Bharat: Disha Patani feels she and Salman Khan might NEVER work again; Here's why

Actress Disha Patani shares the screen space for the first time with Salman Khan in Bharat. While we loved their chemistry in the song Slow Motion, she confessed this might be the only time the duo will be seen together.
Bharat: Disha Patani feels she and Salman Khan might NEVER work again; Here's why Bharat: Disha Patani feels she and Salman Khan might NEVER work again; Here's why
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A little over just a week to go for Bharat's release. The Salman Khan starrer sees the protagonist's journey from his childhood to his old age. As we know, the Eid release stars Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani and Tabu in prominent roles. While Tabu and Katrina have previously worked with Salman, this is Disha's first flick with the Khan. The actress is seen playing a trapeze artist in the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial and she shares sizzling chemistry with Salman. We've seen a glimpse of it in Slow Motion song. While we are eager to see the two set the big screen on fire, Disha feels this will probably the only time she and Salman will be seen together in a movie. 

The actress, speaking to Mumbai Mirror, confessed that the Bharat co-stars might not reunite in the future. Wait, wait, before you jump the gun and presume things, the actress reveals the reason behind the statement. She feels that given his age, she might not get another opportunity to work with Salman. 

"Ali sir called me with a role which is more of a special appearance. I heard him out and since the character is that of a trapeze artiste alongside Salman sir, I came on board. Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever get to work with Salman sir again. Even Ali sir told me this while narrating the script," she recalled. 



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When asked the reason behind it, she said, "Obviously because of the age difference between us. In Bharat, it is acceptable because that portion shows Salman sir in his 20s and 30s so, it was an immediate “yes”. He is a wonderful human being and very hard-working. I got to learn a lot from him. That aside, Bharat is special because I had never done a film set in a different era." 

While she feels she might not get a second chance with Salman, Disha is glad that her debut with Salman is being loved by all. "I am glad that people like to see us together. The chemistry between us is great, I never expected something like this. I got lucky with the song and want to thank the choreographer and Ali sir for the way it’s been shot," she said. 

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Bharat releases on June 5. Are you excited about the Eid release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Why can't they work together again. Salman is of her father's age or may be even older than her father so he can play her father in some film. Dating actress 20 years younger than him don't makes him young

I think she should just keep to her self. What is deferent of the is only a MOVIE. Only make BELIEVE. It your job to as ACTOR to acct.dont take it seriously. So SALMAN KHAN is older than you don't mean that he is going to ta
Take you home as his wife. Seriously. This guy is been Bachelor for all this year. Not one like You will make him commit yet.

When Varun says Kareena is matured to be paired opposite him, people were ok and now when Disha said the similar thing people are bashing her, phew....

When Salman said "Kareena or any other married herione should now focus at home", everyone was ok with that and now when Disha said something which is very true everyone is being offensive. If Madhuri does hot romance with 20yrs old newcomer, you can only imagine the amount controversies people making out of it. When Aish romanced Ranbir who is 5-6 yrs younger than her, people had problem. So hyprocrite people around here

Lol she doesn’t even make any sense


as a common person I strong support Disha, Kriti, Kangna, Wania Hussain, Anushka, Deepika, Katrina, Kangna and Aish who are far more beautiful talented and hardwoking than Alia. But still Kjo gets her every good movie and best directors so she can shine. That's why I hate nepotism and the products of nepotism.

She is trying to replace Alia in InshAllah since disha n Salman chemistry is working n Alia n Salman isn't.

Whats the meaning of throwing words praising him in media when your mind is not following him on insta.

Looks like she had a bad experience working opposite him and wants to avoid it in future. Sometimes one has to read in between the lines. Bhai is as reliable as a 5 year old kid and is capable of anything. Don't blame Disha.

Self-awareness from Disha. Say Disha blows up in the next few years like how Alia Bhatt has 500 movies, keep in mind Alia has more than five years over Disha in filmography. Salman said yes to a movie opposite Alia, absolute cringe, because she's in top 5 actresses currently, even despite said cringe, because she is a big name. Better to do the Khan movies now, even while they're flopping, before they get even older.

Salman is constantly taking digs at PC dont forget to mention her but totally ignoring Disha who is a part of his movie.

She is being ignored during the promotions because of jealous loser Katrina aunty.

She comes across as dumb. It’s possible to work with an actor again not necessarily as a love interest.

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