Bharat: Not just Salman, Katrina Kaif also spent hours to get her ageing look correct; read EXCLUSIVE details

Katrina Kaif's makeup artist for Bharat reveals what all went behind getting her middle-aged woman look correct. Read EXCLUSIVE details.
Bharat: Not just Salman, Katrina Kaif also spent hours to get her ageing look correct; read EXCLUSIVE detailsBharat: Not just Salman, Katrina Kaif also spent hours to get her ageing look correct; read EXCLUSIVE details
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Bharat will see Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif chronicling several chapters in life via a timeline which ranges across 1947 to 2010. The movie helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar will see Salman play a middle-aged man who narrates his journey with the nation. Katrina, who plays Kumud enters his life in perhaps the third phase but will be seen ageing well with him. While Salman's look as the middle-aged man has been revealed, Katrina's look is yet to be revealed. However, we have learnt that Katrina, with the help of prosthetics, took as many as two hours and a lot of experimentation to ensure she gets the look right. Her makeup artist for the movie, Rebecca Butterworth, revealed that Katrina has as many as five different looks in the movie and the team at Millennium FX worked on two of her looks which involved use of prosthetics. Both the times her character is aged around 55 and 65 respectively. When asked if it was difficult to pull off the look, Rebecca shared, "It certainly was! Katrina is so very beautiful and her skin is flawless, it’s very hard to hide prosthetic pieces, especially on the big screen. We also had to balance how Katrina’s character would age against how Salman Khan Sir would age so that they would match up." "We didn’t want to hide Katrina behind really big prosthetic pieces as we knew we would be filming outdoors in the heat and Katrina didn’t want a barrier between her and her audience, so it’s a challenge to make a face (and hands and arms) appear older when you can’t use full coverage prosthetics pieces," she added. Elaborating on what was the inspirational point for them to get Katrina's look right, Rebecca said, "One of the initial references that the director suggested to us was Rekha - because he loves her beauty and her elegance. When we were designing the looks for Katrina, we tried to stay true to that spirit of ‘graceful ageing’ while recognising that Katrina and Rekha have quite different facial structures." She also was all praises for Kat and said that she was very cooperative and was a pleasure working with. Bharat releases on June 5, 2019.



Lol @ getting the look right... WTF about acting?? Good gracious.


Flop flop flop

Number 1 heroine. All Khans want her in their movies!!!

Ohh god!!there is so many jealous people out here in the comment section!!

Wow .still it is gonna be a flop

The despo psycho is so worried that people are bored of her and even her pairing with Salman is not working anymore. Everyone is talking about Salman's aged look and his chemistry with Disha. So her despo PR is writing articles about "oh she is there, her role is big and great, she is aging with Salman too, etc." Talentless loser.

All the best for the movie

She still didn't nail it. Her hair looks so pathetically made up .PC's met gala hairdo looked more natural than this lol

One 54 years actor and 40 years old actress tried really hard to look old

Bharat movie is the great movie and I personally like it.
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