Bigg Boss 13: Bipasha Basu comes out in support of Arti Singh; Says, 'People mocking her are insensitive'

Arti Singh is receiving love and support from all for her speaking up against her battle with Mental Health. And the recent to extend support is her best friend Bipasha Basu. Here's what she said.
Bigg Boss 13: Bipasha Basu comes out in support of Arti Singh; Says, 'People mocking her are insensitive' Bigg Boss 13: Bipasha Basu comes out in support of Arti Singh; Says, 'People mocking her are insensitive'
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Staying in the Bigg Boss house is not easy; but it gets tougher when you're suffering from a health issue. Arden Bigg Boss fans may know that Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh recently went through an anxiety attack in the house, after a spat with Sidharth Shukla. When half of the house behaved insensitively towards Arti's condition, Arti stood strong and sent out a strong message to viewers on Mental Health. Post her massive breakdown, she spoke to the audience and in a powerful video, spoke about Mental Health. 

Arti Singh received a lot of support from fans and celebrities alike after her brave act. Ever since her video, people have been showering love and support for her and are asking her to stay strong and brave always. Fans have started a new trend on Twitter #WeStandByArti, to show their support for her. The latest to come out in her support and stand by her in this difficult time is Arti Singh's best friend and Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu. 

Commenting on Arti's post, Bipasha Basu not only extended support to her, but also took this opportunity to spread the importance of Mental Health in the country. Bipasha expressed her disappointment about the awareness of mental health in India and wrote that despite all the education, people still lack awareness about this health issue. She added that one cannot stop living life if he/she has some issues, rather face them bravely just like Arti Singh is doing. Lashing out at people who are making fun of Arti's situations, Biapsha said that such people are totally insensitive. Appealing masses to not consider Mental Health issues as a taboo, she asked them to support people who need help to overcome it.  Check out Biapsha's strong message here: 

What are your thoughts on the same? Do you think Sidharth Shukla should've supported Arti Singh in her fight with Paras Chhbara? Let us know in the comment section below. 


Sid is the most arrogant man I have seen .... arti is v loyal to him n despite him letting her down a gazillion times she supports him regardless oh his latest tantrums - it dosent matter whether he agreed or disagreed with her view point but he never saw upset she was n then he comes in the house seeking approval of his behaviour n all his new friends of course gave him a pat on his bck which inflated his ego more n I’m sure sure Salman won’t leave no stone unturned in inflating it more

Aarti always stood by Sid no matter wat since day1.but Sid never gave any attention to her.Which is very rude on siddharth side

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