Arjun Kapoor opens up about Jahnvi Kapoor: I don’t like to speak much as mujhe lagta hai ke nazar na lage

Arjun Kapoor was last seen in Namaste London and next, the actor will be seen in Raj Kumar Gupta’s India’s Most Wanted and Panipat.
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After Sridevi’s demise, Arjun Kapoor has formed a strong bond with Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor so much so that the trio is often spotted together having fun time. According to reports, for the longest time, Arjun Kapoor and sister Anshula Kapoor were not too close to Janvhi and Khushi, but after Sridevi's sudden death in February 2018, Arjun Kapoor and Anshula grew closer to Janvhi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.

While nowadays, Arjun Kapoor is busy promoting Raj Kumar Gupta’s India’s Most Wanted, in an interview, Arjun Kapoor opened up about his rapport with Janhvi and Khushi as he said that he doesn’t like to speak too much about his relationship with the sisters as he is still discovering them. “I am still discovering them, and I don’t like to speak too much about it as mujhe lagta hai ke nazar na lage. We were brought together by the worst of circumstances but we’re trying to make the best of it,” said Arjun Kapoor. Well, be it sending birthday wishes on social media or promoting each other's films on Instagram, we totally love Arjun's new found equation with Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.  

Just like any relationship, it takes a lot of time to truly know the person and in the case of Arjun Kapoor and sisters, the Ki and Ka actor feels that there is still a long way to go before he can truly know them inside out. “There is a long way to go before I can truly say that I know them inside out. We have a WhatsApp group that keeps us connected all the time,” Arjun informed. On the work front, after Namaste London opposite Parineeti Chopra, Arjun will next be seen in India's Most Wanted and Ashutosh Gowariker’s Panipat opposite Kriti Sanon.

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dhdak released soon after sridevi's passing, but janhvi refrained as much as she could - from talking about her mother (to the point where sridevi fans got pissed with her).
arjun on the other hand has already tried to sell 3 films post-sridevi's death, on her and her daughters' names.
cheapo No1. Malaika is no doubt a good fit for him.

so much activity on the comments section pro-arjun- but its all from one person, how will pinkvilla activity ever translate into box office numbers, arjun?

So many comments that are anti-arjun but ofc it is only from one person who loses her shit every time she sees Janhvi outside her bhaiya's house.

Except at this time there are more people anti arjun than pro but lets wait till indias most wanted, to prove that

The 4 fans (including your iPad, iPhone and Mac) versus one fan on pinkvilla? Or the ten fans replying to you on Twitter?

Oh , Panipat will finish off Arjun if not IMW. Good riddance.

Janhvis not been spotted outside arjun bhaiyas house in a long long time. Probably coz the media as been instructed to stay away and not capture malaikas late night entries and early morning exists from the apartment.

idk why sridevi - one of the most desirable women in india at her peak- would want to marry a 10 years older married man, who was broke, not even good looking, coming with so much family baggage and drama, didnt speak sridevi's language, and was too selfish about his existing tit-bits of money to even divorce mona and marry her!!!!
y'all hate on sridevi, but i feel so sorry for her. one of the most accomplished actors- and all people do is drag her personal life through the dirt. if the 'family' cant give her due respect, atleast the audience can .. come on! respect the dead if not the living.

Everyone deserved better than Boney - the wives and the kids too.

All his life he was cursing their mom

I feel Anshula is the mature one who's trying to bring everyone together. Arjun has daddy issues, so it may take him time to really accept everything. Shahid is a true brother who has accepted his half brothers and sister from his parents other marriages which I find rare in this world.

Yea ofc anshula is bringing them together with the “hey karan its me” and by hanging with khushbus 18 year olf friends at restaurants and going for dinners with sridevis best friend from indonesia.

Lmao. Janhvi is called shallow, Arjun is called fake but fans like this who think a few pics and one phone call is the sum total of their relationship blows my mind. What do they think happens when they get together? Stare at each others faces?

Hmm but then how often do they really get together?

But the only way we would know that is if they are photographed every time they get together. When that was happening, Sridevi fans were having a meltdown. I think Arjun is taking a break from milking it not because of Malaika but out of concern for Sridevi fans.

yah. arjun's so concerned about sridevi fans. you're right.
hell, he aint even concerned about his own fans!

lol anshula is trying to bring everyone together coz she knows her bhaiya is moving away from her with his new mommy/lover, and everyone knows anshula and malaika dont get along so anshula needs a new back up system to fight the malaika war (in come janhvi and khushbu).

That's literally the extent to which Sridevi fans can THINK - a soap opera narrative where everyone is scheming against each other . No wonder Cinderella Janhvi is their favorite plotline.

