Bhuvan Bam aka Titu Mama of BB ki Vines is obsessed with Bollywood. Here's proof

Put your Bollywood knowledge to test by playing Jhacaaash LIVE on Facebook, and win upto ₹50,000*!
News,Bhuvan Bam,jhacaaash,bb ki vines,bollywood showBhuvan Bam aka Titu Mama of BB ki Vines is obsessed with Bollywood. Here's proof
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Do you know so much about the Bollywood industry that you have been hailed as 'Bollywood King' or 'Bollywood Queen' in your friend circle? Do you know every single dialogue from 'Ek Chutki Sindoor' to 'Mere paas maa hai', by heart? Can you tell which actor is in a film just based on his/her voice? Well then here's something that we've got for you. Did you ever think, knowing everything about Bollywood could make you some quick bucks? Jhacaaash is the answer to all your prayers as it'll turn all those dreams into reality! 

Become the ultimate Bollywood Guru! Play Jhacaaash, India's first ever LIVE Bollywood game show, only on Facebook. Every Monday and Thursday at 6 pm. Current Youtube sensation Bhuvan Bam is super pumped to play the game and is excited to test your loyalty towards Bollywood as well. Here's a fun trivia he shared with us, that made us want to brush up on our Bollywood knowledge. Did you know that Aamir Khan's first 200 crore film was 3 Idiots? Bet most of you didn't! But clearly, Bhuvan is on top of his game. If you think your Bollywood knowledge is as great as his, then prove it to us by winning the game like a BOSS! Like and follow Jhacaaash on Facebook. Also, we suggest you start polishing your knowledge about our tinseltown. 

The game launches on March 18 and dont forget to play it on every Monday and Thursday at 6 pm. In the coming days, more of your favourite celebrities will share their own Bollywood trivia, that you could already be aware of, or be news to you! But they are sure to help you gear up for the show and help you win those big bucks. Stay tuned! 

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