Arjun Kapoor feels his mother would have wanted him to be with Boney Kapoor when Sridevi passed away

When Sridevi passed away in 2018, Arjun Kapoor flew down to Dubai to be by his father's side. The India's Most Wanted star reveals that his mother too would have wanted him to be with Boney Kapoor.
News,sridevi,boney kapoor,arjun kapoorArjun Kapoor feels his mother would have wanted him to be with Boney Kapoor when Sridevi passed away
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The country is still coming to terms with the fact that actress Sridevi is no longer amidst us. The legendary actress suddenly passed away on February 24, 2018, after she accidentally drowned. The actress passed away in Dubai, where she was attending her nephew's wedding. While we saw Boney Kapoor take the first flight out to Dubai, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see Arjun Kapoor come forward and be by his father's side in Dubai, while he grieved the loss of his wife. 

Ever since, many things have changed. The actor has mended relationships with his father and step-sisters Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. While it is a warm sight to see the Kapoor kids bond, the actor has now revealed his thoughts when he was making a decision if or not he should fly down to Dubai and be by Boney's side. The Panipat actor said that he consulted his aunt Archana Shourie on what he should do at such a critical situation.

"I did what I felt was right. If I had collected too much opinion, it would have been just manipulative and without any emotions.

The only person I called was my mausi (Archana Shourie). She supported me. She said, 'Do what you think is right. And yes, I consulted Anshula too," he told Spotboye. 

"I am happy that I followed my instinct.  I have no regrets. But I would never wish such a thing to happen to even my worst enemy. I wish it hadn't come to that thing for us to react towards each other," he added.

"Even my mom would have wanted it this way, and not that I was doing a heroic act.. My mom loved my father; she would have wanted me to be around my father in that moment of crisis, she would have wanted his near and dear ones to be near him," he said.



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Speaking about the change in dynamics between the siblings, Arjun said, "It was a very unfortunate circumstance that brought people together to figure out how can they can support and help each other, to form and maintain an equilibrium in each other's lives. Anshula and I will always be there for Janhvi and Khushi whenever needed. It has been very tough on them. Until then, they had led a nurtured and sheltered life. I want to be a supportive brother to them."

"I am still discovering her and Khushi both, it's a process. I crack some jokes, they laugh on some and they don't laugh on some," he added. 



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On the work front, Arjun will soon be seen in India's Most Wanted. The teaser was shared recently. Apart from that, the actor will be seen in period drama titled Panipat. '

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Cannot understand how people can be so nasty and critical. Have a heart!

Movie releasing time men ek bhahaana

from 2 states i think there has not been a single arjun kapoor film released without him talking about sridevi in some capacity.

Arjun is fat talentless flop nepo kid who no one likes and now is dating old cheap aunty for attention

arjun i want to ask you how you felt when your dad married sridevi and think about how malaika's son feels

Stop trying to make us feel sorry for you

Your mother would have also not wanted you to marry a 45 year old woman with a grown up kid.

we get it arjun. your mother was gods gift to earth and no wonder you are a freudian mishap.


Wow he is still not done selling the story of his mahanta. Its more than a year. Everybody knows he did that because he wanted to come out in the open about his own affair with Malaika. He couldn't do that if he still pretended to be angry and hurt with his own step mother and step sisters.

Arjun Kapoor's movie promotions will never end without using Sridevi. She is no more and it's been more than a yr and still he is giving chance to media to ask these questions.

Request Media and Arjun both, please stop using Sridevi name in every movie promotion, let her be in peace

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