Well its a more believable plotline than prince charming arjun who has occupied your entire existence

Nuh nuh, you make the Cinderella plotline more entertaining - despite not being able to make up your mind over whether Janhvi meets Arjun often enough for him to ill-treat her. Unless that Whatsapp group is enough for him to work his mind control and destroy her career.

I agree. But I feel it has got more to do with the fact that Anshula is a girl closer to Janhvi and Khushi's age. Also Arjun was older than Anshula when Boney and Sri got together so he remembers a lot more.
Shahid's case is rare but it does help that none of his step-parents caused his parents split. There was no infidelity involved. .
It is the same reason why Sara is so chilled out with Taimur and Bebo too. Supriya, Bebo don't trigger Shahid and Sara the way Sri did with Arjun.

Yes you are right. But Shahid's parents went through a bitter break up, even his last name was changed to Khattar. Infact, he went seeking a relationship with his father after he became an adult. I know that situations are different, but when a child goes through such a turmoil, it's hard.

Not saying it isn't hard, but my point is it that Shahid didn't have any one step-parent against whom he could direct his anger or blame. So , it is easier for him to be okay with his step-siblings and half-sibling since they are not direct reminders of his parents' failed marriage. (Heck, Neelima had Ishaan because Shahid wanted another sibling in the house! )
That's what we are discussing about, aren't we - how Shahid is more at ease with his blended family compared to Arjun?

shahid's fine with ishaan not becuase he doesnt have one step parents against whom he is mad, but because in shahid and ishaan's case, it was a mother they shared, not a father. the kids grew up in the same household which is why they are fine with each other, and not like arjun and anshula who were having issues even going for a vacation with 'dad's other kids' as arjun called them before.

Well, that's rule 101 when you have such families - to ensure kids from the previous relationship get the alone time with their parent . How horrid they must have felt when they couldn't. You make it sound that it is unreasonable for them to have issues.
The only reason it was bearable was because it was always an extended Kapoor clan vacation. Their uncles, aunts and cousins made it easier for them to watch their dad with his current family.

Its easier for Shahid cause his father wasn't cheating on his mother. They had a respectful separation. Nobody even knows even Boney Kapoor cared to divorce Arjun's mother or not.

Mona didn't want to divorce. I also remember reading somewhere that Mona and Boney mutually decided not divorce and cut off the kids from the rest of the family too. But I don't know if that is true. Boney would have been in deeper shit if she had demanded divorce and stripped Boney off his remaining bank balance and honestly, it seems more believable to me that Boney didn't bother pressing for a divorce because of that reason. Suits his selfish nature a lot more than the "for his kids" argument.

Jhaanvi actually seems sorted, she seems very sensitive esp when asked about trolling she said she gets trolled every single day ..

i'd have said, 'wake me up when this drama is over', but then i'd never be woken up coz this drama doesnt seem to god damn END!

ranveer is a loving brother to his sister.
salman is arpita's biggest support system.
srk's sister still lives with srk.

are they force feeding their hum saath saath hai narrative to the audience? no. because they dont need to do cheap things to sell films because they have confidence in the films they bring the audience.

these people's flop films earn more than arjun's hit films.

Oh please, Ranveer has made loads of wtf statements and isn't above milking his personal equation either. His biggest PR move is milking the outsider image. Salman's is Being Human . Arjun can't even touch them as far questionable PR makeovers are concerned. He has a lot to learn.
Considering how Sridevi screwed his family life, I don't find it reprehensible at all even if Arjun is milking it. At least, he isn't harming them . Sri didn't do shit to atone when she was alive. Atleast now he and Anshula can go on family vacations with his dad without Sri shoved down on them .

i agree everyone has made crazy PR statements, but noone's image is hurt by ranveer's outsider remark.
irrespective of why salman may have started being human - they actually Do do stuff to help people.

arjun's PR image comes at the cost of his father's image, sridevi's image, malaika's image and even janhvi's image. thats the problem.

Sridevi's image went for a toss years ago. That is her own doing and Boney's doing. Arjun isn't inventing something to malign her and nope - he isn't harming anyone. You don't want anyone to be reminded of your kartoot in life and later in death? Then don't live such a life. That goes for both Sridevi and Arjun too (for his relationship with Malaika)

sridevi didnt screw arjun's family life.
boney did. boney was a grown man taking his own decisions - he could have very well walked out of his relationship with sri and chosen to prioritise his existing children over his to-be-born kids.
he made the decision to walk out, so if anyone is to blame, its him. and no, they still wont go for 'family vacations' with the father without janhvi and khushi coming too - so really the situation you mention isnt going to unfold in any capacity - irrespective of whether sridevi is there or not.

