Bigg Boss 13 November 9, 2019 Written Update-Salman Khan SLAMS inmates for targeting Sidharth; Tehseen evicted

Salman Khan raps the housemates for targeting Sidharth Shukla in the weekend Ka vaar episode of Bigg Boss 13. Read more.
Bigg Boss 13 November 9, 2019 Written Update-Salman Khan SLAMS inmates for targeting Sidharth; Tehseen evictedBigg Boss 13 November 9, 2019 Written Update: Salman Khan RAPS housemates for targeting Sidharth Shukla
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Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar episode today started with Salman Khan addressing the bone of contention for this week, Mahira Sharma and Sidharth Shukla. Moving on, he revealed that the contestants have been given a task called 'Paap Potli' which was given to both Shukla and Mahira and others had to fill them with a brick of ]paap] explaining their reason for it. By the end of the task, Mahira got 7 bricks while Shukla got 5, making her 'paap ka potli' heavier. Salman then confronts the contestants himself and starts off by comparing Mahira's decibel to that of Dolly Bindra. Poking fun at Mahira for shouting beyond the limit, Salman quipped that the TV screens are screeching because of her tone. 

Later, Sidharth is made to sit on a special where Salman tells him that his biggest weakness and strength is his aggression and he needs to be careful where he is showing it, especially in front of women. Sidharth said he is working on it. While doing so, Paras Chhabra intervenes and targets Sidharth again for his aggression to which Salman rebuts him and Mahira saying that he has seen the clip and the injury they received while doing the task cannot be termed a result of Sidharth's aggression. Salman takes Mahira's class asking her why is she targeting Shukla for everything when she thinks he is aggressive. Mahira later breaks down in front of Salman. When Salman asks for a reason, she says, 'Sidharth is 'mahaan' and hence she will henceforth stay quiet.' Salman rebuts her for the 'drama' and asks her if this is the image she wants to portray outside. 

Moving to Asim Riaz, Salman asks him if he feels Sidharth is being targeted. While answering, Asim took Rashami's name and the latter lost her cool and yelled at Riaz saying she isn't here to take anyone's abuses and if the cameras cannot capture the other person abusing, it isn't her fault. "I am not a fool," she said. Salman, in the midst, loses her cool saying that the housemates have no other topic other than Shukla. "Shukla is running the whole show. Everyone is going after Shukla," Salman said. 

When Gautam Gulati speaks to Sidharth and Shehnaaz as the caller of the week and asks them why can't they be friends, Shehnaaz asks Sid if he wants to bury the hatchet and be friends again, but Sidharth politely denies it saying that he cannot trust her and he doesn't want such friends in his life. Shehnaaz later breaks down asking BB to evict her. 

Later, Sooraj Pancholi comes to promote his movie. Salman then raps Shehnaaz Gill for stirring controversy with Himanshi Khurrana. Tehseen Poonawala is evicted. 


I am sick of wathicng Rashmi, Paras and Mahira starting backbiting Shukla and starting shouting at him and claiming he is being aggressive!!! Come on, guys, this is too much! Sickening. Get those lot evicted or Switch off BB. They dod not have any game plan apart from targetting Shukla. He is the only one cool and playing good game. Next should go Shanaz.

salman bhai sidharth shukla mahan he jab jitana hi sidharth shukla ko he to drama kyun kr rahe ho usi ko trophy de do kia sirf sidharth shukla ne task krna tha maira ne nahi aur sanp seedhi task main bhi sidharth shukla ne dhaka dia tha wo nazar nahi aaya kia ap bhi shukla k blind fan to nahi

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