Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma breaks down after Salman scolds her for targeting Sidharth; see Twitter reaction

Mahira Sharma has an emotional breakdown after Salman Khan slams her for targeting Sidharth Shukla. Check it out how Twitter reacted to this.
Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma breaks down as Salman calls her out for targeting Sidharth; Rashami SLAMS AsimBigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma breaks down as Salman calls her out for targeting Sidharth; Rashami SLAMS Asim
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Bigg Boss 13's sixth week is almost up with Salman Khan announcing Tehseen Poonawala's eviction. Before the eviction, Salman grilled the contestants for only targeting Sidharth Shukla. He, in fact, declared that Shukla is running the show and everyone is just trying to provoke him to remain in news and to be seen. It all started with Mahira Sharma reiterating that Sidharth pushed her during the task this week. Sidharth explained himself and said that it was during the task that due to nature's force, she fell on her on and he wasn't directly responsible for it. 

Salman found logic in Sidharth's explanation and he called out Mahira for her change in language and body language in the last week. He asked her if this is the image she wants to portray outside. But that wasn't it. Mahira, in some time, started crying prompting Salman to ask her the reason behind it. Mahira again instigated Dabangg Khan by coying away saying, "I won't say a word henceforth because Sidharth is 'mahaan'" This irritated Salman more and he asked Mahira to do away with her 'nautanki' and instead focus on her game. On the other hand, Rashami yelled at Asim Riaz for saying that she is targeting Sidharth. She clarifies that if someone abuses her, she won't take it and will retaliate whether the camera captures the abuses or not. 

Mahira later is seen telling Paras that she wishes to get evicted as she cannot come to terms with this. Paras tries to explain to Mahira that she isn't at fault. Well, what will happen next? Only Bigg Boss knows. Till then looks like Sidharth continues to make headlines. 

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Shukla is perfect guy

Salman Khan favours shukla because he is as arrogant as him. N that Sana his ankhon ka tara cause she is the katrina kaif of Punjab. Every one can see the fake cry of sana but for Salman it is real when Mahira cries it is nautanki for him what a biased person he is

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