Bigg Boss 13: After Paras Chhabra called Akanksha 'clingy' on Weekend Ka Vaar, Puri shares a cryptic post

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar, Paras Chhabra took Mahira Sharma's side and called girlfriend Akanksha Puri, 'clingy'. Now, looks like the actress has replied to the comment with a cryptic post. Take a look.
Bigg Boss 13: After Paras Chhabra called Akanksha 'clingy' on Weekend Ka Vaar, Puri shares a cryptic post
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In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 13, we saw Salman Khan spilling some personal secrets from Paras Chhabra's life to warn Mahira Sharma of her closeness with the actor. While Mahira was already aware about Paras' private life, Chhabra quite did not like Salman bringing out his girlfriend Akanksha Puri's name. Giving clarifications of the allegations put in by the Dabanng actor, Paras went on to make some shocking revelations about his relationship, which startled everyone. 

Paras revealed that he wanted to get separated from her and asked her for break-up even before entering the BB 13 house. However, Akanksha but never agreed for the split. He also that she is clingy and thus doesn't want to part ways with him. Upon listening all this, Salman questioned Paras that if this is the case, why is he taking help from her as she is for his clothes, perfumes, shoes and rent. To which he replied that he has never asked for any favours, but will return them as soon as he gets out of the house. 

Though Akanksha has always supported Paras in his game, she expressed her displeasure over her boyfriends growing closeness to Mahira in the show. Now, after all this personal drama, Akanksha is out with a reaction. But, she has not said anything directly, rather sent a message with a cryptic post, making us think what is happening. 

Take a look at Akanksha's post: 

Well, Akanksha's silence on the whole drama only has us thinking what is going on in her mind. What are your thoughts on the same? Do you think Mahira will be the reason behind Paras and Akanksha's breakup? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Paras is nothing but a player, Akanksha watch out!!! Paras is playing games with Akanksha and Mahira. Mahira is just too innocent to understand and just to point out mahira is unknowingly doing exactly what Asim has done, broke someone else’s relationship. The difference is just that Asians love is true. OPEN UR EYES MAHIRA

Paras is really playing a dirty game out there in Big Boss season 13.There isn't a problem if you are friends#Mahira#but trying to play a safe card out there spoiling Akansha name being a supportive Gf at all times ,from sending clothes,shoes,gifts to also washing his dirty stuffz being a celebrity herself,really hatsoff to her and shame on Paras#you don't leave people who be WID u in ur hardest times,and Mahira since she says her name is getting spoiled by people inside the Big Boss,it's not the truth,she her self is passing on a message to people outside about their closeness with each other,Chalo Mann li yeh baat that for 1 or twice time your friend will kiss and hug you not more den dt and inspite of knowing he is having a gf so it's not the people from big boss who are portraying but it's herself and that's what even her mom felt#Log toh waise bhi paraie hai#And yes offcoure Shefali.I don't understand all of a sudden how she can comment on telling Paras to leave Akansha when even Salman sir has tried to show a part of Mr.Paras so from which angle does she feel that Akansha is wrong even after clarifying dt she (Akansha)has always supported Paras wen he is still inside d house?

Paras and Mahira should be thrown out of the house
Bald fellow thinks he is too smart shame on him to say things about his girlfriend akansha kick him out of ur life he doesn't deserve to be in ur life
Mahira is an idiot let her be with him
Two idiots will get along well and very soon he will leave her as well
He is not tolerable he was not ready to talk to her mother also the way he spoke to his mother was shameful

Paras and Mahira should be thrown out of the house and if big boss cannot do that, then please punish Mahira and ask her to stay silent in the entire show. She talks rubbish whenever she opens up her stupid mouth. Brainless girl she is and so is Paras. They deserve each other. Big boss is the most biased show. Makers are trying every possible way to make Siddharth Shukla the winner even if he is pushing and abusing people day and night in the house. Asim should be the winner but big boss will make him look bad and make sidharth Shukla the hero..this show sucks now. Shehnaaz and Asim is the winner for us even if big boss gives all the money to sidharth gunda Shukla.

Paras is an opportunist who used Akanksha as long as he needed her. But now that he got a little something from bigg boss he thinks he achieved everything. The help he got from her cannot be counted by money, but he says he will pay her back. So cheap. He shouldnot have talked of his relationship in this way. She sends him gifts and if he really didnot want he could have send her right back. So spineless. Akanksha deserves far better. She should move on. Staying away from such bad relations is harmful

Paras dont take advantage of someone who loves you and dont hurt her as well, she loves you but have committed no offence.

Paras is ugliest nd worst person in the world nd so mahira akanksha u better move ahead with ur life he doesn't deserve u pls let dirty pair of mahira n paras go on fight in their life paras got very big noutanki nd idiot girl mahira so u move on girl

You stood your ground and you stood for him, the thankless idiot. He doesn't realize what he has done and what wrong awaits him... That silly bimbo who is brainless and has no voice is just using him to stay in the show. They think sleeze is going to make them stick around longer... Well it has but only so far.. Am sure people will vote them out.
Sickening people, both

Actually let’s not comment on anyone but yes Akanksha wen u see things happen right in front of u, it’s time to take a stand, n the relationship between paras n Mahira can’t be just friendship n yes Paras n Mahira is nothing without each other

Paras doesnt deserve you Akansha....he is not worth it....never fall for such guys....and if he was a nice guy he would never say anything on national TV...n Salman has become a love guru this season

Paras is a very bad it his thinking..his nature..his behaviour..his approach towards girls..he is most disgusting person by heart.. he is truely selfish and thinks only about him.. he dont deserve to be loved by someone...

You were with the wrong guy Akansha. Paras is a disgusting person n so is Mahira. Achha hai woh dono saath me hai. Jaha do Ghar barbaad hone the waha ab ek hi hoga. Stay away from such useless n selfish people. N please don't do anything for that idiot.

Kudos to you girl for maintaining your dignity.. Paras doesn't deserve you. He is totally "eshaan faramosh " deserve way better

Absolutely right paras is a cheap thinking person ye iski fitrt h kitni grls ki life khrab ki h

Aakansha is breaking up with paras as it seems, rest the time will tell.

How were you even tolerating the guy for this long. He is nothing but a manipulative idiot. Am sorry i have no business to comment inyoir personal life but could not help seeing him on national TV .he got what he deserve.Mahira Sharma.another senseless creature.. Akanksha Puri you deserve much better in life as you are a beautiful person inside best wishes for your future. Live well Nd happy

Mahira is a stupid girl..she can ruin anyone's life. Just a flirt..Only A fool like paras can fall for her.

Mahira is a stupid girl..she can ruin anyone's life. Just a flirt..Only A fool like paras can fall for her.

Guy like Paras doesn’t deserve to be loved .... break free gal !

Yes definitely Mahira is the only reason for paras & Akansha's breakup...Akansha u should move on the guy like this who doesn't matter ur true feelings..u guys have been in relationship for last three years..but he doesn't realize what he is losing..ur all love & support he called it "broker"this is not the right way to say on national on.behappy..& u will get true love one day

there is an error in the blog. Please Fix it and upload it again.

Such a good girl....positive....

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