Bigg Boss 13 November 11, 2019 Written Update: Paras calls Shehnaaz jealous for reconciling with Sidharth

Tonight's episode turned out to be one fine turn of events as the nominations saw some friendships come alive while the housemates were punished for not being very active, and a lot more. Check it out.
Bigg Boss 13 November 11, 2019 Written Update: Paras calls Shehnaaz jealous for reconciling with SidharthBigg Boss 13 November 11, 2019 Written Update: Paras calls Shehnaaz jealous for reconciling with Sidharth
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The episode starts with Vishal Aditya Singh citing reasons why he will stay for longer in the house while Himanshi Khurana points out everyone's excitement before Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz, and they then talk about Arhaan Khan. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz Gill asks Arti Singh if he is the same Vishal she was talking about and said she likes him. They have a fun time in their banter about Vishal and Arti while Hindustani Bhau tells everyone about it as well. She also reveals how Yuvika (probably Chaudhary) had called her and Vishal to try and get to know each other, and Shefali Jariwala tells her how she should think about it. Vishal tells everyone that the tasks need to have more sportsman spirit, and they then start talking about Sidharth, while Vishal sides with him too. Arhaan then tells them how he spits while talking, and their conversation continues.

The next day, they wake up to Radhe's song 'Dil Ka telephone.' Meanwhile, Devoleena continues with her 'Breakfast with Devoleena's' chat show, and she asks her about who out of Sidharth and Paras Chhabra is his better friend, to which she picks Sidharth, and also picks him as the mastermind of the show, while Arhaan says his side of the story. Rashami Desai then asks her about adding that block in Mahira Sharma's packet, and that she explains. Vishal too, adds a few wisdom of words to it. 

Cut to, Bigg Boss then kickstarts the nomination process. At first, Shefali is given a chance to nominate one person apart from Sidharth and Shehnaaz, and she picks Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Paras then explains the task, where two people will head to the phone booth and each has to convince the other to put the phone down within 15 minutes, and if no one puts down the phone, then both will get nominated and some other rules. 

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Sidharth tells Shefali that she is playing a very small battle and giving too much importance to Devoleena. The first two contestants to go to the booth are Paras and Rashami, and during the task, the two have a fun chat and talk about Sidharth and the team. Paras keeps the phone, giving Rashami a chance to get safe from this week's nomination. Paras, Rashami, Shehnaaz, and others discuss the game. Next up, Bigg Boss picks Arti Singh and Mahira Sharma, and Arti starts the conversation about 'kisi ka hona na hona' question, and she also talks back talking about Sidharth. The buzzer rings and both of them get nominated. The two of them get into an argument outside the booth once again, this time over Shehnaaz.

The next two to go to the PCO are Vishal and Vikas (Hindustani Bhau). Vishal says how he will make the game interesting, and also asks him what does he think about him. Hindustani Bhau tells him how he felt hurt about what he said when he burst his balloon, and he convinces him to keep the phone citing how Vishal is new. Vishal keeps the phone down wishing Hindustani Bhau's son's a happy birthday. Vishal then adds how he is tensed about packing clothes because that's what the nominated contestants have to do.

Shehnaaz and Bhau have a fun conversation, and the next two to go to the PCO are Asim and Arhaan. Asim showers him with his questions, not letting Arhaan speak. The buzzer rings and they get nominated and he comes out and tells Sidharth what happened. Next up, Himanshi and Khesari Lal Yadav are sent to the booth, and she cites her being unwell as the reason to save her while Khesari questions why is it so? They get into an argument, and the buzzer rings, leading to both of them getting nominated putting the task to an end. Nominated contestants for this week are Sidharth, Shehnaaz, Devoleena, Paras, Mahira, Arti, Vishal, Asim, Arhaan, Himanshi, and Khesari.

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz tells everyone how she misses Sidharth, and Shefali and Khesari remind her of what she said during the 'bhaddas' task. Shefali also goes to Sidharth and tells him what happened and then Arti tells him that Shehnaaz asked her to talk to Sid too.

Bigg Boss assembles everyone and tells them about the finale, and how only 6 out of the 13 contestants were left, and then said how 6 more joined them. Telling the contestants to do something inside the house, Bigg Boss asks everyone to take nominations seriously, and show some energy. He also praises Shefali, and asks everyone to wake up from their sleep and play the game. Bigg Boss then asks everyone to pick two contestants, who they think are sleeping, and at the end of it all, they pick Khesari and Himanshi, however, Bigg Boss then says that it is not when someone is unwell, but someone who is not active that they have to name. Everyone continues to stick to their names, and Khesari and Himanshi are the two names they pick, and Bigg Boss then punishes them to stay awake until his next instructions and have to stay outside the bedroom. Himanshi starts crying and tries to explain her side of the story, and Hindustani Bhau and others ask her to tell Bigg Boss that she'll be back in two days once she is well.

Bigg Boss then calls Shefali to the confession room and asks her to replace Himanshi with another wild card instead. Next, they do a rundown of naming contestants once again, and Arhaan gets the maximum votes. Shehnaaz then talks to Khesari, and he says how he is feeling bad about what happened, and how he feels is everything is not for everyone. She then explains to him how Bigg Boss is not about entertaining others but voicing their opinion out. Cut to, we see Shehnaaz putting flowers on Sidharth's bed, and smiling while she moves back to their bed, and just then, Sidharth pulls Shehnaaz and hugs her tightly, and everyone is happy seeing them.

Vishal, Paras, and others talk about the ongoing happenings inside the house, and just then the lights turn on while a buzzer rings as Arhaan lies down on his side and everyone laughs. Sidharth and Shehnaaz sleep holding hands while Shefali and Asim talk about them being friends once again. Paras comes to the bedroom and sees the two of them sleeping, and Arhaan then comes out to ask him about it. Vishal says how he feels she did want to go there anyway, while Paras tells Vishal she is jealous, and so, comes an end to Khesari and Arhaan's punishment.

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