Bigg Boss 13: From Flipper, Listen Dear to Masla: THESE slangs by the housemates took fans in a frenzy

From Shehnaaz Gill's 'Kasam lage mujhe' to Sidharth Shukla's 'You set the bar, I will raise it higher', here are all the famous dialogues used by Bigg Boss 13 contestants, which are highly popular.
Bigg Boss 13: From Flipper, Listen Dear to Masla: THESE slangs by the housemates took fans in a frenzyBigg Boss 13: From Flipper, Listen Dear to Masla: THESE slangs by the housemates took fans in a frenzy

If I ask you today, which is the famous dialogue that you remember from all seasons of Bigg Boss, many would reply with 'What is this behaviour Pooja.' Undoubtedly, it became a massive hit among people, and even today, this legendary catchphrase is on many people's lips. Some even remember Pooja's epic reply. 'Cause you're asking for it. You're dying for it.' Well, these idiosyncratic dialogues, words, and phrases used by the housemates are what adds masala to the show. 


Well, this was just an example, over the years we've come across so many quirky words that are still etched in our minds. Bigg Boss 13 has also been full of such peculiar slang that has made heads turned the outside world. Well, it is no science, as when you gather a cast of outspoken characters in a house, colourful language is bound to follow. As the 'tedha'

 the season comes to an end, we've jotted down all the memorable one-liners and words that made this season distinctive from others. Whether used in a good sense or a bad one, they've created a roar on social media. They today have a fan base of their own. So without further ado, let's jump into the pool of BB 13 slangs. 


Here's a look at the famous 'Words' of BB 13 


1. Aisi ladki - These two words sparked a furor in the BB house. Used by Sidharth Shukla, during a fight with Rashami Desai, the phrase along with gestures which were quickly interpreted as derogatory. It implied that Desai was 'not a good woman.' However, the actor also clarified about the same, which many did not buy. 


2. Listen dear - Remember Paras mocking Himanshi every time they fought with these words and a typical gesture. Well, 'Listen Dear' is Himanshi Khurana's catchphrase, which many made fun of. Not to be mistaken, there have been memes on this as well. 


3. Masla - Oh God! I've even forgotten the count of how many times this word has been used in the BB 13 house. All thanks to Mahira Sharma! Yes, the Kundali Bhagya actress came up with this word and soon it was on everyone's lips. 


4. Bade honton wali - Another word related to our beloved Mahira. However, it was brought up by Hindustani Bhau during a special task, and it caught everyone's attention instantly. 


5. Punjab ki Katrina Kaif - This doesn't need any explanation. Call her Shehnaaz Kaur Gill or Punjab ki Katrina Kaif, it makes no difference now. A special term coined by Salman Khan for her beloved Shehnaaz, and now she's famous for it! 


6. Flipper - Another term associated with Shehnaaz. However, this wasn't gifted to her by anyone, but all the credits go to her flipping personality. By that I mean, Shehnaaz has become popular for switching between teams as per her convenience. You can relate it to 'Thali ka baigan.' 


7. Nalla - We've seen the BB 13 boys call each other 'Nalla' almost in all the fights. It is a Hindi slang which colloquially means 'a useless fellow' or a 'waste fellow.' Even the girls weren't less in using the word, with Shefali Jariwala being its master. 


8. Fixed deposit - This particular word created a huge mess, with Arti Singh breaking down into tears. Initially used by Arhaan Khan, the word was carried forward by Asim Riaz to address Arti, as she always sided Sidharth. While Sidharth fathomed it to be a demeaning term, Asim and gang clarified that it just meant 'friends who one can rely on'. Uhmm, that's a strange way anyway! 


9. Ghatiya aadmi - Rashami has multiple times called Sidharth 'Ghatiya' and we don't need to tell why. The two enemies have stooped to new lows with their ugly fights. 


10. Sanskari playboy - Paras Chhabra introduced himself as a 'Sanksari playboy' at the show's opening as he stepped into the house. Do you know agree with this tag, after seeing his journey? 


