Bigg Boss 13's Arhaan Khan's Shocking Controversies: From hiding his marriage to duping people of money

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arhaan Khan has been mired in many controversies, which only came to light during his stint in the house. Here are some of them that left us completely shocked. Read on.
Bigg Boss 13's Arhaan Khan's Shocking Controversies: From hiding his marriage to duping people of money
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Arhaan Khan, a name that was not known to many before Bigg Boss 13. Now, that the model-turned-actor is locked inside the controversial house, he has become a household name for all the wrong reasons. He entered the season, as a wild-card entrant and has been grabbing headlines ever since. From his love affair with Rashami Desai to news of his marriage and child to allegations of fraud against him, the young man has been mired in several controversies that have spread shock-waves all around. Today, we bring to you some controversies from the Bado Bahu actor's life that has left us completely stunned. 

1) Using Rashami Desai's name for fame and stardom 

Ever since Arhaan Khan entered the BB 13 house for the first time, his chemistry with good-friend Rashami Desai was evident. While there were speculations of the duo dating, both kept denying in initially. Then, when Arhaan Khan got evicted, he openly revealed that he has started feeling for the actress. This big revelation led to many rumours that he was using Rashami Desai's name for the sake of publicity. From social media users to even ex-contestants, everybody thought that it was nothing but a publicity gimmick. However, squashing all these speculations, Arhaan Khan revealed that his feelings for Rashami are genuine and not planned for the game.  

2) Keeping secrets about his marriage and child 

Arhaan got trapped into a huge controversy when host Salman Khan exposed his truth in front of the entire nation on one of the episodes of Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman revealed about Arhaan's secret marriage and father a child to. The host was utterly unhappy and disgusted with the man, who kept such a big secret from his ladylove Rashami. Salman’s big revelation not only left Rashami shocked but also fans were left stunned. While Rashami broke out in tears, people around her and even her fans on social media, advised her to take a wise decision after such a piece of shocking news. 

3) Allegations of fraud, real identity, and live-in relationship 



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Soon after Arhaan Khan's big secret was brought out to the world, another shocking news came in. Arhaan's alleged ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa accused him of cheating. She even alleged that Arhaan had duped her for 5 lakhs, and lodged a complaint about the same with the police. Not only this, but Amrita also went on to make some surprising revelations about his real identity and their relationship. She revealed that Arhaan's real name is Mazhar Sheikh, and they had been dating for around 5 years. They were in a live-in relationship where  Khan cheated her physically, emotionally and also financially. Further, she claimed that after break-up Arhaan came to her residence and tried to get intimate. Amrita said that she will sue and put him behind the bars. 

4) Misusing Rashami Desai's money 

Another shocking revelation that made headlines was that Arhaan Khan had been misusing Rashmj Desai's money. A source, close to Rashami, revealed to Pinkvilla that Arhaan has full access to Rashami's bank accounts, house and almost everything else. After Arhaan's first eviction, he had been misusing her money. He was laundering her savings and did not have an account of his useless spendings

5)  Arhaan's family enjoying a stay in Rashami Desai's flat 

Salman Khan is Rashami's true well-wisher as he did not only reveal about Arhaan's secret marriage and kid but also told her that his family has been misusing her house in her absence. In one of the WKV episodes, an angry Salman told that he has heard that Arhaan Khan's family has been staying in her flat while she is locked inside. While Arhaan denied these allegations, it made Rashami wonder how things are turning so bad. A source also revealed to Pinkvilla, "Arhaan started living at her apartment ever since she was locked in BB house. Now, after his re-entry, his family members have also started staying at her house. All this is happening while Rashami is completely clueless about it. Her close friends and family members are witnesses to the whole tamasha happening but their hands are tied."

6) Threatening acid attack on Sidharth Shukla

Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai went all-out against each other in one of the recent episodes. They got into a physical fight and threw tea on each other. Seeing his ladylove suffer so much, Arhaan Khan got irked and threatened Shukla of throwing acid on him once he is out. Arhaan said," Chai nahi seedha acid phekunga iske muh pe" (Not tea, but I will throw acid on his face). When media persons tried to talk to Arhaan's parents about the incident, they refused to comment on anything related to the acid attack. 

7) Claiming Rashami Desai went bankrupt and he helped her out 

In an intense discussion with Shefali Bagga, Arhaan Khan revealed some shocking details of Rashami Desai's past life. He stated, "Until now Rashami Desai was on road (meaning, she had no career and was financially broke). Only my heart knows how I have pulled her from what she was to what she is here now in the house." Arhaan's statements did not go down well with Rashami's fans and he received a lot of flak for it. Even Rashami's brother, who entered the house as a guest, warned Rashami of this relationship and said that he is utterly disappointed with Arhaan's statements against her. This discussion went on for days between the two and created a lot of mess in their lives.

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