Arjun Kapoor on playing the role of Prabhat Kumar in India's Most Wanted: I want to do justice to it

Arjun Kapoor starrer India's Most Wanted will hit the theatres tomorrow. The actor has promoted his upcoming crime drama to the fullest. In an interview, he spoke about his role and the decision to pick the film.
News,arjun kapoor,India's Most WantedArjun Kapoor on playing the role of Prabhat Kumar in India's Most Wanted: I want to do justice to it
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Arjun Kapoor made all his efforts in promoting his upcoming crime drama 'India's Most Wanted' these days. Directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, the film will finally hit the theatres tomorrow. The director is famous for his previous movies like No One Killed Jessica and Raid. India’s Most Wanted stars Arjun Kapoor as Prabhat Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma as Rajesh Singh, Prasanth Alexandrr as Pillai, Gaurav Mishra as Amit, Aasif Khan as Bittu, Santilal Mukherjee as Shaumik Biswas, Bajrangbali Singh as Ravi and Pravin Singh Sisodia as Manksh. India's Most Wanted is actually based on true events and is about five men who saved the lives of a billion people by hunting down a terrorist. 
In an interview, Arjun talked about playing the role of an Intelligence Officer, Prabhat Kumar in the film, he said, "It comes with a lot of complexities, because I’ll be honest, I have never done it before. You have to rely on a lot of research, then meeting people, making it believable to yourself. Especially this character, because this is an extension of our regular working class people and you have to blend with the crowd. I know they are intelligence officers (but) when you meet them, you realize their specialty is they behave like common men. It is also the mindset. There is a psychological shift that you take. And there is a social skill that they develop to handle all difficult situations. So, it is real, therefore it is complex, and you want to do justice to it."
The Ishaqzaade actor also talked about his choice to pick India's Most Wanted. He said, "I felt it is a story that needs to be told. It is a story that is lost in time. It happened five years back. And our youth has no idea. Our social media has no idea that we have caught one of the most dreaded terrorists of our country who killed 400 people. He is still alive. He is still in Tihar Jail saying he is not guilty. And he is living off tax payers’ money. So, I felt emotionally stirred to tell the story more than career wise."

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on one hand he says these officers like 'common man' and in the same breath he is also saying he had to 'go through a psychological shift' to play these officers.

so what, arjun thinks he is above the common man?

arjun kapoor is in fact arjun from the mahabharata ladies and gentlemen, he has stepped down from his throne to play this part.

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