The Big Day Collection 2 Episode 1: Here’s how netizens reacted to the show’s second instalment

Fans have reacted to the new season of The Big Day which featured interracial couples. Take a look at their response.
The Big Day Collection 2 Episode 1: Here’s how netizens reacted to the show’s second instalment
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The Big Day’s second season is here and is already creating hype due to the show’s new theme. Unlike the first season, this time the plot revolves around interracial couples who come together despite the social and cultural challenges that arise in their journey. The big fat Indian wedding idea resonated well with the audience, which was evident from the positive response the show received. The second instalment of the show has 3 episodes, similar to the first season.

The show features the journey of two couples in each episode and follows their plans to prepare for the ‘big day’ or their wedding. Showcasing the modern take on Indian weddings, it shows how people are particular about the nitty-gritties involved in making a wedding successful, so much so that they are willing to spend a fortune to make their day special. Fans of the show love the shocking aspect this show brings on the table, precisely about how the wealthy families go about their rites, rituals, and traditions as they follow the ceremonies.

The first episode of the show followed the marriage ceremonies of Irina and Dhruv & Nisha and Scott. Fans of the show took to social media to express their thoughts on the new season and its episodes. Taking to their Twitter handle, one user hilariously wrote, “not sure if you watched it (my wife made me watch it). I think I need my portfolio to 100x to even dream of one of those weddings for my kids”.

Take a look at how fans reacted to The Big Day Collection 2:

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