Bigg Boss 13, January 17, 2020 Written Update: Sidharth, Paras and Rashami's family members enter the house

Bigg Boss 13's latest episode witnessed the entry of few more family members of the housemates including Sidharth and Paras' mother and Rashami's nephew and niece. Read on to know more.
Bigg Boss 13, January 17, 2020 Written Update: Sidharth, Paras and Rashami's family members enter the houseBigg Boss 13, January 17, 2020 Written Update: Sidharth, Paras and Rashami's family members enter the house
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The episode continues with Asim’s brother Umar praising him for being amazing inside the house. He also said that he has become the most trending contestant of Bigg Boss outside. Asim asks Umar about Himanshi post which the latter says that he is in touch with her and that everything is okay. Umar also gives some piece of advice to him and asks him not to interrupt in between others fights. Asim asks him whether Himanshi has broken off her engagement. Umar then says that whatever he said is correct and that he will get to know everything once he is outside.

Umar goes and hugs Rashami thereby thanking her for being supportive towards Asim all the time. He tells Sidharth that he liked the former’s friendship with Asim. He further says that he considers Sidharth to be an elder brother of Asim. Thereafter, he takes leave from everyone. Later on, Arti asks Vishal to have food post which he says hilariously says that he will eat outside. However, he enters the prison once again after being warned by Bigg Boss.

Sidharth’s mother is the next one to enter the house. He gets emotional upon seeing her and hugs her. She greets everyone and says that all of them are doing very well. Sidharth introduces her to everyone. He tells his mother that Rashami takes care of his patience inside the house. After that, Rashami hilariously says that both of them take care of each other. She also goes inside and meets Vishal and Madhurima. Sidharth’s mother tells him that everyone likes him outside the house. She also asks him to remain happy and wear full clothes inside the house. Thereafter, she takes leave from everyone.

The next to enter the house is Paras’ mother who breaks down immediately upon seeing him. Thereafter, he introduces her to everyone. However, when he introduces her to Mahira, she says that it’s time for her to take stands as of now. Paras takes her inside post which she meets Vishal and Madhurima too. Later on, she tells him that Paras has weakened after trying to become the Godfather of the house. She further says that once he started siding with Mahira, he has weakened a lot. Paras’  mother also tells him indirectly that she is the one who will choose a girl for him.

Meanwhile, Rashami breaks down and on being asked about the same, she says that she is missing her mother. The other housemates including Sidharth try to pacify her. On the other hand, Paras’ mother tries her best to make him understand about whatever he needs to do inside the house. He tells her that he knows the format of reality shows and that he is doing things according to the same. She also tells him that she does not like the way he behaves with Mahira.

After she leaves, Mahira asks Paras whether his mother does not like. Paras says that it’s not like this and that everything is okay. After sometime, Rashami’s nephew Swastik and niece Bhavya enter the house to meet her. She gets emotional upon seeing them and hugs them. They meet and greet everyone inside the house. The two of them ask Rashami to befriend Sidharth Shukla again. Thereafter, Sidharth and Rashami shake hands and hug each other.

Rashami talks to Swastik and Bhavya about meeting them outside the house if their parents allow her to do so. Bigg Boss then announces the end of the task and says that none of them have won the eligibility for captaincy candidature. Later on, Arti says in front of Rashami that she is happy Bigg Boss did not send Arhaan inside the house. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Arti pull Shehnaaz’s leg by passing on some hilarious comments. Paras and Rashami talk about whatever is happening inside the house. He asks her to stop her fights with Sidharth. Paras says that Arhaan also spilled tea at Sidharth during the incident with Rashami.

Later on, Sidharth and Rashami have a talk about her nephew and niece and how they talked properly with everyone. Asim and Shehnaaz ask Madhurima to say something as she has been quiet for few days. This conversation escalates and leads to some serious arguments between Asim, Arti, Shefali, Vishal and Madhurima. Arti goes and talks to Rashami about the same after some time post which the latter tries to pacify her. Later on, Sidharth tries to talk to Shehnaaz but she refuses to talk to him.

Shehnaaz, Sidharth and Mahira have a hilarious conversation related to parents. Later on, Asim hilariously says that Madhurima hurls abuses and then sleeps which leaves her irked. Thereafter, she says that it is, in fact, Vishal who has started the fight. Post that, Asim and Shehnaaz have a hilarious conversation about reaching the finale. Later on, Shehnaaz tells Rashami that she likes guys who are filled with attitude. She also says that she wants Sidharth to love her and hate other girls. These words of Shehnaaz leave Rashami in splits.

Shehnaaz dresses up in a huge gown and shows it to Sidharth. Thereafter, she goes and hugs him as others look on. After some time, Paras, Mahira and Arti pull Sidharth’s leg regarding Shehnaaz.  Mahira gets irked at a particular comment passed on by Paras and says that everyone told her she is in the show because of him. Sidharth tries to make her understand that there are times that Paras has supported her as a friend. Meanwhile, Rashami talks to Vishal about Arti’s behaviour. Vishal says that Arti is worried about the nominations and that she is buttering people very well.

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