Arjun Kapoor shuts troll for comparing father Boney Kapoor & Sridevi's relation to his with Malaika Arora

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora's relationship has been under the radar for the longest time now and while the two were rather silent about it, now that the two have made it official, looks like everyone has a lot to say.
Arjun Kapoor shuts troll for comparing father Boney Kapoor & Sridevi's relation to his with Malaika AroraArjun Kapoor shuts troll for comparing father Boney Kapoor & Sridevi's relation to his with Malaika Arora
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Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are often seen hanging out together and while the two have been rather discreet about their relationship so far, it was at the screening of India’s Most Wanted when the duo walked hand in hand and also posed for the paps while they clicked their pictures. It was the very first time that they finally decided to make it official right before the media. However, while many are happy, some seem to have a lot to say and also, to judge.

Recently, a Twitter user called out Arjun for his relationship with Malaika and questioned how it only displays double standards since he hated his father Boney Kapoor’s second wife, Sridevi since he left his mother. A lot was being said and well, he did not stay calm. Arjun wrote, “I don’t hate anyone Kusum. We kept a dignified distance, If I did I wouldn’t have been there for my dad Janhvi & Khushi at a sensitive time... it’s easy to type & judge, think a little. Your @Varun_dvn s fan so I feel I should tell u don’t spread negativity with his face on ur DP”

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Netizens are always vocal about things they don’t agree to and while one might think that it is his personal life and a personal choice to make, some seem to have a problem due to various reasons and well, what can we even say about it?

What do you think about this? Drop in your comments below.

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he still wont take her name.

I have not understood till today why Arjun is praised for taking part in her funeral. It was courteous for him and his sister to attend, but I found everything else so inappropriate. Why did he or anyone not find it questionable that he was leading the pall bearers or taking part in the final procession by standing next to Sri's casket in the truck? Sri stayed away from Mona's funeral and prayer meets because it wouldn't have been right for her to attend and Mona's kids wouldn't have liked it. How did Arjun think it was a good idea to participate this way in the funeral of someone he has never pretended to like or respect on a personal level? He also just assumed Sri's daughters would be okay with it? How come he didn't show the courtesy Sri did during Mona's funeral. Sorry, but Arjun just has a habit of railroading people. He talks about keeping a dignified distance - well that's when he should have kept that distance.

I like Mona but find it lame how Arjun and even some of her media friends keep crediting her for how her son could keep bitterness away to attend the funeral and accept his half-sisters.
Arjun has spoken about how his mom never washed dirty linen in public etc etc. but that can't be farther from the truth. She has given long interviews about how Boney and Sridevi cheated her.
Nothing wrong in her talking but lets call a spade for a spade - as a child you see your parent and take cues on how to judge certain events in your life. Mona chose to be cordial with Boney and let her kids have a relationship with him. But she hated the sight of Sridevi. Her mother tried assaulting a pregnant Sridevi but over the years even she could become cordial enough with her ex-damaad Boney to let him conduct the funeral rites of her daughter.
If Arjun showed double standards in being okay with his father but disliking Sridevi - then I partly blame his mother for giving him signals that Sridevi and not his own father was more at fault for what happened.
I don't like Sridevi for a lot of things, but I have to give credit where it is due - Janhvi is the way she is with her bhaiya and didi, because of the way Sridevi has conducted herself around her kids. Janhvi was 21 and Khushi almost an adult when she passed away - do people really think they wouldn't have had questions while growing up and Sri wouldn't have answered them? I have a strong feeling that the way she answered their questions was honest in laying blame where it was required (even if it is on herself and her husband), instead of giving some black and white picture.
Mona, on the other hand seems to have given a picture based on which it was okay for her son to forgive his father who was the actual adulterer but go on a passive-aggressive blame game at his step mother in his interviews.

