Bigg Boss 13 October 10, 2019 Written Update: Paras and Sidharth Shukla sort things; Arti unhappy with Rashami

Bigg Boss 13's 11th day was an eventful one with tears, fights, and loads of arguments. While Paras Chhabra gets into a fight with Sidharth Shukla once again, Koena Mitra and Shehnaz have a war of words too. In the end, Rashami Desai and Arti Singh break down.
Bigg Boss 13 October 10, 2019 Written Update: Paras and Sidharth Shukla sort things; Arti unhappy with RashamiBigg Boss 13 October 10, 2019 Written Update: Paras and Sidharth Shukla sort things; Arti unhappy with Rashami
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The episode starts with Arti Singh getting angry upon Koena Mitra, because she wants to start afresh the next day. All this happens because she believes Koena always sorts things out with everyone right ahead of the nominations and tasks. Arti shouts in the house and tells Siddharth Dey that Koena is going to sue him and then Koena comes out and question Paras Chhabra. Arti then goes to Asim Riaz and tells her that Paras is the one playing the game here. Meanwhile, Shehnaz Kaur takes away Arti and explains to her what is happening while Koena shoos Arti away, and they get into an argument. 

Koena then reveals how Paras was the one who came to her and told her to let us spoil the task while Paras says he just said let us make the task interesting. Shehnaz then asks Arti about her trust towards Paras while Sidharth Shukla adds how Dalljiet Kaur and Rashami Desai are also doing the same thing and playing their games. The next day, the contestants wake up to 'Paani Wala Dance.' Siddharth then calls Mahira Sharma to do some exercise with him while Paras makes fun of her. Mahira says she'll come in some time. Arti tells Rashami about the pot task and tells her how she told Arti to break each other's pots. Rashami then tells Arti that she has trust issues with her and that she (Arti) can't do anything about it. Rashami then tells Arti that she is misjudging her and someone is changing her attitude towards her. 

Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shenaz talk about playing the game, and not getting involved in anyone else's game. Arti and Rashami's argument continues and they then call Paras and continue to talk about the trust issues. Paras explains how Rashami has a good equation with the other people and not so much with Arti, while Arti gets a little agitated. Paras brings Shehnaz into the argument, and Arti loses her cool saying how she is not their messenger to do all this. Paras continues to keep shouting and ranting about all that is happening, and while Shehnaz is having her issues, Arti is pointlessly questioning him and his trust. Paras continues to get angrier and shouts in the house, while Shehnaz walks around giving him looks. Meanwhile, Abu Malik indulges in some singing. 

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Rashami then talks to Dalljiet about the Queen task, while Sidharth talks to Devoleena and Arti about what is going on. Paras, Koena and Mahira have some fun in the washroom and laugh it off while Paras indulges in some banter. Asim then comes at the dining table and tells how he left the lock open while Koena opened the door. When he comes out of the washroom, Sidharth, Shehnaz, and others, make fun of him. Siddharth asks Koena who did she tell about it, while the contestants sing 'Kundi mat khadkao raja.'

Then kickstarts the 'Report Card' task where they have to put the black rings in front of the names of boys they want to nominate. Bigg Boss clarifies that the boys are not safe and those who have the maximum number of rings will move a step closer to nominations. Arti gives her black ring to Paras and tells him he instigates others and gets out of it easily. Koena gives the ring to Sidharth and cites the changes in him since the first week, next up, Shefali Bagga too gives the rings to Paras and tells how he is focusing on the game and leaving behind his relations. Rashami gives her ring to Sidharth and tells how he must be careful with his choice of words and despite the benefit of doubts she has given him, he makes her feel uncomfortable with his behaviour. Shehnaz gives her ring to Paras and says he is the reason for the misunderstanding between two girls. Mahira too gives her ring to Sidharth and tells how he has his own team and was biased in the task. Finally, Devoleena gives the black ring to Paras and says he is very confused and that he must sort things out. Dalljiet gives the black ring to Siddharth Dey, after what went through during the task. Bigg Boss then asks Devoleena who has the maximum number of rings ahead of them, and she says who has how many rings before their name.

Abuji and Paras talk about what is going on, and Paras then says how there is no confusion here and Paras says Shehnaz is the one who is confused and why Paras was asked to pick between Mahira and her. Mahira tries to clear things out and says this should be the last time they have a conversation about this. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Paras talk about the task and what went through and who said what. Shehnaz then comes in and asks Paras why did he bring her out while Sidharth says that Paras told him Shehnaz will burst Shehnaz's post. Their argument escalates while Shehnaz and Koena too, get into an argument. Koena calls Shehnaz an idiot, a servant, and a wannabe while Paras abuses Asim leading to both of them abusing each other.

Sidharth and Paras get into another argument over who wanted whom to be the Queen. While Sidharth says he wanted Devoleena to be the Queen, Paras says Sidharth wanted Arti to be the Queen. Meanwhile, Devoleena tries to calm Asim down and Sidharth and Paras both question Siddharth Dey about what their plan was during the task and if he knew Rashami will out Arti. Asim comes out of nowhere again, and then Shehnaz gets angry once again shouting in the house. Arti then gets into an argument with Rashami, while Sidharth tries to calm things down.

Koena talks to Paras and tells him how Shehnaz said mean things to her, and Paras says how she did the same thing with him. Paras and Mahira get into a fun banter about them hugging each other and have a laugh over it. Abu asks Rashami and others to make a curry and suggests how to make food tasty. Paras then questions all the issues everyone has regarding the food, and goes inside the room and tells everyone what happened. Sidharth and Paras talk about how a third vegetable is not needed, while Rashami cribs about it. Eggs get spoiled because they are overboiled and Abuji tries to understand what has happened. Sidharth, Abuji, and others talk about what is going on, and he asks Paras if everyone wants to have egg curry now. Paras and Sidharth's argument over the eggs continue, and eventually, it heats up.

Shehnaz comes asking what happened and Paras comes in and apologized and at the same time, he tells if all you want to do is create an issue then you are looking stupid, which of course, angers Sidharth and Shefali speaks up too. Paras then goes to Sidharth and tells him that they should control their aggression because this is too much, and the argument about the task continues. Paras and Sidharth try to clarify things out and finish it off. 

Rashami breaks down talking about how she made the food with a lot of love and feels hurt about how Sidharth and others are talking about her. Rashami feels everyone is talking against her. Rashami tells Siddharth Dey about how they have never been on good terms and how even though she thought he has changed, he hasn't, and how he is very fake. Devoleena consoles Rashami as she cries and asks her to eat food, but Rashami feels bad how Abuji told her things as he did, and then talks about Arti and how she has an issue with Devoleena and Dalljiet. Arti then comes to ask Rashami if she has eaten or not, and then asks them if she should put their food aside. Arti starts crying and Sidharth asks her what is wrong, and she explains what happened and how Rashami told Devoleena to ask her to go out for 5 mins. Sidharth then tells her how Rashami is no queen and everyone can't go talking to her, while Arti cries about the task and how she is hurt about it. Sidharth asks her to not get hurt anymore because it has been two days now, and just let it go. Rashami talks to Paras and explains to him how he is a man and he does not have to be stuck in between Shehnaz and Mahira, then talks about how Arti is insecure and made an issue about everything. Paras then talks about Sidharth and how he says he stays in relation till the end once he commits, and he then makes fun of Arti and then has a slip of tongue when addresses Sidharth as Arti's husband.

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