Arjun Kapoor on Ranveer Singh: Our friendship is beyond him and me being actors

Arjun Kapoor spoke at length about his friendship with Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are one of the coolest buddies we have in Bollywood. Their banter on social media and camaraderie with each other are unmissable and always leave people in splits.
They both belong to the same generation of actors and are often pitted against each other in matters of competition on the big screen. When asked about the same, Arjun stated to a leading daily, "It isn't difficult to stay friends if your friendships are honest, and go beyond your work. Some friendships happen when you are working on a film together, and then you move on in life. You meet again at some point, say 'Hey, how are you?' and then again move on, so no one is constantly in touch."
Arjun further said, "I have known someone like Ranveer for years. Our friendship is beyond him and me being actors. Our journeys have been parallel, we started out in the film industry at the same time. But not only Ranveer— Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur) — all my contemporaries are people I get along with. We bond over football, movies and cars. It's a positive change to see our bunch co-exist in a good space. It also makes for great photos when we are hanging out together!"
He also added, "Mujhe
farak nahi padhta. (I am not bothered). You can't be competing all the time. This profession is such, you need to give it its time. There's more to life than iska kya ho raha hai, uska kya ho raha hai (what’s happening to the other)."
Arjun spoke about how friendship remains unaffected even when the competition is fierce in the industry. "My friendships have just not been affected. [Competition] is perception based. From the outside, you view it as competition. But, the way I look at it is as one set of people doing the same work, within a community," he concluded. 
Credits: Hindustan Times


These two are my favorite babas
How can there be competition? Ranveer is in a league of his own.
such a two faced person Arjun that Ranveer is successful he talks about friendship. a few years ago he was avoiding him for the company of gay Johar and Ranbir
Ranveer is the new king of bollywood and you are just a product of nepotism..good for nothing ugly and bad actor
By the way, these guys are related. Simply throwing the word friendship to conceal that Ranveer is a product of nepotism.
umm..ranveer is a third cousin of sonam from his mother's side..NOT arjun's cousin. how is he a product of nepotism? i didnt see Anil Kapoor launching him? he had to audition repeatedly for yrf. don't talk rubbish just to pull someone's efforts down. btw, i like arjun too. nepo or not- atleast he's trying to make interesting choices. PV POST IT PLS.
Oh please... you are either naive to believe Ranveer's elaborated stories of struggle or dont know how networking gets people to places. Anil may not have launched him, but he knew the right people all along, and that got what he wanted. He partied and knew all the starkids( arjun, YRF casting directors, aditya, ranbir, sonam etc), dated hema malini's daughter, related to anil kapoor and the clan... You consider him an outsider??!!? You are delusional
  • 3 years ago
it looks like the public got really invested in their friendship. lol. i did too but there are no permanent friendships here ...arjun seems to prefer hanging with ranbir nowadays
Does someone ask him if he is Ranveer's friend or he just goes about volunteering this information? Since Kapil Dev movie announcement and the latest developments in padmawati, he has been vocal about his link with Ranveer. Pls Arjun, stop hugging RS's lime light. I didn't hear him screaming about their friendship during Befikre. RS promotes Arjun's movies but Arjun, in turn promotes himself with RS movies.
he was specifically asked if there's any competition
  • 3 years ago
why has a nice, easy-going post on arjun become an RS-bashing session? ppl really have it in for the guy. yes his fans are devoted but c'mon, he is an excellent actor undoubtedly. i like arjun also..he needs to get back to his ishaqzaade form
its funny haters are trying to make Ranveer a nepo, in that case 10th cousin of an actor and entire mumbai will be nepo's. in any case nepo or not Ranveer is fun and a very good actor
Two cartoons
Both crazy
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