He is surrounded by chachas, chachis, brothers, sisters, and friends who keep feeding him the "You have such a big heart" BS. There is no one around him to throw truth bombs at him. Look at Varun - talks about Arjun's big heart. You need people to point out your personal flaws. His family keep talking about how all the uncles and cousins are close, then how come not even one elder person or a cousin his age has told him to stop stewing in self-pity and propping his image up on the shoulders of a deceased person and two motherless girls in his interviews? Anshula might do it sometimes, but she wont go that hard on him, since she is the younger sis and he is the only family she has got. Boney has no footing to shell out character advice to his son. Professionally too, Aditya Chopra will kick him out soon,
He goes to his dad for advice (yikes). Anshula reads his scripts(double yikes).
No wonder his life is a mess.

u know its very easy for people to sympathise with the kids of the first marriage because 'lack of a father' and all. and arjun capitalises on that

but you have to realise its not always easy for the kids of the second marriage as well. and people need to be more sensitive to that.

they say actions speak louder than words.

arjuns always talking about how 'well his mother brought him up so he could accept janhvi and khushi'.

on the other hand janhvi's silence regarding her mother's 'goodness' coupled with the wholehearted and genuine affection she seems to have been able to give to her half siblings speaks volumes about her own generosity.

now, whose the better brought up child?

well, i hope janhvi checks out pinkvilla as often as arjun does because phew, the girl is gullible af

At least people are talking about them. It’s all good and worth it I guess. Otherwise no one could give a damn about these hacks

Why you all people are trolling him for his tweet, all his movies are flop, he stays in news by using Sridevi, Janhavi and Malaika's name. This is just his way of living.

Chal jhoota

Don't care for anyone in this pakau family circus except my Jannu.I haven't particularly cared much for Sridevi as an actress ( yah yah, I know only about her bolly films, so her fans plz spare me the lecture about her south work), but she has done such a good job with raising Jannu. Everyone keeps talking about whether arjun is good or bad, saintly or bitter, and how well his mother brought up her kids.
But no one talks about how Janhvi is totally free of any kind of bitterness. She might not have suffered the same way as a kid like Arjun did, but she would have grown up reading the tabloids about her parents and the situation around her birth. She grew up in the times of the internet boom and it couldn't have been easy for her to read and hear people talking about her parents marriage. Yes, her parents might have brought it upon themselves, but their daughters didn't do anything. It could have been the most natural thing for her to be upset at even some of her cousins for taking sides and keeping her and khushi away from all the family fun and whatsapp groups, but she is such an affectionate little bunny.

I went on his feed now to understand what's happening (after reading all the comments here) and whoever said his actions being self serving and for show is bang on. He does have delusions about his goodness, huge delusions. He has been liking tweets of people praising him for handling his personal life well and how he suffered in his childhood and that him and Mallaika are a different case.
How jobless must you be to go on reading and liking such tweets? This also shows that he still feels his childhood is the ultimate tragic sob story and anyone who dares to call out his self-pity train is judgemental.

I feel the backlash is this much only because he has spoken so much about it in the past and still keeps talking about it. He goes on and on and then says he doesn't like talking about it. Sometimes it is "out of respect" for his dad's wife, and at other times it is because he fears "nazar lag jayegi" . But he doesn't really stop talking. Saying you don't want pity for your childhood and you aren't seeking praises for your "good son, good brother" role doesn't mean shit if in every interview you make it a point to give long answers to remind people about your goodness.
It is absolutely possible to avoid being asked some questions - you can ask your media managers beforehand to cut the reporters in press conferences when they are asking uncomfortable questions. You can ask interviewers in solo interviews beforehand to not ask questions related to some portion of your personal life.
But this guy loves talking about himself and how good he is for supporting his dad and loving his half sisters.

He doesn't deserve success in bollywood not because of this personal drama but because he doesnt put in the work to rise above all this. As some people have said, he revels in the drama he creates for himself in social media through his interviews. So he cannot stay away from it - not even after back to back flop films. Anyone else would take this as a wake up call, go offline , and get some help away from the public eye. Even a Jacqueline used some free time in between to take acting classes.

