Are you a Bollywood buff? Guess these ICONIC movies and characters from the clues

If you are a Bollywood lover, go ahead and put your knowledge to test. Guess the iconic Bollywood characters and films from the clues and the graphics. Check it out.
Are you a Bollywood buff? Guess these ICONIC movies and characters from the cluesAre you a Bollywood buff? Guess these ICONIC movies and characters from the clues
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Amid the third stage of COVID 19 lockdown, trying to pass time is surely a task. With no new films releasing, relying on old films is all we can do to pass time at home. However, amid this, wouldn’t it be fun if you could channel your inner filmy soul and use your knowledge to play a fun game with your family and friends? Well, for that, Pinkvilla has brought forth a fun guessing game that will not just test your Bollywood knowledge but also help you have some fun amid lockdown at home. 

All you need to do is turn on your inner filmy side and get guessing. Check out the creative that has been put out. Each creative has 8 characters from different iconic Bollywood films. Their costumes have been detailed and clues have been given in the picture to help you guess which character it is. Not just this, to help you more, we’ve given below some clues to help you to guess the film name and the character name from the film or the song. 

So, amid the lockdown, while everyone is trying to find ways to pass time, we’ve brought forth a fun game that you can play with your friends while sitting at your home and still maintain social distance. Without further adieu, gather all your family members and call up all your friends to play with them the fun Bollywood guess the characters and movie game. We’re sure you’d have a lot of fun!

Clue No 1

She is a headstrong South Indian girl who falls in love with a Punjabi guy while studying with him at a management institute. The guy’s mom, however, does not approve of the South Indian girl and her family and refuses to let her son get married to her. Even when the girl helps out the guy’s cousin during her wedding mishap and also does everything to impress his mom, she doesn’t agree to their marriage. When she agrees, she messes up the entire relationship by insulting the girl’s South Indian parents and the girl is heartbroken. The girl decides to break up with the Punjabi guy as she doesn’t want her parents to get insulted. Can you guess this popular character and the film? 

Clue No 2

She is a young girl who feels the burden of the entire world is on her shoulders. However, when a nosy neighbour enters her life and shows her a happy side of life, she falls for him. What she doesn’t know is that her own best friend is also in love with her. She gets all dressed up in the same red dress and goes to meet her best friend to seek help from him to propose to her neighbour. She dances around on the streets in the red dress and is happy to be in love. However, she is heartbroken when her neighbour tells her he is already married. But what she doesn’t know is that the neighbour pretends to be married as he is suffering from a heart disease and will die soon. The girl then gives up on her red dress and moves on in her life to eventually get married to her best friend. The name of the character is a Hindi word for eyes. Go ahead and guess the film. 

Clue No 3 

He is a loyal policeman who is after the most infamous dacoit in a village. However, in a fight, he gets captured and the villain chops off both his hands. The senior policeman then finds two best friends to help him take revenge from the dacoit and to capture him. The costume itself of the character is a giveaway of the name of the film. Go ahead and try to guess it. 

Clue No 4

He is an obedient and hard-working employee of a power company and lights up people’s lives and homes. However, he happens to fall in love with his professor’s daughter on the day of her wedding. As fate has it, her husband dies and the shock of it also kills her father. As her father’s last wish, she is forced to marry the simple, nerdy government employee who is older than her. He tries everything to impress her and bring her out of her grief of losing her father and marrying a guy of her father’s choice but she is traumatized and doesn’t say much. However, he then decides to change his look and change into another guy to be her dance partner at a class. The film and the character won the hearts of many and it also marked the debut of a popular Bollywood actress. Go ahead and guess the film!

Clue No 5 

She used to be a simple girl from Chandni Chowk who used to bully any kid who came in their street. When she grows up in London with her Jiju and didi, she ends up becoming the most popular girl in the college. Her costume here is from a song in the film where Karva Chauth is being celebrated and she has kept a fast for the guy she likes, who is also her ‘Jiju’s’ younger brother. The song comes when the guy challenges her to confess her love for him in front of everyone and she sings the song. Go ahead and guess the character and film. 

Clue No 6

He is an undercover cop who pretends to be a Bhai who kills for money only to get into the world of goons and thugs. He joins a popular mafia gang and continues his mission of causing gang wars in the city so that he can kill the bad guys and still not blow his cover. The sequel of the film is being made and is one of the most highly anticipated Eid releases of 2020. Go ahead and guess the film and character. 

Clue No 7

She tries her best to seduce the most infamous criminal in the song who is being hunted by 11 countries and their forces. He has killed her family and she wants to exact revenge from him by getting him captured. It is one of the most iconic songs from an extremely popular Old Bollywood film. The film was also remade with a leading superstar of Bollywood and the song was recreated by a popular leading lady. Go ahead and guess the old character and the film. 

Clue No 8

She did an item number about a popular brand of adhesive in the film that was centered around a Robinhood cop who helps the poor and beats the bad guys in his own fearless style. There have been 3 sequels of the film and this item number starred one of the leading divas in Bollywood who has also worked with the leading man of the film in other movies. Go ahead and guess the film and song. 

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