Bigg Boss 13 October 11, 2019 Written Update: Sidharth Shukla wins BB Fisheries task

Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla turns out victorious in the 'BB Fisheries' task and also gets saved from the nominations next week. Meanwhile, Paras, Abu Malik, Siddharth Dey and Asim get nominated for next week's eliminations.
Bigg Boss 13 October 11, 2019 Written Update: Sidharth Shukla wins BB Fisheries taskBigg Boss 13 October 11, 2019 Written Update: Sidharth Shukla wins BB Fisheries task
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The episode begins with the housemates waking up upon hearing the song ‘Dil Mein Baji Guitar’ and dancing together as usual. Paras tries to give Asim a piece of mind asking him to choose between playing individually or playing with others. Asim says in return that it is, in fact, Paras who is playing the game. He further says that none of the girls gave him a black ring because he did not plan against anyone of them. 

Asim talks to Koena, Rashami and Shefali about Paras saying that he is playing with their minds. Rashami says that Asim is individually strong and sensible but behaves like a child sometimes. Koena then says that a mute spectator is always wrong. Meanwhile, Devoleena talks to Sidharth about Rashami saying that the latter became emotional the other day owing to numerous reasons. Sidharth says that she is playing the emotional card by making up things despite the fact that he does not say anything to her. 

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Asim and Sidharth have a discussion about Paras, Koena, Rashami and others who have accused Asim of being with a particular group. Koena then comes and clears things out with Sidharth and Asim. Later on, Paras also clears things with Shehnaaz saying that people have started mistaking him as a bad person because of her. They have numerous other confrontations with each other including the issue with Mahira. Post that, they hug each other. Later on, Rashami tries to make both of them understand the mistakes which they have committed. She says that although Shehnaaz behaves like a child, she is indeed very clever. Paras also asks Rashami to play smart and get emotional whenever Sidharth says something to her.

After sometime, Bigg Boss introduces the BB Fisheries task in which the boys will get a chance to save themselves from nominations next week. Devoleena is assigned the director of the task and is also allowed to take part in it. After that, all the contestants start their planning and plotting regarding the same. Shehnaaz says that she will give the fishes to the boy who is the smartest among everyone. Rashami and Shefali talk about saving Siddharth Dey from the nominations. The task begins with girls giving the fishes to the boys of their choice. Sidharth and Mahira have an argument with each other. Later on, Arti says that she does not want to come in between Shehnaaz and Paras. Koena ends up throwing her fishes in Abu’s tank. She also taunts him in a sarcastic manner before leaving.



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Arti says to Paras that she has two people in her mind whom she wants to give the fishes. The task intensifies when the boys start having arguments with each other implying that the game is on! Later on, Mahira and Rashami have a conversation about Sidharth’s behavior. Shehnaaz eavesdrops and passes on the same information to Sidharth Shukla. Paras talks to Shehnaaz later on and says that he will not keep any contact with her if she gets eliminated the next day. He also says that if Shehnaaz does not understand him than he does not give a damn about the same. He then calls Dalljiet also to clear things out.

Dalljiet confronts Paras separately and calls out on him about the same. She further says that she did not want to create problems between Paras and Shehnaaz and also gets angry about the ‘promise’ thing that Paras asked her. Paras and Shehnaaz have an argument yet again. Shehnaaz gets angry about the same and bursts out in front of the other girls. Later on, Shehnaaz has an argument with Koena Mitra too. She accuses Koena of playing the dirtiest game in the house.

Rashami puts in the fishes including the basket in Sidharth’s tank. Devoleena then gives a earful to Rashami saying what she did was extremely wrong. Sidharth’s patience crosses limits and he ends up bursting out at everyone. Later on, Dalljiet, Shefali and Arti have an argument thereby calling each other names. Sidharth also has an argument with Shegali Bagga.

Rashami asks Sidharth to watch out and stop sending others to play games with her. Arti then comes to talk about Rashami with Sidharth. He says that Rashami does not say anything about him to Arti because she knows he shares a good rapport with the latter. Arti then asks Sidharth to control himself and just be careful about whatever he is saying.

Dalljiet taunts Siddharth Dey by saying that this is the golden opportunity for him to leave the house as he had previously talked about quitting the show. Devoleena then announces Sidharth Shukla as the winner as he did not have any fishes in his tank. Later on, she is asked to remove two black rings from his report card. As a result, Sidharth Shukla gets saved from the nominations next week. Paras, Siddharth Dey, Abu Malik and Asim end up getting nominated. 

Later on, Arti has a conversation about Sidharth with Rashami. The latter asks Arti not to come in between them and that Sidharth has never come to talk to her. She further states that if he has anything to clear out he will come to her himself. Meanwhile, Sidharth has a conversation with Rashami saying that he has not said anything bad related to her. Rashami says that she does not want any third person, especially Arti to clear things out between them. They even assure each other that won’t speak about any personal things in front of others.

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