It is such a low blow for him to tag Varun. So conniving of him, to put both Varun and that fan in an embarrassing position.
That fan tweeted something which dozens are tweeting every other day. But he deliberately picked her to reply because she is a known Varun fan and he can put her on the defensive by bringing Varun's attention. Varun is too blind to his goody two shoes drama, otherwise anyone else in his place would get pissed to be dragged into it.
I agree with another comment here that Anshula might have done most of the work to be there for Janhvi and Khushi, but it is Arjun milking it. She buys them gifts, holidays with them, hosts dinners for them, even accompanies Janhvi on Dhadak shoot for a day or two after her mom's death, and Arjun makes it seem like he is the one making everything happen. All he does is probably just show up at his house when his dad and the girls are visiting for the family dinners.
The people who have actually been there for the girls the most are Manish, Gauri Shinde, apart from their friends such as Tanisha and Anjini. But I don't see Manish and Gauri constantly talking about it. Or even Shashank.
If I was in the girls place I would be upset and embarrassed by the way he constantly drags their names and their mom's name. I hope Khushi at least can see through him and sticks to her friends.
Anshula seems to be a genuinely nice person and I feel the girls really do like her and are more drawn to her as siblings than this weirdo.
Till today, it was just people on social media talking about the hypocritical aspect of his relationship, but by reacting , Arjun has caused articles to be written about it. Either he is really stupid or he must have figured out how to put some mahaan positive spin to this too and is laying the groundwork for it.
If only he knew how to switch off social media for a few months to focus on his career, it will be better use of his time.
He has lost so many of his fans in the past couple of years. Despite coming out with Malla, I don't think he is very happy. His fans don't seem to be happy with either his work or personal life. He has access to the best trainers and still can't lose weight. He is in denial about the fact that no one wants to see him on screen now. IMW would have done better with another actor. He seems lost and making statements like how box office doesn't matter for IMW, when just two years ago he used to talk about how producers recovering money is the most important thing for him.
He really does look like Sridevi did when she got together with Boney- sad, awkward, lost and guilt-ridden. Sri had two kids to distract herself. She had respect from the industry for her craft. Yes, karma got her in some ways, but it seems to have gotten Arjun in a lot harsher way - with no career, no acting skills, no prospect of kids, and living a lonely life with a sister who suffers from obesity problems too.

u dumb

It is sad that Anshula left her career prospects in the US to care for this man-child. I can't stand Arjun or his dad, but I really do like all the three girls. Janhvi and Khushi are young and seem to be focused hardworking girls who will achieve something in their careers and hopefully, find love and their own families someday.
It is Anshula who seems to have lost a lot of productive years - her 20s . She should have been dating, traveling the world and working. I read somewhere she was a topper in school and studied in a very good college.
I find it very selfish how Arjun has ended up treating Anshula. As the eldest in the family after his mom's death, it was his responsibility to encourage her to fly . Instead he keeps rambling in interviews about how Anshula sacrificed her career to run the house and take care of his needs.
I am sorry, but am I missing something? He was 27 years old. He has an entire team to take care of his work and appointments and food. But no, he was secretly happy she came back to India and to do what exactly? Monitor the house helps?
He couldn't even step up and guide her - she seems to have not many friends, no boyfriend, no fulfilling job and if this is the way he has "been there" for Anshula, I can only imagine what his idea of "being there" for Janhvi and Khushi is.
Some people are just toxic and drag you down with their negative energy. Arjun is one of those people. He talks about being mature compared to his friends and cousins but that can't be farther from the truth. Thank god all those rumours of J&K moving in with him were not true. Anshula should either move out or ask him to move out and shack up at Malla's place. If she doesn't do something drastic soon, she will end up being an obese, depressed spinster in her 40's surrounded by pets and stuffing her mouth with pastries. I am not exaggerating.

Bollywood = Hypocrisy. They Do or say things when it suits their situation.
This dude gets roles becoz of his family connections ! These 2 clowns fooled their families by sleeping around . He gave so much hate to Sridevi and her girls. Soon after her death he started faking his affection and these girls believe in his fakery ?
This is one messed up family for sure !
So Arjun please stop preaching to the choir.

Best comment

He is obviously a hypocrite. He had an affair with his gf's sister in yucky is that! And that sis-in-law was married with a child! And she was the sis-in-law of Salman who gave him a break! He broke too many codes here and wants everyone to be okay with it. Why?

