Aryan Khan Drugs Case: NCB reacts, calls the allegations 'baseless'

Updated on Oct 07, 2021 12:39 PM IST  |  262.9K
Aryan Khan Drugs Case: NCB reacts, calls the allegations 'baseless'
Aryan Khan Drugs Case: NCB reacts, calls the allegations 'baseless'

Aryan Khan’s drug case, which is being investigated by the Narcotics Control Bureau, is coming up with new twists with every passing day. While NCB has claimed to have recovered ‘shocking and incriminating’ material from the WhatsApp chats of Aryan Khan and others accused in the case, it was stated that the agency’s investigation was biased and not transparent and that they are deliberately targeting SRK and his family. However, the agency has now reacted to the allegations and called them baseless. The statement was released by NCB Deputy DG Gyaneshwar Singh   

To note, NCB’s statement came after Maharashtra Minister told ANI, “Aryan Khan's arrest is a forgery. For the last one month, the information was being circulated to crime reporters that the next target is actor Shah Rukh Khan”. While addressing the media in the case, Gyaneshwar Singh stated that while the allegations levelled against them are baseless, they have been levelled with the motive of malic in response to their earlier legal action. He also assured that their investigation is transparent and unbiased. “Some allegations levelled against the organisation are baseless and seem to have been with malice & probable prejudice that may have been harboured in retaliation against earlier legal action carried out by NCB.  NCB reiterates that our procedure has been and will continue to be professionally and legally transparent and unbiased”, he added.

Take a look at NCB Deputy DG Gyaneshwar Singh’s statement:

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan’s co-accused Arbaaz Merchantt’s father has rubbished the allegations against the kids and has called them baseless. He also spoke about the WhatsApp chats and said, “There is absolutely no WhatsApp chats related to drugs. They were not even prepared. It was just a last-minute discussion of going to the ship. They were invitees. They just decided out of the blue. He had breakfast with me and was supposed to have dinner with me.”


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