But Sridevi was the outsider and nobody in their life. They don't owe it to her to be forgiving. In their mind - they wouldn't have to even be fighting for exclusive time if she wasn't there in the picture.
Their expectation is from Boney . Their relationship is with Boney. It is their decision how they want their relationship to pan out and how and when to forgive him.

Sridevi didnt need arjun and andhulas forgiving because she was not in the wrong. It was boney who was in the wrong for cheating on his wife and therefore boney was the one who needed his kidsforgiveness and well ofc they forgave him because who else was going to dole out half a million dollars worth of an education annually in barnard college and film insider connections for a launch... mona may have owned studios but certaintly didnt have that kind of scope.

From "Sridevi's kartoot" and "does not absolve her but -" , we have gone to "She did no wrong"? That didn't take too long.
She was an adult when she decided to have an affair and get pregnant.
She was wrong TOO. It the choice of the people who were wronged to forgive whomever they want to - regardless of how much her fans want to scream from the rooftops about the unfairness of it all.

Its a pathetically biased choice when one finds their father who cheated their mom as selfless and the other woman as the culprit. If they find nothing wrong with what their father did then there is nothing wrong with what the other woman did. You can't pick and choose and then call it fair.

Forgiving someone doesn't mean the same as not finding someone wrong .
It is pathetically unreasonable to expect anything more than in-person basic courtesy towards someone who was foisted on them without their liking. Sridevi got that basic respect in-person (your imagined disrespect towards her notwithstanding). If not, Janhvi wouldn't even be talking to her half-siblings, let alone giving head massages to her half-sister or gifting hoodie to her half-brother, no matter how much Boney wished. You dont forgive or forget seeing someone disrespecting your mom, especially when you are an impressionable child .

Stop pulling figures off your ass. It didn't take more than 45k annually in 2012 when my brother got into it. No way it was for half a million for her in 2008.
Mona might not be SRK-rich , but being semi-rich celeb is enough for you to afford it. You definitely can if you are renting out to high-profile shows like Ekta's serials. I know so many who could afford it because they were rich enough to construct one building of apartments and resell them.
She didn't need his money. As if he would have shelled out half a million in 2008 when Sri had to do Malini Iyer in 2004 to pull them out of their usual money issues.

And sridevi wouldnt have come into their life if boney hadnt brought her in. Your point is the same as mine. If their expectation is from boney and their relationship is with boney then any pent up anger should be directed at boney. Sridevi wasnt the adulterer here, boney was. Its the person in the marriage which any liability towards the marriage and his family and that was boneys to take onus of.

Please. Arjun was having an affair with Malaika while talking about how Sri destroyed his family. What a pathetic hypocrite. Sridevi's deed doesn't absolve what Arjun did. Ranveer, Salman and Sridevi never had to depend on cheap PR tactics to sell their movie. Their work and fan following speaks for them. Arjun however has nothing except for selling stories about his disfunctional family to stay in limelight. I still remember how he used his dadi last time to sell his jodi with Parineeti and then ran to Italy with Malaika the day the movie released. This is how low he can get to sell a movie.

the real sad thing is that despite all of arjun's cheap PR tactics, his films still dont sell.
if you think that ranveer's outsider struggle image is a facade and salman's goodness (through Being Human) is a facade, atleast that facade is working for them.
arjun's best brother and best son image does him no good.

The point isn't whether they need that sort of PR to make their films work. The point is - they do it anyways. In principle, they are no better. None of them can claim moral superiority over the other - neither Arjun, nor Ranveer or anyone else. Heck, the whole Being Human shit is way more devious than the PR motivations of all the actors put together.

Who is absolving what Arjun did? This is Sridevi fans classic deflection tactic - bring up Malaika while talking about Sridevi. Funny thing is - when they do this they are damning Arjun for the same reason Arjun and his fans damn Sri- except that Arjun fans refrain themselves a lot more ever since Janhvi and Khushi have become a part of Arjun's life. They are a lot more decent bunch than Sri's neurotic cuckoo fan clubs. They claim to love and support her kids but rail on her poor girls just because they are choosing to be happy by inviting new relationships in their life.

tbh the majority of sridevi's fans dont like her kids and rightly so - those two kids milk their mother's reputation almost as much as arjun does, and yet they dont have the courtesy to so much as watch her films.

arjun fans dont refrain themselves - arjun just doesnt have any fans (as we saw from the collections of the most of his movies). and deservedly so, why would someone support arjun when arjun's contemporaries are so much superior to him.