When Sridevi died and everyone was praising Arjun, I was criticised on this blog for calling him phoney and cunning. I'm just happy everyone can see him for who he really his. His hatred for Sridevi has been the only driving force in life, he cried to everyone who cared to listen about how she ruined his life. I get that he was defending his mother. He probably felt remorse after her death, but all his interviews about being there for his father and half sisters just seemed sanctimonious and self serving. He still hates her even after death and would rather refer to her as an inanimate object. He could have said I didn't hate her, why say I don't hate anyone. I hope Jhanvi and Khushi are smart enough to see through him

That koffee with Karan episode got his worst out of him. Acting childish and immature with that little girl about the phone call around to his sister- I wont come home etc. and accusing the hosts of giving points to her everytime..too kiddish, instead of acting like the bigger fella both in age and attitude.

ughhhhh he is SO tiresome. pls stop dragging jhanvi and sridevi ji into everything. what was the need to reply? and why bring varun into this??

Its funny
He is so deluded

Puts himself in the same bracket ad varun

And puts his highly physical affair in the same bracket as boney and sridevis 21 year old marriage from which they have two young daughters.

His situation and sridevis isnt the same
And the difference lies in that sridevi is a thoroughly accomplished woman with far more to her name than just her affairs

And as an untalented flop actor , this affair is arjuns only claim to fame

Does his guy not have a mute button?
Can he really shut up abt janhvi and khushi and sridevi?

Janhvi needs to step up her damn game and take a stand instead of being so namby pamby and gullible.
Arjun might be an 11th fail but he is mr cunning number 1

Well said - he is a snake

He is a brat!!!

It was his non stop comments about his childhood that brought Sridevi a lot of hate and abuse.Why shouldn't he be judged now? He had no problem when the negativity and judgement was directed towards Sridevi. He just refused to shut up about it then and now he is schooling people about negativity. Hypocrite

Clearly Anshula dislikes Malaika

Life is grey, not black and white. We are dealing with human emotions and love happens. After what he went through in childhood, he did not plan to repeat history, but these things are not in our hands. He was hurt as a child, so is Arhaan. But these are feelings that a child feels. But once we are adults and realise what life is, it's not like he did a crime. When something lacks in a marriage only then can a third person enter. We all crave for love and let's not sit on a moral high platform and judge what happened. We are not God.

He was not a child when he started giving interviews, he was 27 yrs, by that time he would have definitely understood life from his father's point of view and why his parents got separated but he choose to speak about it repeatedly.

He is shameless everyone knows he was boy freind for Aepitha but cheated her with her sis in law
And open he has come open everyone knew it he was hiding now he loves her right let him marry to her than and stay loyal ..
Look at Emanuel Macron he got married to that aunty ,let's see if this uncle will stand by his words
In all this mess poor Arhan who is very shy sensitive lad got involved shame malika aunty and now even Arbazz uncle has moved has time for their son great parenting

He speaks like a saint after doing what he did to Salman’s family of all the people! This guy has no ethics! He needs to understand it’s not about dating an older woman but how he backstabbed the entire Khan family!

Trying to gain sympathy,He was already in his early teens when Boney moved in with Sridevi..Plus he was always there for his first family,Why don’t no one talk about Mona’s affair

He is definitely going to be flop in his life, not a hardworking person nor a gentleman, always blaming or barking at someone. Why can't he be cool and do his work, will this reply change anything ??? Now his movie is super flop and he wants to divert people's mind to this old drama. How long will this person uses sri's name to stay in news..

Dear Arjun, go back to your early interviews and kwk to checkout what you have said and all your interviews revolve around your childhood and how you were abandoned after your father married Sridevi. You spoke about it more than enough so now deal with it.

Yikes! He shouldn't have commented. I think Arjun has said in several interviews he does not share any relationship with Sridevi and his sisters(He has also said she is nothing more than his father's wife, he sounded very cold). So, how are we to know how Malaika's son feels about Arjun ? I mean, Arjun is the man who broke his mother and father's relationship. I think Malaika had an open relationship with Arbaaz but the divorce came as a surprise to the whole Khandaan

AArreee yaar!! live and let live! seriously.. if he wants to get married to a woman who is 10 yrs older than him or 10 yrs younger.. and both are adults and have shown consent.. tumhari itni kyun jal rahi hai!!! ppl seriously need to get a life!

