Bigg Boss 13 November 10, 2019 Written Update: Vishal Aditya Singh is the new wild card entry

Today's episode of Bigg Boss 13 witnessed the entry of yet another wild card contestant, Vishal Aditya Singh. He also took part in the latest task conducted inside the house. Read further for more details about the episode.
Bigg Boss 13 November 10, 2019 Written Update: Vishal Aditya Singh is the new wild card entryBigg Boss 13 November 10, 2019 Written Update: Vishal Aditya Singh is the new wild card entry
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The episode starts with Salman Khan making a smashing entry on the stage and greeting the audiences. He them shows a few connections which have been budding up in the house including Asim and Shefali. Paras talks about the same to Shehnaaz and Mahira. Both the girls have a funny tiff with each other leaving Paras in splits. Mahira gets emotional and goes away. Hindustani Bhau and Paras try to calm her down. She says that she does not like such jokes. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz asks Khesari as to why everyone has a problem with her.

Salman enters the house through ‘Me TV.’ He says that he won’t school the contestants like the previous episode. He then tells Hindustani Bhau to give that special tip to Mahira which he had told the other contestants about pimples. He tells everyone about the tip again leaving everyone in splits. Salman then asks a few more funny questions to Bhau. He then asks Himanshi if Shehnaaz is Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif then who is she. She says that people call her Punjab Ki Aishwarya Rai. She then croons a song for Salman Khan. He tells her to sing the song which someone did not like (indicating Shehnaaz Gill).

Salman then says that everyone from UP and Bihar have begun shifting to Mumbai as Khesari is not seen on TV. Later on, the Dabangg actor announces that he will be sending not one but multiple people into the torture room for the shower. He takes Asim, Sidharth, Paras, Mahira, Rashami, Devoleena, Bhau and Shehnaaz’s name. Asim and Sidharth are the first to go inside the room. The housemates disagree with four of their answers and agree with only one answer. Paras and Mahira are then sent to the shower room. Nobody agrees to any of their answers. Next, Rashami and Devoleena are sent inside the room. Again, no one agrees to their answers. Entertainer Jodi Shehnaaz and Bhau are sent together into the torture room. They also give some funny answers to which no other housemate agrees.

Salman then calls the winner of ‘My BB team’ contest who has a question for Khesari Lal Yadav. He asks Khesari that he is not seen in the show despite being a Bhojpuri star. After that, Marjaavaan actors Riteish Deshmukh and Sidharth Malhotra make an entry into the stage. They talk about how everyone is after Sidharth Shukla inside the house thereby targeting him. Salman then shows us a glimpse of the task which was conducted by Riteish and Sidharth inside the house. They give a ‘bhopu’ to all the housemates who then take out their frustration on any one person. The housemates take out their frustration on that one particular person whom they choose. Most of them end up taking their frustration on Sidharth Shukla.

They are given yet another task in which the entire house is divided into two teams. They have to fight for certain items through various techniques. Team Riteish ends up winning the task and they also get the items which have been acquired by the losing team. Salman then congratulates Riteish for the success of Housefull 4. Meanwhile, Arhaan gets into a fight with Asim and Sidharth regarding the task. Shefali then indirectly calls Devoleena ‘Bahu Bani Babe’ as a taunt. Thereafter, both of them get into an ugly spat.

On the other hand, Sidharth and Riteish are given a task by Salman Khan where one of them have to consume pani puris and sing a song while the other tries to identify it. They take leave from Salman post which another wild card entrant, Vishal Aditya Singh enters the stage and dances on the song ‘Ghungroo.’ Salman then welcomes him into the show and asks him as to how was his experience in another show which was produced by the Dabangg actor himself. They talk about the different things going on inside the Bigg Boss house including Vishal’s own life. He is then given a special task in which he has to answer some hilarious questions by simply eating a lollipop. Vishal is then sent into the confession room where he would be able to see the ongoing task among the housemates.

Salman enters the house again for conducting a special task. They are given the balloons for performing the ‘galatfaimi’ task where they have to burst each other’s balloons. Meanwhile, Vishal also listens to their discussions from the confession room. Salman then announces about the entry of another wild card thereby leaving everyone shocked. Vishal enters the house and greets everyone. He then bursts some of their balloons thereby removing some of their ‘galatfaimis.’ Salman takes leave from the audience post which we are directed to the Bigg Boss house. Vishal has a conversation with few housemates. Paras, Mahira and Arhaan have a discussion about Vishal Aditya Singh.

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