Arjun Kapoor teases Ranveer Singh about the change his ‘booboo’ Deepika Padukone has brought in his routine

In a recent interview, Ranveer Singh was questioned by his Gunday co-star and friend Arjun Kapoor about the change in his morning routine after marrying Deepika Padukone. Read to know more.
Arjun Kapoor teases Ranveer Singh about the change his ‘booboo’ Deepika Padukone has brought in his routineArjun Kapoor teases Ranveer Singh about the change his ‘booboo’ Deepika Padukone has brought in his routine
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are the power couple of Bollywood. Their romance is like a fairy tale where the guy is completely smitten by his lady-love. Time and again, Ranveer has made it clear about the positive impact that Deepika has brought in his life, and at many occasions, he can be seen completely awestruck by her. At various events, Ranveer can be seen carrying Deepika’s pallu while walking the red carpet or helps her in setting her clothes. In every way, Ranveer’s love for her is evident. However, everyone wants to know how their life changed after their marriage.

Ranveer’s dear friend and Gunday co-star Arjun Kapoor is among them. Recently, while promoting Gully Boy, Ranveer and Karan Johar were in an interview where Arjun questioned Ranveer about the change that his wife and "booboo" Deepika has brought in his morning routine. Arjun even revealed that Ranveer’s sister used to bribe him to wake up every morning. So, he wanted to know what does Deepika bribe him with now. Ranveer could be seen blushing, and then, he spoke about the change in his life post marriage. 

Ranveer said, “I am a nocturnal creature. I am so wound up through the day that I take a long time to unwind at night. I sleep late and have trouble waking up. But now that I am in grahasti, Things are much better. I reach places on time. I reach my appointments on time. But she has a background of being a sports person and the core is attached to discipline..she is proper about her sleeping and eating habits. She makes sure she is calling me and telling me that Chalo Ho geya abi come home and sleep. She puts me to bed on time. She makes sure I sleep on time and wake up on time. I am getting into a healthy routine. All her positive influence are doing me well.  I was prepared for it coz I was a bit of Ayaash pehle. Now, I am becoming a good boy.” 



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Well, isn’t that sweet? Meanwhile, at an event, Deepika was questioned about her V-day plans and she revealed that she would love to watch her husband’s film Gully Boy. This surely goes to show that Deepika and Ranveer have got each other’s backs which makes them Bollywood’s power couple. Now, Ranveer Singh is all set to entertain the audiences with his film Gully Boy which is slated to release on February 14, 2019


I hate how Indian men expect to be mothered by their wives.

i really don't wish them any bad, in fact, it's the other way around..but i genuinely feel there is something wrong with their relationship, i can feel the respect from both sides, the friendship from her side, the admiration from his side, but love?...i've yet the feel that, it just doesn't reach me...i soo hope i'm wrong.

Erm why do you expect to feel the love of another couple's relationship? And that too, of two people you've never met and don't know at all.

Why bla bla of deepika work only randeep

Ha ha, Chalo ho geya, ab come home and sleep... every wife tells this and every husband can relate to it

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