mereya song lol.

Guys, they dated 6 years ago. Both have moved on. Ranveer's even been to some of his exs' weddings. I think he's being normal, sending good vibes their way. Mature thing to do.

Yes indeed , it's the graceful , mature way to behave.

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