Arjun Kapoor: Janhvi Kapoor is an introvert and needs time to come out of her shell

In an interview, actor Arjun Kapoor opened about sister Janhvi Kapoor and besides praising her performance in Dhadak, Arjun revealed that Janhvi is an introvert. Read on!
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Arjun Kapoor knows how to shower love on social media and the way he welcomed sister Janhvi Kapoor before the release of her debut film Dhadak was strikingly remarkable. And like all elder brothers, Arjun, too, is protective of Janhvi and Khushi. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Arjun opened up about his sisters and praised Janhvi for being a sensible girl. “All these are important attributes for a good actor. None of us start out being perfect, I didn’t, but in Janhvi’s case the foundation is strong, she’ll build on that and get better with every film. I see tremendous potential, Dhadak was just the tip of the iceberg.”

At the trailer launch of Dhadak, Arjun was conspicuous by his absence but the actor made up for his absence by a heartfelt message to Jahnvi. Arjun posted a beautiful family picture on Instagram and wrote, “Tomorrow you will be part of the audience forever @janhvikapoor cause your trailer comes out... Firstly, sorry I’m not there in mumbai but I’m by your side, don’t worry. I just wanted you to know this profession is amazing if you work hard, be honest, learn to take the accolades with the brickbats, respect opinions, yet follow ur own path & instinct. It’s not gonna be easy but I know your are ready for all the madness that will ensue. All the best for #dhadak!”

And though Arjun Kapoor couldn’t make it for the trailer launch, he made sure he watched Dhadak with Janhvi. And talking about Janhvi’s performance in the film, an elated Arjun said, “She’s very young and it was her first film, but I saw nuances you’d expect from someone more mature. When Janhvi was on screen, you couldn’t take your eyes off her,” adding, “She’s an introvert and needs time to come out of her shell. We are really proud of her and while as a family our reasons are emotional, I can say as an actor that Janhvi Kapoor is here to stay.”


Do these Nepo kids ever aspire to be something worthwhile.... with all the money their parents accumulated

wow.... what a step down for janhvi.
from having The Sridevi as her mentor and guide... to well.... arjun kapoor...

That is a lie. She is not an introvert. All a publicity stunt to give such statements by one nepo kid for another,

That is a lie. Star kids are not introvert bacuse they are gromed to be nepo kids from the starts. Introverts don't end up in bollywood . They choose career very different from this industry. Ajay devgan's daughter seems to be more introvert because she shy away from media and choose to be a writer.

Since when do you need to be an amazing actor yourself in order to hold an opinion about others' acting? If that's the case, 90% of bollywood and the entire paying audience should shut up and not give out their opinion anywhere.
It will be nice for Janhvi to get a reality check from someone - whether it is Arjun or anyone else. She showed potential but was very inhibited in a lot of scenes. People like Karan Johar and Gauri Shinde will only praise her for obvious emotional reasons. Honest feedback from her close ones will only help her.
PV - please post

Yeah, she was not bad, but she definitely needs to work hard and needs guidance, ofcourse not from arjun. I don’t think she is working towards acting, she is passing her half day at gym and then watching movies, which will not take her anywhere. Sridevi was hefty, still managed with her camera techniques and she can literally manage everything. I want janhvi to learn about camera not heavy weights and squats. Only tamil director’s can help her. sure what arjun is talking about. Arjun being an introvert himself needs help not jhanvi.

Lol.. do these people even have any right to talk about acting.. janhvi is new, she might learn it or can become worse time will tell , but arjun and sonam giving lectures about what is required for good acting is disgusting. And please stop giving her instructions on acting. Neither u nor sonam has done nothing for a movie character, if she becomes as lazy as u, she will be the biggest disappointment for sridevi fans and people who r looking forward her as sridevi’s daughter.

She’s doing just fine in the industry if anyone needs help it’s Arjun.

will this media stop asking about their family matters and be professional.

Yes, she is so introverted that she called the paps where ever she went long before she even entered the movies industry.

Is she a introvert and in a shell..hahaha

She definitely seemed to be in interviews

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