Avengers: Endgame: NEW theory speculates the end has already been revealed; Read on to know more

Avengers: Endgame trailer leaves fans wanting for more. This new theory explains as how we have already seen the ending to the film
Avengers: Endgame: NEW theory speculates the end has already been revealed; Read on to know moreAvengers: Endgame: NEW theory speculates the end has already been revealed; Read on to know more
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Avengers: Endgame is the most anticipated film of the year and Marvel fans cannot wait to see how things turn out to be for this superhero franchise. Recently, the official trailer of film was released and a lot was happening at the same time. Marvel Studios have gone to an another level to market the Avengers film. In all the trailers that have been released by the studios, fans are left wondering as to what will happen exactly. A considerable amount of footage has been included from the previous films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and soon theories began to surface on the internet about the film.

According to one such theory on Reddit, it has been speculated that the final moments of Avengers: Endgame were shown at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. The theory explains that before Thanos disappeared, the only injury he had was from the ax in his chest which damages the vest. Later, on the porch, the vest is seen without any damage and looks different. Thanos is seen with a limp though his leg was not injured. The gauntlet is clearly visible in the scene, but the infinity stones are kept hidden consciously from the camera. The theorist believes that the particular scene is not after Thanos disappears, but a shot from the future when the Avengers defeat him and send him in exile. But this doesn't explain as why would the Avengers send Thanos in exile with the Infinity gauntlet. 

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Check out the theory below:
'Compare the shot of Thanos before he disappears:Thanos's only injury is the ax in his chest. The wound cuts right through the top of his vest...and then, the scene on the porch:Thanos's vest appears completely undamaged - almost as if it's a different vest entirely. The wound in his chest is also absent. He now appears to have a limp, despite not being injured on either leg. While the gauntlet is visible, the slots for the stones are meticulously hidden from the camera. I believe this means that the porch scene at the end of Infinity War isn't actually right after Thanos disappears. Rather, this scene is a shot in the future, when the Avengers have eventually defeated Thanos and exiled him. This would be a brilliant play on the "Thanos smiles" twist that happened both in the original comics and Infinity War, taking the bit from a surprising moment of humility in exile to a bittersweet enjoyment of victory, only to turn it back into the original twist'.

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Firstly its clear that u don't know that after the snap Thanos' left side is kinda burnt(or injured),so man ur theory ain't right. Thanos ain't dying that simple.

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