Bhumi Pednekar: I am a modern day girl and of course I have dated many guys

Bhumi Pednekar gets candid about her relationship status.
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Bhumi Pednekar, who made her acting debut in Bollywood with the National Award Winning film Dum Laga Ke Haisha, has manage to make her space in the industry with her acting skills. In a conversation with a leading daily, she was asked about her relationship status. To which, she said, “I am single. There’s no excitement apart from my work. I haven’t worked with many co-stars, so no rumours also. You can say I’m married to my work at this moment.”
Bhumi has qualms about her past and is okay to admit that she has dated guys before. “I am a modern day girl and of course I have dated many guys. But in all honesty, I was a child, so immature and naive. Everything was so frivolous and I’m not a bitter person. I’m friends with all my exes, as they were all friends. I feel these are the experiences that turn into the person you are,” she said.
Is she okay dating a guy from the industry? On these lines, she said, “Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. I am not against being in a relationship and neither is the case that I want to be in one. I just go with the flow. It is cool with me. I’m very content with my work and I never complain. I’m in a very good phase right now and I’ve not compromised on any aspect of my life."
She went on to add, “I don’t know. I really don’t look at a person’s profession. These are superficial things and your partner needs to have a lot more (qualities) than what he does (for a living). His core is something I need to connect with.”
Is there any sort of a family pressure? She said, "Fortunately, I come from a family where we were told ‘you are not getting married till you are successful.’ So, I have no family pressure and everyone is very chilled out and would never put me in a situation where I’d be asked to be with somebody or get married."
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just one someone who has dated rarely or never dated is NOT modern????!!!!

She is so ignorant of what a modern girl means. What a dumbo.

Being modern means independence, right to work, right to be educated, equal pay, freedom of speech. And here we have this idiot, terming modern women to dating ( alil sluty person). Being modern means clever wise of choice and not wasting your time on useless relationship. Modern means the knowledge and knowing the value of time

what is she smokin? I am a 26 year old modern girl but still a virgin and no boyfriends till now.

she def hired a pr team

Her flawed association of being "modern" as a result of multiple dating speaks volumes about her level of intelligence, or lack thereof! Some people should just do us all a favor and not open their mouths lol PV please post. People should know the truth!

she does know that the number of people you date doesnt depend on your modernity right? if anything present day modernity is causing people to have less friends and relationships in general.

U r not modern sweety...its called flirting... u were a big time flirt....

Whatever floats your boat.

The sentence itself speaks for itself which is no one has asked her on a date.

Being modern doesnt mean you need to date multiple ppl..

She has no releases coming up then why is she giving random interviews from her fashion sense to dating life?

I get that she doesn't want to be stereotyped as the village girl but she is crossing the lines and looking to desperate with all her remarks first it was I have always been fashionable now it's have dated many guys that's her definition of a modern girl wow ok....

Not every modern day girl dates many guys
So the statement is partially wrong

true! these kinda people don't deserve fame

I dint know that being modern girl one has to date many

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