Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana DEFENDS Asim Riaz after Salman Khan blames him; Says 'Will clear everything'

Himanshi Khurana has finally reacted to Salman Khan's allegations on Asim Riaz for breaking her relationship. Here's what she said.
Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana DEFENDS Asim Riaz after Salman Khan blames him; Says 'Will clear everything'
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Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar has always been interesting to watch as host Salman Khan ensures giving a earful to everyone for their actions throughout the week. However, in last night's episode, while we expected Salman to bash Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli for their fights, in an unprecedented call, Asim Riaz also became the Salman's target. Ask how? Well, Salman was seen informing Asim that his ladylove HImanshi Khurana has not got married yet and has apparently broken up with her boyfriend. He also said that Himanshi loves him and is waiting for him outside the house. While Aism was happy to know the news, what Salman said next shook him and the other housemates. Salman went on to blame Asim for being the reason behind Himanshi's breakup. 

Yes, Salman held Asim responsible for Himanshi's split and said that the guy she was dating did not approve of their closeness inside the house and therefore decided to call off their relationship. While Aism tried clarifying his point, Salman was adamant that he was accountable for the separation. Well, after this episode many of AsiManshi fans have got disheartened as the Kashimir model is being blamed for his genuine feelings. Now, Himanshi Khurana finally has taken to Twitter to open up about the same and keep her points. 

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In a series of tweets she defended ans supported Asim clarifying that he is not to be blamed for whatever happened in her personal life. She said that she is aware that AsiManshi fans are upset, but she is not in state of mind to put across anything right now as she is also deeply hurt. However, she believes that something good will definitely happen. She mentioned that it is their personal matter and she is exrtemely elated that Asim staunchly said that he will love her forever. She also requested people to not talk negatively as they both have pure feelings for each other, and it should be respected. 

In a following tweet she said that she will clear all the things with Aism once she gets a chance and also promised that he will not be blamed for anything that has happened. She added that Asim is upset, but so is she as she has also failed in a relationship. Requesting Asim's fans to clam down she said that Asim is very close to me and I genuinely care for him much more than anyone. 

What are your thoughts on the same? Do you think Asim is to be blamed for Himanshi's breakup? Do you want to see them as a real-life pair? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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10 years of relationship destroy for 3 month of show...i can't believe love change easily and faster...if you not able to stand by with long term relationship how can you go with short period of relationship...

If her guy trust her fully with closed eyes then there should been a break up between them... Its not at all wrong if someone share our feelings

Entry of himanshi in the house is a plan to distract Asim from the game which he is playing well.

Asim is nothing to be blamed. He was only expressing his feelings and maintained a decorum after knowing her factuals. salman blaming asim is totally ridiculous because he should have said the same thing to mahira also. mahira enjoying with paras calling a friendship as an excuse and knowingly akansha is paras gf. and now there is differences in between them, is also because of mahira. where was salman khan at these point? why only asim?

Actually Asim is not in love with Himanshi. Ull all failed to notice when Asim started loving her is on seeing how expensive RING, and assericries she has which has made the kashmari Asim greedy. He has fallen in love with her wealth that she has not her. As he is still a struggling young actor. He will make use of her to build his career and will ditch her in the dustbin. Use her like tissue paper

Asim’s strategy has been 1. Friendship with Sid. When that failed, his strategy changed to 1. Falling in love with Himanshi and 2. Fights with Sid!

This is why Sid was laughing when Parag told Asim that Himanshi was waiting for him outside.

Poor Asim, his strategy has backfired and now he has to PRETEND to love Himanshi so he doesn’t upset his fans and Salman Khan.

Everyone is playing a game.... everyone! Let’s see how long they last in the outside world.

This shitmanshi destroyed him on screen and now she will go for ofscreen also

Nobody is responsible for anybody's break up as Asim told ....there compatibility did not match up isme Asim is not the reason for anybody's break-up..he kept only his feelings forward n when Himanshi told she is engaged he maintained his limits ..ones feelings should also be respected ....Asim is playing superbly well all the best

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