Bharat: Katrina Kaif has mother Salma Khan's blessings as she gets all decked up as Salman Khan's bride

Katrina Kaif gives a bear hug to Salman Khan's lovely mother Salma Khan and we are thrilled. She is seen turning into a bride for Salman Khan for Bharat in the photo which is now deleted.
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are in Malta currently wherein they wrapped up the second schedule for the upcoming movie Bharat, which is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The movie also starring Disha Patani, Sunil Grover, Tabu among others is slated for an EID release next year. While the rest of the crew are back in Mumbai along with Salman's family, Salman and Katrina are yet to return from their extended weekend. As the team wrapped up the second schedule, Salman treated fans with the first look of himself with Katrina from the movie and it got tongues wagging. 
Their chemistry in the picture is unparalleled. Today, Arpita Khan Sharma shared a beautiful picture of Katrina dressed as a bride (for Salman Khan in the film, obviously) looking pretty. She is seen giving a bear hug to the love of Salman Khan's life, his mother Salma Khan. The duo looks adorable AF in the photo. However, Arpita deleted the tweet within minutes of posting and we wonder why? Was it because she unknowingly leaked Katrina's look as a bride from the movie? Well, we don't know. 
But one thing is for sure, Katrina sure has mom Salma Khan's blessings! Ahem. 
Katrina came onboard for Bharat after Priyanka Chopra made an emergency exit last minute because of her engagement to beau Nick Jonas. Bharat will see both Salman and Katrina don five different looks starting from the early 80s to current. 
Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments below. 


Salman is so old. No point getting married now

Katrina is chasing a man who is in a committed relationship with another woman again. She did this once with Deepika-Ranbir. Now trying to break Salman-Iulia. She was always an woman of questionable character. Post this

Kat is lucky to have this nice family in her life...they are open mind،generous and forgiving...just look how they accept Malika,Kat again in thier home and life...I think even if Aish come to thier home they will welcome her...
Alvira is so beautiful she looks like Cara Delevingne...

so glad for Kat to be a part of Bharat... Salman and the one who 'exited' the movie has zero chemistry!

This is Katrina's life story. Just trying to impress people whom she wants to use. Salman doesn't care what she does , she can hug Alvira Salma all she wants, but Salman knows what she is made of. Iulia and Salman are rock solid, there is no insecurity. Salma khan adores Iulia and Iulia takes care of Salma and Salim on daily basis now as she lives in Galaxy with them. Salman full on ignored Katrina at Manish malhotra show, that was epic.

This woman is interested in posing rathen than a hug.

LUlia is loyal... but his family clearly doesnt like her. They Like Katrina always

But Salman like Iulia and so does his parents they all live together in galaxy.... Salman's family is pally with all his co stars, jacqueline, daisy, even priyanka. katrina stick out becuase she was his ex, nothing special.

Salman marry Kat, u guys always looked great. Your chemistry even in personal life is beyond anything.

People should let her be, it must be tough on her to see her ex RK getting so serious about Alia. Even DP no matter how long it has been but when u see ur ex treat someone better than them it hurts.

Should Means people let Kat to break another relationship? wh its tough for kt?she did it t DP so alia did it t0 her.

Katrina ruined her face, too many filters. Kat used to be pretty, and everyone ages, but the are some celebs that age well. Kajol is 9 years older, Madhuri 8 years older, Rani another one older than her, but Kat looks older and terrible compared to them.

Kat and sallu married would be awesome!

Katrina still chasing salman.

kat just have salman and his family to stay in news.

There she goes again. Attention seeker.

Mrs. Khanplease don't give so much lift to some desperate people . Your son deserves a beautiful and sensible woman

She is very manipulative

God her drama start again.

Her only dream is Mrs.Khan.

trying to get into good books of salma ji.

Race pit gayi. Ab Bharat ko hit karaane ke liye poori koshish ki jaa rahi hai. Publicity stunts 24×7.

she does things only when she knows camera is going to her.

she knows how to be in news.

Forever dreaming of Salman.Meant to be, glad RK is done with this chaalu.

KAT IS obsessed with salman.

Again salman factor. Kat is noting without her EX .Proved

kat is trying to break lulia salman.

Mom looks very nice, Katrina's face photo here is unfortunate

God bless both of them

Any heroine will look adorable in this pic with salman's mother. Katrina is again on track only bcoz of salman and ali who is supporting her at any cost. She is trying very hard to impress his family again . When she was with ranbir she refused to talk abt salman and his family in an interview. And now she is becoming sweet after breakup with ranbir.

Feeling Bad for Lulia vantur...

This is just a marketing gimmick just like during TZH Arpita tweeted back together. After TZH released nothing happened.

Kat looks smug

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