Are you a true blue Bollywood buff? Guess THESE iconic characters and films from the clues

With lockdown extension and Coronavirus crisis, we have a lot of time to spare. If you are a true blue Bollywood lover, go ahead and guess these characters and films from their clues and prove your love.
Are you a true blue Bollywood buff? Guess THESE iconic characters and films from the cluesAre you a true blue Bollywood buff? Guess THESE iconic characters and films from the clues
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It has been over a month since we all are at home amid the Coronavirus lockdown, and it is becoming hard to pass time at home. Amid the lockdown, no TV shows are going on air as no fresh episodes are available and hence, it is hard to find entertainment. Amid this, we found the perfect way for Bollywood lovers to have some fun amid COVID 19 lockdown and also test their knowledge in the process. Hence, it’s time for you to take the epic Bollywood character and film quiz.

The below creative and clues will help you guess the character of the film and also the name of the movie. All you need to do is channel that inner movies lover in you and delve deeper to guess the name of the iconic characters and the films. Some of these are characters that you would be able to guess by just looking at the graphic. But for some, you may need some help and hence, we have dropped in from clues below. Use the clues and graphics together to guess the character and the film. Go ahead and tell us in the comments your answers. Get playing!

Check out the image and guess the films & characters

Clue No 1

This film surely was a hilarious take on superstitions and fake babas in the country. The character was played by Bollywood's Mr. Perfectionist and it left everyone in awe.  The film marked his 2nd collaboration with the director and the first one was a blockbuster too. The name of the film is a Hindi word for drunk. Go ahead and try your luck! 

Clue No 2

One of the most loved films of all time, it starred a senior actor who played on-screen son to his own real-life son. The makeup and prosthetics used for the character was too good and fans were left in awe. The lead character also suffered from a degenerative disease called Progeria. The name of the film is one of the most responsible people in a family. Guess the character and film. 

Clue No 3

India's first iconic film that starred a Jhakaas actor in the role of a musician who had to take care of orphan kids. He lets out a room to a journalist who hates kids. His life changes when he finds a bracelet that gives him a superpower that we all want at this time. The name of the film is also a pageant where men compete. Recently there was a lot of controversy around this film's sequel.  Try your luck and guess the film! 

Clue No 4

He is an actor who has majorly done negative roles in films but in this film, he did a hilarious villain's role. He is known for his dialogues and his peculiar way of talking. The character kidnaps everyone including the multiple heroes and heroines in the film and then ends up getting fooled by them. His black suit and the red cape is self-explanatory for you to guess this 90s film and character. Let's see if you can! 

Clue No 5

Her name is short for prayer in Hindi. She was a simple girl who used to bully kids in her lane back in India but after moving abroad with her brother in law and sister, she turns completely modern and sassy. The most memorable thing about her role is when she ends up wearing two different shoes while going to prom. She is the most desirable girl in the college but has her heart set on her brother in law's younger brother who she used to bully as a kid due to his plump body. It is a big multi starrer film that starred almost all superstars of Bollywood. Go ahead and guess the film and character. 

Clue No 6

One of the most historical villains in Bollywood, his terror was such that even 50 kilometers away if a baby used to cry, their mom used to make them quiet by using his name. He also chops off the hands of a cop who attempts to catch him from his territory. But, in the end, the same man exacts his revenge with the help of two best friends. The dialogues of this character are still iconic and it has been remade by a renowned director too but it didn't work. Go ahead and guess the name of the film and character!

Clue No 7

She is a loving and responsible daughter who takes care of her father who has constant bowel trouble.  She has no dating life due to her father's condition but she has no problem dealing with his bickering every day. She ends up taking her father on a trip with a cabbie to his hometown and in the process ends up finding love too. Guess the character and the film. 

Clue No 8

The film stars one of the most talented actors from the first family of Bollywood. He plays an aspiring musician who believes that till his heart is broken, he won't be able to make good music. Hence,  he goes after the most popular girl in his college and ends up spending time with her. They fall in love but she is married off to someone else and that heartbreak becomes his claim to fame. However, later when she falls sick, he wants to take care of her and almost does so but fails as she dies. But he manages to climb to the top as a musician. The film had the best music and is still loved. Go ahead and guess the film!

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Anonymous 5 months ago

Pinkvilla y can't u make this as a quiz where we can select/type the options

Anonymous 5 months ago

1. PK 2. Paa 3. Mr. India 4. Andaz apna apna 5. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham 6. Sholay 7. Piku 8. Rockstar

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