The only reason Arjun fans ( if he has any ) refrain themselves is becus they now no longer have the victim card to play for their bechara dukhiyari kapoor beta. He turned out to be the exact same thing his fans used to say about Sridevi. HOMEWRECKER .Infact they must be embarassed that Arjun played them all with his sob story while having his own affair on the side all along ROFL.

juicing a relationship that has nothing to juice.

idc what they make of this personal relationship but i just hope janhvi doesnt forgo her mother's advice for the advice of this big fat flop nepo-actor. else, she is just digging her own grave.

But but but, their relationship is fake. So he has no influence on her career. The only person who can have a negative influence on her is Boney. She should guard her money. He will sink all her earnings on more Tevars and Moms once he runs out of the insurance money.

janhvi seems dumb enough to take SuperStar arjun kapoor's advice as well as superstar boney kapoor's advice seriously.
which is a sorry situation coz boney is the type who gives people with the capacity to make films like badhai ho, a tevar to make, and arjun takes those movies and blunders them further.

still to kjo, and you'll do fine.

its been a year and a half.
get over your self and deluded sense of goodness arjun. take care of your new mommy malaika.

arjun don’t like to speak too much about it as he thinks 'nazar lag jaayega' or because he just doesnt know them well enough to speak about them?

new found equation through putting up birthday posts ahaha.

did he post on siblings day for the two girls? no.
did you post on women's day for the two girls? no.

even on neha's show when janhvi was asked who she would have on speed dial, she said 'my dad and my two sisters'.

they make the relationship out to be something that is not there, for the sake of publicity and thats a new low.

Make up your mind . If he posts, Sridevi fans call it fake, if not they jump in glee and scream "see see, I knew it was fake"
If he talks in interviews , people call it attention seeking. If he says he doesn't want to talk much , people go "well, because there is no relationship to talk about"

For a long time , Sridevi fans attacked Anshula too, but with Janhvi and even Khushi consistently speaking fondly of her, they have just gone back to redoubling their efforts to focus on spamming the comments section against Arjun.

It is pathetic how desperate they are to keep wishing for signs that they don't have a relationship, instead of hoping that her daughters have more people in their life to call family.

you say her daughters should have more people in their life to call family?
i agree. they should. but those people shouldnt be the ones also concurrently bashing their existing family. and ukw, forget arjun's statements on sridevi. think about how arjun sat right beside janhvi on kwk and said his father 'was just learning to be a father'.

it aint no family if you cant accept the people in your family members' lives who are important to them.

The kind of father or a parent you need to be when you are a single parent is different from when you have a partner. Boney himself talks about how he now has to be a mother and a father. He is pretty much having to set new routines at home for his two children who - though technically adults , havent really seen adulthood in terms of responsibilities.
I found Arjun's comment sad - if anything he has to be angry towards his dad that he never felt this way when Anshula lost her mom. She had to rely on her grandmother and aunt for pointers on how to run the house when Arjun started his career.

Boney was not there for them even on Mona's final days. Not even when her kids were trying to arrange for blood in the hospital during her final moments.

So if he has built up resentment, he has more than valid reasons. He might never get over some things about his dad, but he loves his dad enough to accept him despite it. He stupidly calls his dad the most selfless person in every interview. THAT is what family is about - especially with divorced parents.

boney wasnt liable for mona's health. but yes, he shouldve been there for arjun and anshula maybe (if he wasnt... we dont know if he was/wasnt).

Maybe?! I didn't know being there for your children just before their mother's last moments was a question up for debate. This "maybe he should have been there" pretty much symbolizes the entitled attitude Sri' fans have - she deserves the family because "true love" and "great actress" and "superstar".
Oh he wasn't financially liable for her health, ofc not.

noone attacked anshula or mona noone even knew who the hell they were, before sridevi passed on. legit even they rode on sridevi's name into the magazine and gossip columns and conversations.

Oh pshhhhh.. They have been doing it all the time since her death - right from attacking Anshula's looks to making snide remarks on her "not working" (but she is) and even veering towards irresponsible mental health remarks.

Rode on Sridevi's name? She isn't a celebrity or an aspiring actor to need fame for career advancement. Her worth isn't in magazine covers and interview footage.

yah. ofc. anshula is the BEST.
remember 'hey karan is me'?
yah thats the extent of their closeness honey.

there is none.

Ofc you would be fixated on just that honey, instead of all the other things she has done to make the girls feel better.

Ur right. She bought janhvi 20 “chuski” bottles. Also hired a person to blow balloons in sridevis drawing room for janhvis birthday. Indebted.

this whatsapp group is all they talk about!



How to sell a movie, arjun kapoor style.

1. actually make a good movie.
2. call to reference your only past hit as a way of assuring audience of quality content.
3. get the media to pap you and your mother/lover.
4. sell the teenage half siblings.

arjun straight off heading to 4th base.

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