Bigg Boss 13 November 29, 2019 Written Update: Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh's friendship deteriorates

Today's episode of Bigg Boss 13 witnessed the change in equations of some of the most talked about friendships in the house. Read further for more details.
Bigg Boss 13 November 29, 2019 Written Update: Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh's friendship deterioratesBigg Boss 13 November 29, 2019 Written Update: Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh's friendship deteriorates
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The episode begins with the housemates waking up and dancing to a song from ‘Bluffmaster.’ Paras tries to clear things out with Mahira. Shehnaaz and Asim talk about his fight with Paras. She says that she feels how he was hurt personally. After sometime, Sidharth, Asim, Paras, Devoleena and others pull Shehnaaz’s legs. Rashami, Vishal and Sidharth have a discussion about his captaincy. She praises him for being a good captain. Both of them get involved in a sweet talk as Vishal listens nearby. The latter goes away after sometime giving the excuse of having a bath. Sidharth and Rashami’s conversation continues as the others including Shehnaaz and Asim stare at them.

Asim and Shehnaaz discuss about the same and conclude that it’s a game. She then asks Hindustani Bhau to listen to their conversation by sitting nearby them. Both of them then sing and dance to pull Sidharth and Rashami’s legs. Later on, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to select the names of two people who will be given a jail term. They are also informed that the punished people will also have to do all the work of the house including certain tasks given by Bigg Boss. They will also have to wear the hand cuffs when inside the house.

Mahira and Shehnaaz take Asim and Rashami’s name. Paras takes Asim and Shefali’s name. Rashami takes Hindustani Bhau and Mahira’s name who then takes Rashami’s name in return. Sidharth takes Asim and Paras’ name because of their fight the previous day. Shefali takes Paras and Asim’s name. Himanshi takes Mahira and Paras’ name. This angers Paras who gets involved in a tiff with her. Hindustani Bhau takes Shehnaaz and Paras’ name. Shehnaaz gets angry and bursts out at Bhau. Asim takes Mahira and Paras’ name. Paras gets offended and walks away. Sidharth goes to call Paras back.

Vishal advises Bhau not to come in between people during fights. Sidharth and Shehnaaz have a discussion about Paras. Sidharth tells Bigg Boss that Asim and Paras have been named by the housemates for the jail term. He is then asked to hand cuff them and take them to jail. Asim says that he will not wash the utensils. Sidharth makes him understand that Paras’ finger is injured so they have to adjust anyways. Asim bursts out post which Sidharth also gets angry and tries to make him understand again.

Later on, Sidharth tries to clear things out with Shehnaaz and makes her understand why he took Asim and Paras’ name. Sidharth is asked by Bigg Boss to take certain items out of the storage room and keep them in the garden area. They find two buckets filled with shoes. Meanwhile, Bhau steals something from the captain’s room as Himanshi prompts him to do so. The two of them also gorge upon the food items. Sidharth hilariously asks Rashami to polish the shoes. On the other hand, Devoleena asks Bhau and Himanshi what they have stolen. Meanwhile, Rashami listens to Sidharth’s orders and polishes the shoes. Then she gets to know that it was a prank and runs after him.

Bigg Boss asks Paras and Asim to polish the shoes sent for them. But they are informed that only one of them should do the task. Paras and Asim get involved in a tiff over the same again. Asim says that he will do everything including making food and washing utensils. Shehnaaz taunts him post which he bursts out at her. Paras then sits down to polish the shoes. Bhau steals items again from the captain’s room but this time Sidharth sees him. He confronts Bhau who then says that he is doing for fun. He then asks Bhau not to do the same.

Arti comes and says that Sidharth should punish Bhau for the same. This makes him angry post which he asks her not to interfere in between. The two of them get involved in a fight thereafter. Bhau returns all the things to him. Sidharth and Arti’s fight continues in the garden area. Bhau, Shefali and Himanshi talk about the incident with Asim. Shehnaaz and Paras talk about teaching Bhau a lesson. Sidharth goes and confronts Shefali about her statement regarding stealing things from the captain’s room. Sidharth still continues his fight with Arti.

Bigg Boss gives yet another important and interesting task to the housemates. Shehnaaz and Paras are asked to catch the bluff of five housemates – Vishal, Arti, Bhau, Rashami and Asim. Arti reads the first bluff which both Paras and Shehnaaz could not figure out. Bhau is the next to arrive and Paras makes the correct guess. Paras and Shehnaaz aren’t able to catch Asim’s bluff. They aren’t able to catch Rashami’s bluff too. Vishal’s bluff is caught by both of them. Sidharth announces Asim as the best poker face and Paras is announced as the best bluff catcher.

Asim and Paras are asked to decide one house duty which they want to do the coming week. They decide to do the ration duty. Sidharth, Himanshi and others pull Bhau’s legs by taking his wife’s name. Later on, Sidharth and Arti’s fight continues in the bedroom and he is reminded about Arti’s panic attacks by Rashami and Shefali who then ask him to back out.

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