Bigg Boss 13: Gautam Gulati mocks Paras Chhabra for using Deewar dialogues, backs Asim Riaz for his game

Today, former Bigg Boss contestant and winner of Bigg Boss 8 took to social to laud Asim for his game.
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Former Bigg Boss contestant and winner of Bigg Boss 8 Gautam Gulati is an avid lover of the show and now that the thirteenth season of the show is on air, Gautam Gulati not only religiously watches the show but he recently made an appearance on the show when he entered the house and played a fun task with the contestants. Now, we all know that this season, right from the start, contestants have been giving some high dose of drama- fighting over tasks to kitchen duties, Bigg Boss 13 has been high on entertainment.  

Now, in the latest episodes, we were shown that Paras Chhabra, during a task, has a fight with Shefali Zariwala and calls her out for using the woman card. Also, earlier, Paras questioned Shefali’s character and ridiculed her for getting close with Asim despite being married. Not just it upset Shefali, but Salman Khan, too reprimanded Paras for getting personal with Shefali and questioning her character. That said, yesterday, Asim and Paras had a fight over kitchen duties and rationing, and clearly, Paras crossed his limits when he mocked Asim for his financial standing. Soon after, Twitterverse came out in support of Asim for staying calm while fans mocked Paras for playing dirty.

Now, Gautam Gulati took to social media to laud Asim for playing well while he mocked Paras for getting too filmy and using Deewar dialogues everytime he talks to Asim. Gautam wrote, “#screensharinglevel  paras keDeewar ke dialogues  And asim,s hands in his pocket lol I completely understand Asim आज खेल गया.”

Credits :Twitter

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