Bigg Boss 13 December 27, 2019 Written Update: Shehnaaz faces difficult time as captain, Sidharth & Asim fight

Bigg Boss 13 Written Update: On one hand, there is Shehnaaz Gill who is having a difficult time with the duties as captain, on the other, the girls have a fun time during the competition.
Bigg Boss 13 December 27, 2019 Written Update: Shehnaaz faces difficult time as captain, Sidharth & Asim fight Bigg Boss 13 December 27, 2019 Written Update: Shehnaaz faces difficult time as captain, Sidharth & Asim fight
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The episode starts with Vishal Aditya Singh telling the housemates that there is something inside the house, and everyone starts talking about it. the next morning, Bigg Boss plays Shehnaaz Gill's song and a happy Shehnaaz enjoys dancing to it. In the morning, the housemates begin to talk to Vishal once again and say things he felt and what went through. Shehnaaz then starts the day by discussing the duties and Sidharth Shukla gets into an argument with Asim Riaz. Shehnaaz tries to wake Madhurima up and she then breaks down, while Asim and Sidharth get into a fight once again while Paras Chhabra tries to stop them, and then Shehnaaz comes too. Meanwhile, Shefali Bagga gets annoyed at Shehnaaz as she refuses to ask anyone for help.

Madhurima and Rashami sleep during the day and the kukadokoo plays, leaving Shehnaaz annoyed once again as she shouts at Madhurima. Shehnaaz then cleans toilet while Shefali asks her not to do so, and ask them to do their duties as assigned. Sidharth then tries to explain Shehnaaz what she is doing is wrong, and she then asks Vishal to not sleep, leading to another argument. Some more arguments follow, and later, it adds more when Vishal refuses to eat only two paranthas because it is in his diet. Paras then says he will not eat his rotis and he can eat his instead. Arguments follow too over rotis, as Arhaan is accused of not making enough. Later, Madhurima too gets into arguments.

Meanwhile, Sidharth, Paras, and others talk about Arhaan and Rashami, and Shefali has her own opinion leaving Sidharth and Paras deciding to not talk much to them. Kuadokoo plays again and Shehnaaz goes running to Madhurima once again. Kukadokoo plays once again, leaving Shehnaaz tired and annoyed once again, and this continues for a while. Madhurima refuses to work, and to punish her for the same, she gives her two more duties. Shehnaaz then decides to take her makeup away while Madhurima and Vishal get into an argument over the entire fiasco, and things keep escalating further.

Sidharth comes to Shehnaaz, Shefali Jariwala, and Arti Singh that this is not the right way to go about things and then Madhurima decides to finally do the utensils, but refuses once again, adding to some more arguments. Shefali Bagga then announces the Dabur Amla Miss Strong and Beauty contest, which will see Mahira, Shehnaaz, Rashami, Mahira, and Shefali Bagga with Sidharth and Asim as judges, Arti and Shefali as the hairstylists and Vishal and Arhaan as their assistants. Paras, on the other hand, will turn the host. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz and Arti have a fun banter with Vishal and Paras kickstarts the contest.

The first contestant is Shefali Bagga and she enjoys herself while walking the ramp with everyone cheering for her. Both Asim and Sidharth ask her questions, and in fact, the latter asks her to give a BB report as well. Next up is Rashami and post her ramp walk, she gets into an argument with Sidharth Shukla. Next on the ramp, is Mahira Sharma, and Sidharth asks her to talk about her journey in the house. Finally, it is time for Shehnaaz to take on the ramp and she puts up an entertaining act.

Asim asks Shehnaaz to tell her observation about everyone from her first day as captain. Sidharth too, asks her about how the entire country has become her fan and also tell him about her journey throughout these 3 months. Sidharth and Asim decide to give the certificate to Shehnaaz. The clock strikes 12 and everyone sings happy birthday for Salman KhanThe episode ends with Sidharth trying to scare Shehnaaz off with some stories of paranormal activities in the house.

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