Avengers 4: Thor to be killed by Mad Titan Thanos?

New fan theory has showcased Thor, as the god of thunder will be killed by Thanos in the upcoming movie Avengers 4. Read on to know more.
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Everyday new fan art and theories crop up about the next Avengers film, and now, new theory suggests that Thor will meet his end in the squeal of Avengers: Infinity War. For some fans, it is not a huge surprise as Hemsworth's contract with Marvel ends with the movie, but for some fans, this theory is a huge blow. One of the fans has come up with the theory which said that Thor needs to die as well in order to complete the Ragnarok. In the movie Thor: Ragnarok, the Ragnarok (end of the world as per Norse mythology) happened, but the same will be completed with Thor dying.

The fan who came up with theory Danishroyalty, says, “Ragnarok is not a one-time event. In the mythology, it’s a cycle of death and rebirth, representing the cold winter and fertile spring. It has already happened and will happen again. The gods die in a huge culling and are later reborn to start the cycle anew. I think Avengers 4 will see the completion of Ragnarok with Thor dying and/or going to Valhalla/Hel and resurrecting his people. Thus, Ragnarok will be complete and Asgard will be “reborn.” This will allow them a whole new set of stories to tell for Thor and the Asgardians. And since, it’s reincarnation/rebirth they can recast people or leave people dead. It allows for a completely fresh start to the franchise, which is literally what Ragnarok is.”


As per Norse myths, Odin dies while fighting Fenrir, and Thor dies while fighting Jörmungandr. Fenrir is already dead, and Jörmungandr has not yet come up in MCU yet. As per another theory, Thor will be killed by Thanos as two Asgardians including Heimdall and Loki were also killed by Thanos. Will Thor be killed by mighty Titan Thanos? Only time will tell. Avengers 4 will hit the screens on May 3rd, 2019.


I'm sure that Tony won't die

Thor is first avenger ,he is 1500 years old. he can run the avengers

I don’t agree with this theory. Even though Chris Hemsworth did say that his contract expires after Avengers 4, he did also already say that he’s still open to expanding his contract for Thor 4.

all original avengers will probably die (like in tony’s nightmare in age of ultron)


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