Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston secretly married? Here's the truth

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have not gotten married secretly, contrary to reports.
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Ever since Jennifer Aniston was spotted flaunting a rock recently, reports of Brad Pitt having proposed her again have been doing the rounds. An Australian website went on to ask the readers if they think the duo has reconciled. 

The magazine even went on to add that there are reports that the couple has secretly rekindled their relationship earlier this year after Jennifer's split from Justin Theroux. 

While other reports suggest that the ring is perhaps a part of her role in the upcoming project Murder Mystery, the magazine, raised the question on the presence of the ring outside filming hours. However, Gossip Cop has rubbished the rumors saying that that is definitely for her next project wherein she is playing a married woman. 

Recently, there were reports that Brad's parents have been insisting him to sort differences with Jennifer. However, Gossip Cop even refuted those rumours

Jen met Brad on a blind date set up by their agents in 1998. They were considered as "Hollywood's golden couple." They married in 2000. On January 8, 2005, the actors announced they had "formally" separated.

Brad later got hitched to Angelina Jolie. However, their separation in 2016 came as a shocker to many. Ever since fans have been hoping to see them back together. Meanwhile, Brad has already been linked to a few of his co-stars and is enjoying his singlehood to the T. 

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I think if Jennifer takes him back it will be with some reseverations. As he did leave her once already and that was his first mistake. He walked out on a stunningly beautiful woman for tha big lipped home wrecker. Angelina in my opinion is all about Angelina and any decent woman would have stayed away from a married man. But then I did say decent woman so it shouldn’t have surprised me that she started messing with Brad. After his split with Jennifer I stopped watching anything that bBrad was in as well as any the Angelina as in. If this is what Jennifer wants them I’m glad for her. She deserves to be happy

Brad and Jen should try to remain friends. Angelina was going through a lot of crap and it seemed that Brad was not as supportive as he should've been but it can be difficult. I think Angie may have felt at some point that Brad stopped caring though I'm not sure that's really true. Just looking at the surface from afar but it's sad to see such talented people having so many issues. Life is too short to keep trying to be perfect both to the public and each other. Get God in your life and be at peace enjoy living.

People would love to see them together again. Their hearts belong to each other forever. What a lovely couple! They always were.


Since everyones happiness matters more than theirs??

Jen won't make the mistake of marrying this cheater again.

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