Bigg Boss 13, January 15, 2020 Written Update: Vishal, Madhurima punished; Arti's brother Krushna meets her

Bigg Boss 13's latest episode witnessed one of the biggest fights of the season between Vishal and Madhurima. The two of them were also punished by Bigg Boss thereafter.
Bigg Boss 13, January 15, 2020 Written Update: Vishal, Madhurima punished; Arti's brother Krushna meets herBigg Boss 13, January 15, 2020 Written Update: Vishal, Madhurima punished; Arti's brother Krushna meets her
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The episode begins with housemates waking up and dancing to an energetic song. Arti pulls Shehnaaz’s leg by asking about Sidharth Shukla. Later on, Shefali indirectly taunts Asim while cooking food in the kitchen. She even makes some rotis for him and keeps them nearby his bed. He asks her to keep them in the hot case instead of keeping them inside the bedroom. Asim also asks her not to cook rotis for him anymore.

Rashami asks Paras to make tea post which he says that he is down with fever. Thereafter, she asks Arti to make tea but the latter also refuses to do so. This leads to a minor tiff between Arti and Rashami. Asim also barges in post which Arti accuses him of protecting Rashami during fights just like he did for Himanshi. Later on, Rashami asks Vishal to make tea but Asim hilariously stops him from doing so. In the midst of all this, Madhurima calls Vishal ‘behenji’ post which he throws water at her.

After that, both of them start throwing water at each other despite being warned by Bigg Boss. They are also schooled for throwing water on their mics and cameras. The situation worsens when Madhurima hits Vishal repeatedly with a frying pan. Post that, the housemates separate the two of them. Paras and Shefali say that Vishal should definitely take a stand for this particular situation. Asim and Paras laud Vishal for not raising an issue over the incident.

Rashami asks Sidharth to stand up in order to relive Vishal and Madhurima’s incident. Rashami asks Sidharth the reason behind showing his concern for Vishal. Shehnaaz interrupts in between post which Rashami says that she is taking Vishal’s stand the same way the former takes Sidharth’s stand. Sidharth asks for the cup of tea in Rashami’s hand which she readily gives him. However, he returns the cup to Rashami post which they get involved in a hilarious conversation.

Vishal and Madhurima get involved in another ugly fight as others turn mute spectators. Shehnaaz passes a comment in between for which she is schooled by Vishal, Arti and Rashami. Rashami asks Madhurima not to react on Shehnaaz’s words as she is doing everything on purpose. Shehnaaz says that Rashami is no less as the latter had also spilled tea at Sidharth. Madhurima calls Vishal fake and alleges that he never loved her.

Vishal talks separately to Arti and informs her about whatever happened with Madhurima. Vishal alleges that Madhurima followed him to Bigg Boss. Their argument continues for a long time thereafter. After sometime, Bigg Boss calls everyone to the living room and forbids Vishal and Madhurima from taking part in any tasks of the house. They are also asked to stay separately inside the jail unless the final decision comes. Rashami is assigned as their jailor who is allowed to release them only when they need to go to the bathroom.

Sidharth and Shehnaaz have a discussion about whatever happened. Suddenly, Vishal says that he is not ready to accept the punishment and wants to leave the show. Rashami, Mahira and others try to make Vishal understand but to no avail. Later on, Madhurima asks Rashami to put Vishal inside the prison too.

Bigg Boss asks everyone to gather inside the living room again. Vishal is asked one last time whether he accepts the punishment or not. When Vishal refuses to accept the punishment, Bigg Boss asks him whether he wants to leave the show. Vishal replies in the affirmative post which Bigg Boss says that the door will be opened for him but it will be considered a voluntary exit. Asim, Rashami and others try to make Vishal understand again.

Bigg Boss asks Vishal his final decision again post which he accepts the punishment. Vishal breaks down after which Paras, Mahira and others try to pacify him. He finally enters the prison. Paras tries to make Vishal understand and asks him to be quiet for some time till Friday. Later on, the housemates are given a task named ‘Jadugarni Ki Pariksha.’ Shehnaaz, Arti, Mahira and Shefali are the first ones to be kept prisoners who will have to choose between their temptations and captaincy.

The task begins and the doorbell rings suddenly post which Arti’s brother Krushna Abhishek enters the house. Arti gets emotional upon hugging him. Krushna says that he has missed Arti so much and that he is proud of the way she has survived inside the house. He also says that she has done nothing wrong while being inside the BB house. Krushna says he is proud that now he is known by Arti’s name outside. Thereafter, she also gets to meet Krushna’s kids. Post that, he takes leave from everyone including Arti.

Later on, Sidharth hilariously pulls Vishal and Madhurima’s legs again regarding the previous incident. Rashami schools Sidharth for poking Vishal and Madhurima. Sidharth, however, takes it hilariously and cracks jokes about the same instead. Rashami says that she does not like some of his jokes.

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Seriously Asim is the only real person in the house. Pls get your eyes checked

Kick ASIM OUT! He is the most useless person in the house. He has no personality. "Put your looks in your ass, Asim." He tries to copy Paras and Sid and behaving same way. HE SHOULD BE KICKED OUT! We want originals not copy cat or senseless bollywood movie like Tubelight.

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