Are you a Bollywood buff? Guess THESE iconic Bollywood films and characters from the clues

While sitting at home and practicing social distancing amid Coronavirus lockdown, Pinkvilla brings forth a fun game for the Bollywood junkie in you. If you're a true blue Bollywood lover, guess these iconic Bollywood films and characters.
Are you a Bollywood buff? Guess THESE iconic Bollywood films and characters from the cluesAre you a Bollywood buff? Guess THESE iconic Bollywood films and characters from the clues
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Amid Coronavirus lockdown, almost everyone is stuck at home since the last 21 days and another 20 odd days have been added to this, after an extension of it has been announced till May 3. Amidst this, no new Bollywood films are releasing and it is getting hard for people to kill time. But, to kill your boredom and channel the Bollywood Buff in you, Pinkvilla brings forth a cool game that won’t just test your love for Bollywood films but also help you pass some time at home. 

Social distancing is what we all ought to practice to prevent the spread of Coronavirus but what to do when one is bored. Afterall, how much Netflix, Prime, AltBalaji and more can you watch? In such a scenario, our Bollywood game is what will help you kill time and also test your knowledge about your favourite stars. While it surely is fun playing alone, you can share it ahead with your friends and compete with them. Not just it will add more fun, but will drive away any lockdown blues. So, without further adieu, check out the creative below and guess the films and characters. 

Guess the characters and films from the creative and clues:

Clue No 1

He is someone who aced playing a double role in the flick that came out back in the 80s. The film was also remade again with a superstar in the lead role. The songs of the original film of the 80s are still very much loved and it is one character that we all love to hate. Go ahead and tell us the name of the fim and the character!

Clue No 2

She may have played the character of an autistic girl in the film but her acting is what floored us all. The lead star who played this role was also crowned Miss World back in the days. The film went on to be a huge success and was a love story between an autistic girl and a mute guy. The film gets its name from a sweet Indian dessert. Guess the flick and the character.

Clue No 3

She was a girl who decided to take a solo trip but ends up meeting a fun vagabond guy who she spends her time with. She ends up liking him but returns to her home later. However, when the same guy finds her back in her own city, she is confused and shocked to see him as a different person and not the fun guy she met back on her trip. She helps him find himself and tells him that it is ok to do what one’s heart wants and not conform to society’s norms. Go ahead and guess! 

Clue No 4

He fought what is known to be one of the bravest battles in the history of the world. He was the leader of a 21 Sikh battalion who fought against an army of 10000 Sikhs. He gave up his own life to save a fortress from being captured. It is among the fiercest battles ever fought and the actor who played the character won praise from everyone. The name of the film is a colour of Sikhism. Guess the film and the character. 

Clue No 5

She was the dreamy girl who had secretly married a producer but he failed to acknowledge their relationship in public. Her character was an actress and she was loved by a junior artist. But, her husband, the producer burns her alive with the set of her film and her story ends with the junior artist who tries to save her but ends up losing his life too. They both reincarnate to seek revenge from the producer. The name of the film is a mantra to calm oneself as well. Guess the film and character.

Clue No 6

She is the feisty girl who is born in a political family but ends up falling in love with the son of the opposite party leader. The two decide to fight for their love but end up dying in the end. The film also marked the debut of this actress in Bollywood who happens to be cousin of a former Miss World and an established Bollywood star. Guess the film and the character. 

Clue No 7

She is a blind girl who loves snow. Several teachers come to teach her but she acts difficult and scares them away. Then a teacher comes and changes her life forever. She learns to live, be happy and lead a normal life like everyone else from her teacher. And also becomes his friend when he battles Alzheimer's in the end. The name of the film signifies dark but the story was all about hope and perseverance. Guess the film and character. 

Clue No 8

He is the stud of his community called the Rajadi and is known for his enthusiasm. He decides to flirt with the daughter of their community’s arch enemies, Saneras and ends up falling in love with her. Their love story takes a tragic turn due to violence between their communities and the heads of communities don’t want their union. In the end, he kills his ladylove and she kills him and both die. The film was based on the famous William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Guess the film. 

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Anonymous 5 months ago

No number 6 is Ishaqzade.

Anonymous 5 months ago

1. Don 2. Barfi 3. Tamasha 4. Kesari 5. Om Shanti Om 6. QSQT 7. Black 8. Ramleela

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