Bigg Boss 13 Written Update, January 16, 2020: Mahira, Shefali, Shehaaz & Asim's family members enter BB house

Bigg Boss 13's latest episode witnessed the continuation of the entry of few family members of the housemates. Read further for more details about the episode.
Bigg Boss 13 Written Update, January 16, 2020: Mahira, Shefali, Shehaaz & Asim's family members enter BB houseBigg Boss 13 Written Update, January 16, 2020: Mahira, Shefali, Shehaaz & Asim's family members enter BB house
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The Bigg Boss episode begins with Mahira Sharma’s mother entering the house post which she runs and hugs the latter. She hugs everyone including Sidharth, Arti, Asim, Rashami and Paras. She hilariously asks him whether she can slap him which leaves everyone in splits. Mahira's mother also mentions about his girlfriend Akanksha and says that she is very beautiful. She asks him not to kiss Mahira and also advises him to not speak in between and allow her to take her stand.

She advises Shehnaaz not to fight with Mahira because of Paras. Later on, she goes and meets Madhurima and Vishal too. Mahira confronts her mother for scolding Paras to which the latter says that she hasn’t done anything like that. She also makes Mahira understand the reason behind confronting Paras. Meanwhile, Rashami and others pull Paras’ leg by saying about Akanksha. Thereafter Mahira's mother takes leave from everyone not before telling Arti that she looks good with Sidharth.

Later on, Madhurima and Vishal get involved in an ugly spat. After sometime, Shehnaaz’s father enters the house. She gets excited and hugs him post which he greets everyone. He informs her that her game has become weak eventually. He interacts with Vishal and Madhurima too. Shehnaaz is informed that Paras Chhabra is her only enemy inside the house. He also informs her that she is playing a good game. Shehnaaz informs him that she has an attachment with Sidharth Shukla post which he says that SidNaaz is trending outside and that he likes it. He also makes her promise that she won’t cry anymore.

He says that Mahira is a good person and that Paras is prompting her against Shehnaaz. He also mentions that Paras is the one who tells Mahira all the time about Shehnaaz being jealous of her. Thereafter, he meets the other housemates too. He reveals to Mahira about Paras’ game which leaves everyone in splits. He also mentions about the ‘jealousy’ word which was actually introduced by Paras. Later on, Shehnaaz informs Sidharth about whatever her father told her.

Mahira confronts Paras about whatever he told Shehnaaz post which he tries to provide his explanation about the same. Arti tells Shehnaaz that she will never speak in between the former and Sidharth. The doorbell rings again and this time Shefali’s husband Parag enters the house. He meets everyone out there. He then asks Asim to respect Shefali and indirectly warns him not to behave rudely with her. He also informs Asim that there is someone outside did not get married and is waiting for him. Everyone start pulling Asim’s leg saying that the person Parag is talking about is Himanshi.

Parag goes and meets Vishal and Madhurima too. He also asks Shefali to play in the front foot. When Parag is about to leave, everyone asks him whether the person he was talking about Himanshi. He did not say much but hinted a bit about the same. Shefali informs Asim later that it is, in fact, Himanshi who is waiting for him. Shehnaaz says that she knew Himanshi’s relationship with her boyfriend worsened because the latter could not tolerate whatever inside the house. Asim says that he does not want anything to go wrong to which Arti says that Himanshi loves him because of which she has sent a message to him.

Shehnaaz and Mahira have a discussion with each other and so does Asim and Shefali who hug each other later. Asim tells Rashami how Shefali had told him about the latter prompting him. He also says that sometimes he loves being prompted about things which is actually his game. He clarifies in front of Rashami and Vishal that Parag’s words do not affect him. Paras takes out his frustration in front of Mahira who tries to pacify him saying that everyone’s parents will speak ill about the ones whom they do not like. 

Next morning, the housemates wake up by listening to a beautiful song. Sidharth pulls Rashami’s leg by asking her whether she wants to have tea. Post that, the two of them get involved in a funny conversation. Later on, Arti talks to Rashami about Arhaan. Rashami says that the things will be solved outside. Arti says that if she was in Rashami’s position, she would have ousted Arhaan from her life. Rashami says that she did not react as she did not want extend the things inside the house. Later on, she breaks down in front of Arti saying that she is left alone and that she cannot stand things anymore.

Paras talks to Mahira about Shehnaaz. He says that he has always tried to clear things out between Shehnaaz and Mahira since the beginning. Later on, Asim talks to Shehnaaz about Himanshi. He also says that he used to apply her perfume daily as he loves her so much. Rashami and Shehnaaz get involved in an ugly spat regarding Vishal and Madhurima’s fight the other day. Rashami breaks down post which Sidharth asks her the reason behind the same. Shefali tries to stop Sidharth from prompting Rashami as the latter is crying.

Asim pulls Arti’s leg by talking about Sidharth Shukla. Arti gets irked post which Asim apologizes to her. Sidharth and Asim get involved in some fun conversation thereafter. Shefali tells Madhurima that it was both her and Vishal’s mistake the other day. Madhurima gets irked and asks her not to exaggerate things. Vishal comes back and taunts Madhurima by mentioning the word ‘karma.’ Madhurima comes out of prison for some time and continues her fight with Vishal. She gets angry and throws water at Vishal again. Sidharth tries to pacify Madhurima but also tells her that she has gone wrong as of now by throwing water at him.

The doorbell rings after some time post which Asim’s brother Umar comes to meet him. The two of them hug each other. Thereafter, he meets everyone inside the house. He informs Asim that everyone around the world loves him. Asim asks Umar about Himanshi’s matter and also tells him whatever Parag said.

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