Bigg Boss 13 October 12, 2019 Written Update: Dalljiet Kaur becomes the first contestant to get eliminated

Right from Mahira Sharma winning the first 'sultani akhada' task while the first every nomination has happened. Right from Salman Khan questioning everyone about the tasks and all that went on during the week to some arguments and banter, here's what happened on Bigg Boss' second Weekend Ka Vaar.
Bigg Boss 13 October 12, 2019 Written Update: Dalljiet Kaur becomes the first contestant to get eliminatedBigg Boss 13 October 12, 2019 Written Update: Dalljiet Kaur becomes the first contestant to get eliminated
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Salman Khan makes an entry on his popular numbers and dance a little, and greets the audience. He then went on to say how only 14 days are left for the finale, and now begins the power weekends, which obviously will bring in confidence too, but what are the powers are yet to be revealed. He then reveals how we will see double elimination today, one today, and one tomorrow. The 4 contestants nominated today are Koena Mitra, Dalljiet Kaur, Rashami Desai, and Shehnaz Kaur.

Salman whispers on the mic purposely while Abu Malik says he is not being able to hear, and Salman then says that everyone is also having issues with the constant whisperings thereby causing distractions, leading people to lose interest. Salman then accuses Rashami Desai of being the one to whisper the most, and Rashami clarifies what went about during all the instances and Salman asks why the 'whispering.' Salman then moves on to Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra on the issue of the constant talks about 'footage' and how everyone is here for the footage after all. 

Salman then gets talking about the 'tedhapan' ahead of the season finale and reveals only 3 girls and 3 boys will reach the finale while the rest will go back home. He also then tells them how those who go home will have the task to watch Bigg Boss every day while they are away. He then moves to Shehnaz and asks her why will she go home, and how everyone has an issue making connections. Salman then asks the males of the house to tell which three female contestants will go to the finale. Abu ji names Shehnaz, Shefali Bagga, and Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Sidharth Shukla names Shehnaz, Arti Singh, Dalljiet Kaur, and Devoleena. Asim Riaz names Rashami, Shehnaz, and Arti. Siddharth Dey names Rashami, Arti, and Shefali Bagga. Paras names Shehnaz, Mahira, and Rashami. 

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Salman questions if Paras will be the one who will take the girls ahead, and he says no, Koena Mitra is the first female contestant to name the boys who she thinks will go ahead, and names Sidharth Shukla, Siddharth Dey, and Paras. Salman then asks why did no guy call her, she says she is not someone to impress someone and then Koena talks about what went about with Shehnaz, and they get into a little environment. Shehnaz then says how everyone in the house is scared of Koena, and she then adds how she notices everyone. Koena then tells how there are people who are playing to impress the guys, and some are playing their game. Salman then says that he does not think anyone is being fake in the house. Devoleena then names the boys and says Sidharth, Abu sir, and Paras. Rashami names Sidharth Shukla, Paras, and Siddharth Dey, and Mahira, as well as Shefali, take the same names. Shehnaz names Abuji, Sidharth Shukla, and Paras. Arti names Paras, Sidharth Shukla, and Asim. Dalljiet too, takes the same three names as Arti, meanwhile, Salman makes fun of Asim's accent.

Salman runs through the names of contestants who have been nominated, and he then moves on to Devoleena and says how bahu bani babe bani Queen. Salman then asks Paras what was the original plan for Sidharth and he says it was first Arti and then it became Devoleena while Sidharth says Paras wanted Arti or Devoleena. Salman then asks Paras why not Shehnaz and he then explains what went about one day before the task and on the day of the task. He also says how everything worked against him, while Shehnaz says that irrespective of everything she knew he will save her. Salman then says how he wants to ride in two boats and play safe. He then asks Arti what did she want to say, and she says how Mahira is not at fault but it is only Paras' fault and she then explains what went about in the task and how he keeps telling different things to different, while Paras says how Arti is confused in life but Arti says it is no truth. 

Salman too says Paras is the one who is the reason for all the confusion and how no one during the task came out in the open to tell who they want to become the queen. Salman then says how there is one person who is understanding the game, and then makes fun of Siddharth Dey for locking the door. Salman then says how Sidharth Shukla is safe for the next week, and when he asks him who is not happy about it and he says Rashami, Mahira, and Shefali. Salman then shows how there is a cutting board being promoted in the name of Shukla, and when Sidharth is asked who would he save if he could, and he names Shehnaz, and declares her safe. 

Sidharth goes to talk to Rashami and asks her that they solved their problem but what is the issue now, and Rashami says how h does not talk properly and how he also does not come and talk to her. Sidharth asks why is she not looking at him while talking, and they get into another argument over their fight. Shehnaz then asks Rashami why does she not solve it out, and Rashami says if he comes to her and talks, she will. Dalljiet then suggests that just go talk alone and solve it out, and then Rashami says she will find the right time and talk to Sidharth. 

Shehnaz says how Siddharth hugged her tightly, and then she realized how she was supposed to back off while Salman indulges in some fun banter. Devoleena praises Siddharth for being the helpful person that he is. Salman then receives the caller of the week call and questions Rashami how she said during the task she is not in full form but when she does play the game she will make sure everyone will see, and when will she play the game after all since only 2 weeks are left. Rashami clarifies that things were wrong during the first two tasks, and now, she will up her game now. Salman asks her to get rid of her anger, and start the game.

He then gets talking about how things are going to get difficult as the race to the finale is on, and nothing will be easy. He tells the contestants about the power weekend and how everyone will get a chance to get the power. He then introduces the Sultani Akhada for this weekend, which will give the winner a power card, and the first two to go in the akhada will be Shefali and Mahira. In the task, they will first have a verbal spat and have to say who deserves to go to the finale. Shefali highlights how she is emotionally strong, will stand for right, is a performer, and she will stand with whoever she promises to be with. Mahira highlights how she has her opinion, makes friends naturally, and playing her game. They both put forward their points about each other. Next, Salman asks who all support Shefali and only two support her while Mahira gets unanimous support and wins the round. Now, they get in on the physical dangal where they'll have the best of three. Mahira gets the first point, while Shefali gets the second. The final point goes to Mahira and wins the task. She gets a meddle, and gets a power card where she will go on a date where she can order her favourite food and drinks and take a male contestant on a date with her. 

Sunil Grover and Haarsh Limbachiyaa join Salman on stage with 'chori chori tere sang' playing in the background. They have a fun time together while both Haarsh and Sunil entertain everyone present there. They then take on some fun magic tricks, which aren't magical as much. They also make some fun of Siddharth Dey and his dancing skills. The two then take Salman's leave and bid everyone goodbye!

Salman then gives us a glimpse of how is Mahira and Paras' date going on. Paras asks her how often has she gone out on dates, and then onto tell her how she actually brozoned the only nice-looking guy. Salman then gives a shock to the contestants and tells them about the double nominations. The first contestant to get nominated this weekend is Dalljiet Kaur. He tells her she has played a great game and stayed in the house with dignity, and wishes her all the best. He then bids goodbye to everyone while Dalljiet says her goodbye, and hugs everyone! 

Meanwhile, housemates discuss how double elimination is shocking and tomorrow, Koena or Rashami will bid adieu to the house in the wake of double eliminations!

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she was really boring for this show

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