Bigg Boss 13: Kamya Punjabi takes a dig at Rashami Desai & Arhaan Khan's brewing romance; Here's what she said

Former BB contestant has again spoken in support of Sidharth Shukla as she takes a dig at Rashami Desai and her beau Arhaan Khan. What do you think will happen next in the Bigg Boss 13 house?
Bigg Boss 13: Kamya Punjabi takes a dig at Rashami Desai & Arhaan Khan's brewing romance; Here's what she said
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Kamya Punjabi is at it again. Yes, the former Bigg Boss constant doesn't seem to stop, despite being brutally trolled by the netizens. Yes, the actress has again spoken in support of her favourite Bigg Boss 13 contestant Sidharth Shukla. But this time, she rolled things around as she indirectly pointed fingers at Rashami Desai and beau Arhaan Khan's brewing romance in the house. Ardent BB fans would by now know that Sidharth Shukla has again become the target of the house, and this time it is because of his captaincy. 

Yes, many housemates including Asim Riaz, Shefali Jariwala, Vishal Aditya Singh, Himanshi Khurana and Rashami Desai have turned against Sid again. In one of the latest episodes, it was seen that all the above mentioned housemates were planning to boycott Sidharth's captaincy and not do any house chores as he sacrificed rationing for the luxury budget. While some supported Sidharth for standing by his team who put great efforts, others blamed him for letting the entire house suffer. Since there were very less food items left, Sidharth and Rashami again got into a tiff over 'chai-patti' and the latter kept some with her to use later. And since the things between them again turned ugly and they called each other names. 

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Witnessing all this change in dynamics, Kamya Punjabi, who is religiously following the show, shared her views on the same. She took a dig at Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan and said looks like Arhaan has brought his personal chai-patti for his ladylove. She even blamed the housemates for plotting against Sidharth again. Well, for those who don't know Arhaan got a ring for Rashami and proposed to her, it is this moment that Kamya used to take a sarcastic dig at the couple. Check out her tweet here: 

Do you think Sidharth Shukla is again becoming the target of the house? Also, what are your thoughts on Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan's budding romance in the house? Drop in your suggestions in the comment section below. 

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It luks like that rashmi ko samajh aa gaya ki Siddharth ko target nahi karegi to us ka kuchh nahi hone wala... Uska arhaan Isiliye to use fir se ladne ke liye bol raha tha....otherwise kuchh Dino pehle tak to Siddharth ke sath masti mazak kar Rahi thi... Arhaan ko Kyu laya gaya hai rashmi, asim aur sare gharwalo ko Siddharth ke khilaf bhadkane ke liye.. Kuchh aur kar le bhai..... Kab tak Siddhartha ke bharose Chaloge...

Rashmi is using Arhaan. Such a loser!!! Both of them.
It would be heartbreaking if she wins. She can't make one decision right.

Sid Supporter like the comment.

<3 SID!!

Rashmi Desai such a looser personality and very intolerable person in the house.I even do not feel comfartable to watch any of her TV shows.
Asim is really going opposite what he was in the past, I am loosing my faith for him to see as an one of Top 5 finalist.
Sid you are doing really great and only the Badshah of the big boss are the fabulous mankind in the house.

RASHMI AND ARHAAN NEED TO GET LOST!!!! I feel for sidh he’s a good man yes he has a temper but in side he has a golden hart love you sidhart be strong xxx

Sidharth is one arrogant man and he has 0 capacity to except he’s ever in the wrong - ‘it’s his way or the highway’ - Salman has inflated his ego. For the first 5 wks I was gunning for this dude until I saw how quickly he turned on his friends just cos he didn’t get his way - he threw all his toys out of the pram

People wasting space on national TV and making money. Arhaan Hemanshi shefali zariwala. Once your out your out. Maintain the quality BB.

Please kick fourpeople Asim Rashmi Himanshi and Arhan . They are bringing down the moralof big boss show. Please help Sidharth he is doing great with dignity. These low and without any moral values targeting him. Sidharth stay strong and never ever leave your garima.

Rashmi is mad including others who have gone against siddharth... a king is always a king... sid should not be taken for granted...

Rashmi is so fake and we can’t even see her real side. When she re entered the house, she was quite and not able to interact with audience and her real self comes when Arhaan entered the house. Such a looser.

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