11. Punjab ki Aishwarya Rai - Just like Katrina, we also had Aishwarya present in the BB 13 house. No! not the real ones but their versions from Punjab. And this title was given to Asim's ladylove Himanshi Khurana, again by host Salman.  


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Take a look at some BB 13 'Phrases/ Dialogues' that you're going to miss: 


1. Kasam lage mujhe - Every time Shehnaaz wants to prove a point, she goes 'Kasam lage mujhe.' Well, there's no doubt that most Indian's have a habit of swearing on our mom and dad's to prove a point, but Sana took it to another level. 


2. Abra ka dabra main hoon Paras Chhabra - Nothing much about this. Just a way Paras introduces himself to look cool maybe? Well, whatever might be the reason, it is surely fun and we love it. 


3. You set the bar, I will raise it higher - When Sidharth was asked about going out of control during his fights with Asim, he had with this comeback. Uhmm, that's a good attitude and thought, but not so much during ugly spats! 


4. Chal nikal yahan se, mujhse baat mat kar - This statement gets on Mahira's nerves, and she fumes in anger. Said by Paras many times to Mahira, it did not go down well with her and lead to several fights. So, beware not to use it in front of her 'ever.' 


5. Mera Dil Bahar aa raha hai - Loverboy Asim Riaz couldn't control his feelings when Salman revealed Himanshi's message for him, saying that she is waiting for him. A sweet one, we must say! 


6. 36 aayegi, 36 jayegi, teri wali teri maa hi layegi - This dialogue by Paras Chhabra's mom went viral within no time. It all happened during the family week when Paras' mom warned him about his growing closeness with Mahira. 


7. Akela Hun Akele se phatti hai tum sab ki - Sidharth is considered to the strongest players of all. Some even call him the 'King' of BB 13. With this, he only meant, 'I'm all alone, and still I don't fear you all.' 


8. In a positive way - Lately, the atmosphere in the house was very positive. Well, we're just kidding! Every time someone had to taunt or slam somebody else, they covered it up saying it was meant to be said positively. The credit here goes to Rashami. 


9. Tu Sirf mera hai - Shehnaaz's love for Sidharth knows no bounds, and she has made it crystal-clear every now and then. While some call it possessiveness, others call it obession. Well, nothing matters to Sana as long as Sidharth is by her side. Because, 'Sidharth sirf Shehnaaz ka hai, okay?'


10. Jananiyon wali harkate mat kar - It means, 'Don't act like girls.' Not used in a good sense by Paras to Asim. Many have bashed him for considering girls as a weaker sect. 


11. Bhar milna batata hu / Bahar Mil Mujhe - Frienemies, Sidharth, and Asim have been threatening each other with this ever since things messed up between them. And now with the finale happening, we only wonder if they are going to confront each other outside the house or not! 


12. Everyone is fake over here, only you're looking like a 'He-Man' - One of the best compliments any contestant has ever received by Salman. And the lucky man here is Asim Riaz. Salman showered praises on him during a WKV. 


13. Tu hurt kar raha hain mujhe - We've all heard this multiple times. Whether Sidharth has actually hurt Shehnaz or not, the Punjabi model used it ample of times. While Sidharth has started fearing these words, others have started making fun of it. 


14. Roo Mat chal - Paras has mocked Asim with this several times. Nothing but another version of Sidharth's 'crybaby' remark against the Kashmiri Boy. 


15. Main jaisi bhi hoon, 'Jealous' Nahi hoon - Jealous has to the flashpoint of the BB 13 house. While the term was introduced by Paras for Shehnaaz, accusing her of being jealous of Mahira. Sana had a comeback with 'I'm what I'm and I don't need to be jealous of anyone.'  


Which one is your favourite? Which one will be on your tongue even after the 'tedha season' gets over? Mind you there are too many to keep a count on, so if we've missed on some, do let us know in the comment section below. 


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