Yes live and let live, he didn't go with this option but went on to talk about his relationship with his step mother, so now it's his turn.

Why blame sridevi a single women, when his father a already married man got in love with her, if any one is to be blamed by arjun kapoor its his own father and not his step mother

The fan simply voiced what ALOT of people were thinking

Well why blamw Arjun only? Arbaaz has moved on with his gf. Its wrong if Malaika moves on? Maybe Arhaan is more traumatised coz of his father...who are we to comment or judge. Wld we allow anyone to judge us in our personal life?

Malaika started the affair with him while she was married. Its not that she moved on that is a problem but that she had moved on while still married!

He has every right to defend himself but it still won’t change that fact. Bollywood is a shit place when it comes to marriage.

We know by jhanvi’s look to mallaika on that flop movie screening ha ha

He said his mom told salman family is great that helped him, so he decided to separate their daughter in law and date her ha ha ha

His dad killed sreedevi, he will do the same with malla aunty

No difference from what he claims sreedevi did
He is an idiot

Hyprocite he fights that he is right
Shameless guy, ditching family who helped him

He is an adult as much as i dont like malaika, they both made a choice to be together so we cant do anything about it. But arjun is the one who gave interview after interview bad mouthing sridevi.

All along he was having an affair with a married woman.

That hypocrisy should be questioned.

If he is a gone for a gorgeous older woman i would understand. Malaika is literally an empty shell.

Sridevi might be selfish but she wasn’t the one who hurt his family. It was his father who left two young children for a woman and started a new life with new family as if like his two children were not important before new family. But Sridevi was the one who was beaten up and kicked on her stomach while she was full time pregnant by his mother’s side family. Where are they now? If Sridevi was beaten up for involving with married man, Arjun should get same treatment. They are accepting him because he is happy, while Sridevi was accused for the same love. I am not supporting Sridevi. But just feel that karma kicks back for the way Sridevi was treated by this family. Otherwise of all young ladies around, how in the world he found love or lust in this old saggy faced bony bodied middle aged aunty? Why all his movies fail while his contemporaries have at least one or two hits ? It is just fate waits until right time.

Uhmmm though I’m a big advocate for having the right to love and be with whomever you want but this seems really inappropriate not because of the age difference but because she’s known him since he was underage he was her sister in laws boyfriend it feels very wrong.

Its funny coz on kwk aib and a bunch of other platforms he categoricaly said he hated her

He is so “aware” of his own goodness gosh! Clear indication he did it for show because when was he “there for janhvi and khushi” ? On instagram? Coz clearly in reality it was anshula doing the emotional heavylifting while arjun shot a couple of more flop films

The fact that he replied shows it irked him coz there is a certain element of truth in what was said.

Grammar pleaseeeee

Arjun openly blamed SRIDEVI and said for me she and her daughters don't exist. He did all the drama on her death to look mahaan and for a image make over.

Why did he not accept his relationship before divorce of malaika. At that time both said no truth in jt..and made fool of all

I think everyone should mind their own business. Love happens - similar situation can take place in your own family. Only jealous people who's not happy show envy to see others happy (irrespective of the situation).

Yes! Yes! We are very jealous that we don't get to cheat on our partners. Please don't glorify cheating and having an extra marital affair and spoil the meaning of marriage for the rest of us simpletons.

It’s ‘you are’ (you’re) not ‘your’ Arjun. But that’s’re mad at the comment..which is justified.

I am not a Arjun K fan but I think this was a super response. Dignified and calm. Very respectful. We all have our demons and deal with them the best we can. Good for you Arjun

Harsh. This is when trolling gets out of hand, sometimes people need to be checked, good for Arjun.

Lets wait for Arhaan to act and appear in KWK and have Karan ask him the same question. The revelation will be interesting. Freak shows, all of them.

Judging by his clapback, he clearly isn't oblivious to how similar he and Sridevi actually are. It's hard to tell if this makes him pissed off because he still hates her and is angry that he's a hypocrite or pissed because he's sad and guilty about how mean he was to her now that he probably understands her more, and she's dead, he can never make amends.

That doesn't make him any different from Sridevi and he can't dare justify his and cheating aunty relationship this way..

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