Bhumi Pednekar's 32nd birthday wish includes restoring the planet & breaking boundaries with her work

2 weeks ago  |  60.5K

Actress Bhumi Pednekar, who turned 32 on Sunday, says her birthday wish would definitely be that the present generation should start restoring the planet.

"I think my wish definitely would be that our generation should be the generation that starts restoring the planet because that is most important. I truly wish that we address the dangers that we are challenged with and take steps to rectify it and that can only happen if we all change the way our perspective towards our planet is," Bhumi said.

The actress said her wish is that she continues doing good work and breaking boundaries.

"We have to realise that everything is limited and one day if we don't stop, we will be done and over. For my career, my wish is that I continue doing good work and I continue breaking boundaries. The loyal fan base that I have created over the years I want to make sure that I don't disappoint them," she added.

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Anonymous : Before fixing the planet clean up bollywood. Charity begins at home
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Anonymous : Agree.....!
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