Bigg Boss 13 January 27, 2020 Written Update: Arti, Sidharth, Shehnaaz and Vishal nominated

Bigg Boss 13's latest episode witnessed an interesting nomination task. Later on, Arti, Sidharth, Shehnaaz and Vishal got nominated.
Bigg Boss 13 January 27, 2020 Written Update: Arti, Sidharth, Shehnaaz and Vishal nominatedBigg Boss 13 January 27, 2020 Written Update: Arti, Sidharth, Shehnaaz and Vishal nominated
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The episode begins with Rashami hilariously telling Sidharth and Mahira that she always gets caught whenever she steals something. Sidharth also jokingly says that she should steal bigger things so that everyone knows. Sidharth and Rashami have a conversation with each other wherein she says she is thinking about how he is noticing her and taking care of her suddenly. Rashami also asks him whether he is doing everything for the sake of the game to which he replies in the negative.

Later on, Asim talks to Rashami and Vishal about his mood swings and how Sidharth prompts his anger. Vishal asks Asim to maintain distance from Paras to which the latter agrees. Next morning the housemates wake up and dance to another song. Shehnaaz mimics the crows as Rashami looks on. Sidharth asks Rashami the reason behind not having tea to which she gives a sarcastic answer. Thereafter, both of them get involved in a fun banter.

Asim tries to clear things with Sidharth and also apologizes to him for the previous fights. Asim says that this thing is bothering him and Sidharth. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz tells Sidharth that she is hurt because of him. On being asked the reason, she says that he stays with those people whom she does not like. Shehnaaz also says how Sidharth made others stop her during one of the tasks. Sidharth says that Shehnaaz was not in his team because of which he did the same.

Shehnaaz says that she respects him despite whatever happened. Sidharth finally gets irked and walks away. He confronts Asim for singing a song for him and Shehnaaz. Asim, however, clarifies that he did not sing the song for him. Later on, Sidharth schools Shehnaaz for interacting with those people who are against him. Shehnaaz tells him that he also talks to Rashami to which he says that he has started talking to her only recently.

She says that she does not want to be a member of the team which he has made. She tells him again that she always supports him despite being hurt all the time. Shehnaaz says that she does not want to get hurt because of which she maintains distance from him. Later on, Asim asks Shehnaaz about her game plan. She asks him whether he knows the same to which he says that he knows the variations. Sidharth and Shehnaaz get involved in a hilarious yet sarcastic conversation after sometime.

Both of them also try to clear things out with each other. Bigg Boss informs the housemates that the punishment term of Paras and Vishal for cancelling tasks is finally over. However, they are also informed about certain rules and regulations which have been broken by a few housemates. Thereafter, they are shown a clipping of Vishal, Asim and Rashami wherein they are seen discussing about nominations and doing calculations about ousting Paras, Arti and others during tasks.

Asim asks what wrong has he done to which Shehnaaz says that they had discussed about nominations. Thereafter, Vishal and Paras get involved in an argument about the same. Paras says that he can get a lot of footage without even talking to Asim and Vishal. Shehnaaz says in between that Paras is the one who eavesdrops a lot inside the house. Arti says that she isn’t bothered about all these things as she knows that Asim is playing a game. Vishal clarifies in front of Mahira that he asked Asim to stay away from Paras as the latter instigates him for a fight. This leads to another major fight between Paras and Asim. Bigg Boss informs them that they will not be punished for this but it definitely serves as a last warning for them.

Vishal goes to clear things out with Paras and Mahira. However, Paras refuses to talk to him. Mahira advises Paras that he needs to come back and entertain like he did before. Shehnaaz tells Vishal that Paras is playing a game and that they should not react on the same. Meanwhile, Mahira, Paras and Rashami get involved in an argument regarding the stolen tea leaves. Paras also confronts Rashami about her duties which irks her.

On the other hand, Shehnaaz tries to talk to Sidharth but he says that he will talk to her the other day. However, he does talk to her post which Shehnaaz asks him whether he missed talking to her. The two of them hug each other thereafter. Rashami shows Vishal the new facilities that have arrived inside the elite club. All the other housemates also come and have a look at the same. Next, it’s time for the nominations task wherein the housemates will have to keep track of time inside the nomination dome. The ones who are not able to keep track of the time will end up getting nominated.

The task begins with Vishal entering the dome. Arti tries to distract him as others look on. On the other hand, Shehnaaz admits in front of Sidharth that she is possessive about him and that she cannot stay without talking to him. Sidharth tells Shehnaaz that he has never come in between her fights with Paras. Shehnaaz too says that she does not have any issue with Sidharth talking to Rashami. Next, Mahira enters the nomination dome followed by Paras, Shehnaaz, Rashami and then Asim.

Mahira tries to distract Asim by putting colour on his hair. Thereafter, Arti and Sidharth also enter the dome and do their rounds. Arti informs everyone about Mahira and Paras’ game during the task which they applaud. Arti and Vishal discuss whether Sidharth is staying for long inside the dome for the sake of saving Shehnaaz. Bigg Boss informs the housemates about the amount of time they took during the task. Arti, Sidharth, Shehnaaz and Vishal end up getting nominated. Later on, Sidharth and Shehnaaz try to clear things out.

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