Bigg Boss 13 December 14, 2019 Written Update: Madhurima Tuli evicted, Salman Khan announces double eviction

Today's episode of Bigg Boss 13 saw the entry of certain ex Bigg Boss contestants and few family members of the housemates inside the house. Thereafter, comes the shocking evictions. Read further to know more.
Bigg Boss 13 December 14, 2019 Written Update: Madhurima Tuli evicted, Salman Khan announces double evictionBigg Boss 13 December 14, 2019 Written Update: Madhurima Tuli evicted, Salman Khan announces double eviction
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The episode begins with Salman Khan making a smashing entry on stage and greeting the audiences. He says that he has learnt a lot from the show Bigg Boss. Salman informs that a few ex – Bigg Boss contestants including the family members of few housemates entered the house. However, the housemates are given the freeze and release task at that time so that they can't talk to them.

Kamya comes and talks to Shefali Jariwala about her game and how she manipulated Asim, Rashami and others. She adds that no one does that as a friend. Kamya tells her that she is not a mastermind. Kamya schools Arhaan for speaking about Rashami and her bank balance becoming zero on national television. She tells him the audiences know him only because of Rashami.

Next she goes and talks to Rashami. She schools her for fighting in the name of Sidharth and then Arhaan. Kamya asks her to play her game and not to repeat mistakes. Kamya confronts Madhurima for calling Vishal a Eunuch and calls it disappointing and sick. After Kamya leaves, Shefali Bagga tries to pacify Rashami. Meanwhile, Madhurima breaks down. Arhaan and Rashami have a one on one talk with each other. He apologizes to her for saying such things.

Madhurima also apologizes in front of the camera. The housemates are asked to freeze again and Hiten Tejwani enters the house. He calls Vishal confused and says that Arti is very clear. He also tells him that the audiences are confused about Vishal’s love for either Mahira and Madhurima. Hiten tells Shehnaaz that she has the capability of entertaining more without Sidharth and Paras. He schools Bhau for acting cute in front of Salman like Shehnaaz. Hiten tells Vikas that the real mastermind inside him is still not out yet.

Vishal and Paras have a discussion about Mahira. Later on, Rashami’s brother Gaurav enters the house. He goes and hugs Rashami who then breaks down. He advises her to play her game. Just like Kamya, he also tells her that it was hurtful for him when Arhaan talked about her bank balance on national television. He asks her to go through her judgements and play well. Rashami and Arhaan are released by Bigg Boss so that they can talk to each other.

Later on, Shefali Bagga comes and also joins the conversation. The two of them advise him not to talk about personal stuff. Arhaan gets irked about the same. Shehnaaz and Asim also have a discussion about the same. Rashami schools Arhaan for blurting out personal stuff in front of others. Later on, Asim also advises Rashami about Arhaan.

Salman enters the house through Me TV and indirectly taunts them for sleeping all day. He settles down on a blanket and schools them for sleeping most of the time when on TV. Salman schools Bhau for the same and also tells him how he slept when Shehnaaz came to call him. When he denies about sleeping, Salman asks the other housemates. Bhau still gets irked but Salman tells him to bring his belongings and sleep the entire episode. Thereafter he apologizes for the same.

Salman pulls Vikas’ leg whether he misses Shilpa Shinde to which he replies with a yes. He then asks them about the people who entered the house. Salman asks Asim to be who he is and stop irritating people. He also adds that Asim is playing well. Salman Khan confronts Bhau for demanding to see photographs of his family. He then asks Shefali Jariwala about her leadership qualities which seem to have been lost in the course of time. He asks her why she didn’t want to become the captain of the house. Shefali tries to give her point of view.

Next Vishal talks about how he was told about being confusing and his friendship with Mahira. Paras gives his point of view about the same. Salman tells Vishal that he is acting fake inside the house. He also tells Shehnaaz that she is also acting fake inside the house. She says that she was emotionally down during the footage task because of Shukla’s exit.

Salman advises Vishal and Madhurima to work on their relationship. Next comes Arhaan and Rashami’s topic. Arhaan tells Salman whatever he said to Shefali Bagga about Rashami. Salman reveals that Rashami has rejected all the previous seasons of Bigg Boss but this time she accepted only because of Arhaan. Rashami also agrees to this to some extent. By Salman’s words, it is pretty clear that Rashami is not a bankrupt person as said by Arhaan.

Just like others, Salman also advises Rashami to give a thought about her relationship with Arhaan. Vikas Gupta also talks about whatever happened to him in the previous season. Later on, Vikas, Arhaan and Rashami have a discussion about the same. Meanwhile, Salman Khan talks to Sidharth through video call and informs him that he has been voted safe by his fans. He also pulls Sidharth’s legs and informs him that Shehnaaz misses him.

Salman then welcomes on stage Sunil Grover aka Gutthi. Thereafter, Gutthi says some of her epic dialogues which leave the audiences including Salman in splits. The best part is when Salman and Gutthi have a fake marriage and thereafter they have a honeymoon too!

After Gutthi’s exit, the caller of the week makes a video call and asks Madhurima about her fight with Vishal. When she explains the same, the caller advises her to play the game. Salman announces about the black heart task thereafter in which the housemates are asked to choose that one person who they think have a black heart. The housemates start taking names one after the other. Asim and Vishal are made to stand for the same. Asim gets the tag of a black heart thereafter. Vishal also gets a gift hamper. Salman announces that Sidharth Shukla is safe. He says that Madhurima is being evicted from the house but she is asked to stay till the next day. Salman announces that one more housemate will be evited along with her the next day.

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Rashmi please from the bottom of my heart you can do better!!
Shefali stay away from Asim, he was never loyal to you!
Get well soon to Shukla!

Why is salman after Hindustani bhau for sleeping whereas Siddarth Shukla is seen always sleeping when the early morning wake up music is played. Also Why is Salman not reprimanding Paras for all the unfair tactics that he played in the secret room as well as during the Train task and he has always been blatantly supporting Mahira and saving her from eviction/nomination. Mahira is the most irritant individual in the big boss house alongwith Paras.

Shehnaz Gill is the most fake contestant of the show. Wonder how everyone see through her fakeness and find her cute. She is irritating, bossy, bully and too shaatir

Love rashmi but not arhaan... Who is arhaan?? Does anyone ever seen him in TV or anywhere else....hope rashmi will understand that he choose a third class person.. She deserve million than good person. Than arhaan.. Bullshit to arhaan..

Shehnaaz Gill should be throw out of Bigg Boss house bcoz she is feeling she is the only entertainer & doing nonsense in the name of entertainment

This is what happens when you get nominated in early week of entry into house, as people don't know you or your game, you get least votes.

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