Avengers: Endgame: Thanos to be killed by THESE superheroes in the first 20 minutes itself?

Avengers 4 aka Avengers: Endgame: Several fan theories on various social media are claiming that Thanos is not the major character in the movie.
Avengers: Endgame: Thanos to be killed by THESE superheroes in the first 20 minutes itself?Avengers: Endgame: Thanos to be killed by THESE superheroes in the first 20 minutes itself?
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Avengers: Endgame is the most awaited movie of the year and MCU fans are eagerly waiting for the movie with their bated breath. Recently, fans were treated with a brand new trailer. But in this new trailer as well as in the super bowl spot, we didn't see Thanos or any of his dialogue in the background. And now several fan theories on various social media are claiming that Thanos is not the major character in the movie.

One of the theories suggests that Thanos will die within the first twenty minutes of the movie. As per the theories, Thor and Captain Marvel will travel and hunt down where Thanos has been doing his farming. They will fight it out with him and take the Infinity Gauntlet as well. But they will soon realize that it cannot reverse the Thanos’ snap. The theorist came up with this theory as directors of Avengers: Endgame Joe and Anthony Russo had said that both Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet are severely damaged.

And that's why the theory explores the possibility of a weak Thanos. And without his powerful gauntlet, it won’t be hard for Captain Marvel and Thor to beat him. After knowing that they cannot undo the snap, they will find a new way to reverse the effects of the Mad Titan's snap.

And that's when Scott Lang aka Ant-Man will come into play as he will suggest all to time travel via Quantum Realm. Also, in the latest trailer, we saw Avengers including Iron Man and Captain Marvel marching out of their headquarters wearing Quantum Realm suits. So they may go back in time to reset and bring back half of the universe which was dusted.

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I think after Thanos snap, the remaining avengers remain helpless and try estimating the number of disappeared. At the same time ironman sets a message to his wife while he is on spaceship with nebula. At the edge of hopeless condition , Nick's pager stops recieving signal. Captain marvel enters into the act , she comes to know what has actually happened, then they try to search for more hereos for help. Since iron man's arm was still functioning in the suit he sends the message with help of it to his wife, which reaches avengers then captain marvel saves him.Thor cannot go into space. We didn't find it any of the movies earlier,he could just survive after Thanos destroyed half of the place he and his people livedin. Then there will be entry of Ant-Man, hawkeyes entry who joins with scarlett. Later they prepare to go into space to find Thanos and reverse the snap. Iron man's suit was not made in Wakanda but it was in Nidavellir, where Thor's axe was made. They fight with Thanos destroy the infinity gauntlet, iron man's new suit will be capable of holding all infinity stones.
The supreme intelligence in this might be a computer which MAR-VEL created or it could be Thanos himself. That is why he must have kept captain Marvell all those years with him to analyse power of infinity stones. They must have gone to the spot where Thanos sacrificed Gamora and Asked that place to undo the Thanos snap. The place asks for a greater sacrifice -a person holding all infinity stones.As we know iron man loves her wife the most, Thor loves his father,Jane foster must have did in Thanos snap, so iron man asks captain America to sacrifice him as cap loves iron man the most in the living.
After sacrificing all stones return to the previous owners or might have lost for ever.
Thanos snap will be reversed.

I think that with the time stone in his possession, it would only be a small feat for thanos to put his body and the infinity gauntlet to its original state

Movie will link to Ultron.
Tony stark will create a new robot which will absorb all energy of the glove as in the animation episode

Maybe thanos is killed in first 20 minutes according to this theory but when they will time travel through quantum realm then thanos would also come back.

Bro this theory is not correct as in the last trailer we saw cap fighting in his old form.....that means they are facing a big problem probably THANOS
...and the whole 180 min movie can'nt run with Thanos being killed in first 20 min..

I love that movies

According to the theory if thor and captain marvel kill thanos then against whom captain america,ant man and nebula fighting in the new trailer

I dont understand, in the last ant man movie, in the credit scene, it showed that ant man went into the quantum realm but them Pym and hope had disappeared (coz of the snap) so how did Ant man come out??

Might be he himself came out...

It is not revealed till now, So it may be shown in Endgame how he escaped from the quantum realm.

In antman 1 scott came out from the quantum realm without no ones help so we can predict that he can return.but i dont know whether his suit got regulator or not

That's what the new avengers movie got the twist

Maybe the energy packets he's been collecting could have the power to restore his original size.

That's what we will see in end game8

That's what we will see in end game8

That's why avengers end game is made dear...

Bcoz he must have gone into the time vortex and came through various time lines

Did you see the Ant which was gone big during the fight in antman part 1 may be it will come and help him....! This answer may be weird but intresting..

He can reverse the size on his own just like how he beat up yellow jacket and returned from quantum realm by pressing the button on his suit.

He already did that in his first solo
Remember when he first time enter in quantum realm

It will be showing in avengers endgame

That's the suspense of stan Lee

Obviously Thanos is not the main character no one knows where he is, and right the Avengers are thinking about bringing back the dead half of the universe and not about Thanos. The whole movie will be about saving the half universe and will they be able to save it or no? It's not much about Thanos. Maybe Odin has to do something in the movie cause he is the only one who understands all the infinity stone properly(well...Thanos doesn't)

I don't think so the Thanos action figure was shown with weapon most likely to be a sword

What about Captain Marvel's cat from the original comic with time travel?


AMUSED! Will watch with my kids

Chances are there that Thanos might not be the real bad guy..It could be the ai ruler of the Kree we met in Captain Marvel. This supreme intelligence seems to be dependent on bio-life for existence. So a stable universe is surely one of it's aim or need.It must have somehow convinced Thanos to execute the plan... Don't be surprised if you see Thanos fighting along with the Avengers.

The Kree's will appear in Captain Marvel 2 as there are still in past.Adam Warlock will appear in endgame if the movie is based on comics and also gamora kills Peter Quill using the power stone.


Wow! I will watch it

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