Bharat: Salman Khan thanks Priyanka Chopra for giving Katrina Kaif the best role of her career; WATCH

Bharat starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, Sunil Grover and Tabu will hit the screens on June 5, 2019. Bharat is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar
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Not once or twice, but ever since Priyanka Chopra has walked out of Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat, Salman Khan has taken a sly dig at Priyanka Chopra on various occasions. And today, during the release event of the song Zinda, Katrina Kaif was quizzed about her role in the film and she said, “As an actor, I think it is definitely my most incredible experience working with Ali.. we have done three films together,  but I can honestly say that this film has been the best experience so far and I think we have got super super excited for everyone to see the film.”

However, what was interesting is that before Katrina could finish her statement, Salman interjected and said, “Thank you Priyanka,” and everyone cracked up at the event. During a recent interview, when director of the film, Ali Abbas Zafar was asked whether or not his relationship with PeeCee has changed after she walked out of the film, Ali had said that they continue to be friends and still talk every month. As for Katrina Kaif, she has previously worked with Ali Abbas Zafar in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (2011) and Tiger Zinda Hai (2017).  

Talking about the film, Bharat is loosely based on the 2014 South Korean film An Ode To My Father and the film will hit the screens on June 5, 2019. Bharat stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff, Disha Patani, Tabu and Sunil Grover in lead roles. In the film, Salman Khan is essaying the role of Bharat and he will be seen in five different avatars in the film. On the work front, Salman Khan will next be seen in the third installment of Dabangg 3 opposite Sonakshi Sinha.



भारत के promotions

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This Day That Year


He wants pc shs refused then katrina got the role its ok

Grapes are sour to the Fox

After doing films like barfi, marykom etc, afilm with khan is below her standard. It suits Deepika and Katrina who do don't mind playing item girl in Hny and dhoom to work with khans.

Film will do 200 plus cr business with Katrina and film would have done 200 cr plus with priyanka. Priyanka is a very good actress but she don't have any starpower to bring audience to theatre

Dumb people still believe in the lies spread by bacchan bahu rani. Oh wait, better bachalan bahu rani. Aish was a lier.She too played with Vivek oberoi and many other men.She trapped abhisekh and ruined his career.She is no Saint. Who knows she must have forced Salman to beat her. Aish or better ass is a manipulative woman. Women like her deserves to be beaten everyday.

Ur statement saying ' she must of forced Salman to beat her' speaks volume of your cheap mentality...no one should raise their hand at women if one call themselves a MAN

Priyanka and her fans are the greatest loser. Only insulting other actresses and their fans. They can't bear the fact that Salman has kicked her out of Bollywood. Pathetic people!

Gosh how dump are shakuntela and pinkvilla girl.Same goes for Priyanka too. These 3 mean girls are spamming the comment sections and necessarily bringing Deepika. Peecee honey deepika is still an A lister and there is still some time for her to be overtaken by younger girls. Worry for your career. It's over in Bollywood. Your comeback film will be a disaster and it will be final nail in the coffin of your career.

Salman 50 years old needs to take his medication

salman is so salty like a woman

Salman is very cocky. This is his favorite pastime, taking digs at Kat, PC. For a man, he's very sarcastic.

Move on Salman, She rejected your movie. You have been whining for quite some time now. So, your ex-girlfriend got the movie. She's been getting all these movies because of you since you slept with her.

Pinkvilla always posts abusive comments on Priyanka.

People on pinkvilla are so jealous of priyanka. They are fans of her flop contemporaries whose claim to fame were called Priyanka on airports.

As usual pr Mata fans are bashing priyanka because their idol's career in West is in coffin.


Hollywood or Bollywood,Priyanka is the best
Dancing or singing, Priyanka is the best
Acting or hits,Priyanka is the best
Awards or looks, Priyanka is the best.
Slay queen priyanka

Thank God Priyanka didn't do this film with this old arrogant lallu criminal woman beater.Working with him is below her standards. He don't know A of acting.

Why would you be abused by an old guy when you can abuse a small kid yourself!!

What is her standard? To be married with gay kid only to stay in the news? This is low standard.

Message for All PC Fans That's how PC is.. when she needs roles she makes friends and be nice with them.Once work is done she gets selfish. Selfish Fake Lady!


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Jobless Padukone/ Jobless kaif

Thanks for confirmation that PissCee fans are unimaginative and dumb....haha


Flopika Padukone/ Floprina kaif

Yawn priyanka chopara is so OLD

Yawn Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are so OLD

Poor shakuntela will have another sleepless night defending priyanka's unprofessional behaviour

Queen pri rocks even after not being able to do the movie they r using her name to promote movie Bharat

Priyanka popularity is so huge that salman is using her name to promote Bharat movie

Priyanka who?

Salman is using priyanka name to promote bharat even after not doing the movie thats the power of Queen Chopra

Priyankas unprofessionality has destroyed her career in Bollywood. Her own fault.

Don't worry for priyanka she has 2 careers in Bollywood n Hollywood n she needed time for her personal time why r u judging her stupid troller

Shut up loser Priyanka is the Queen roles r written n made for her n she is a producer too so shut ur mouth

STILL talking about Priyanka. So butthurt she left the movie like that stuff doesn't happen all the time. STAR POWER PC!

LOL Priyanka. Chill and enjoy your drinks.

Priyanka wanted kids and also settle down... she found Nick!!

You don't get it, right? It's always Priyanka and her desperate PR who posts such articles. Only to put Salman in bad light. She can't get over it that he kicked her out of Bollywood now. Desperation!

Now PC fans will start crying in the comments

It's Priyanka herself commenting here 24/7. Confirms her jobless low life with a gay kid...LOL

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