Bigg Boss 13 October 5, 2019 Written Update: Shehnaaz & Paras are the first on Salman Khan's connection kursi

After an eventful first week for Bigg Boss season 13, Salman Khan is here to set things right in the very first Weekend Ka Vaar. Here is all that happened in the episode tonight.
Bigg Boss 13 October 5, 2019 Written Update: Shehnaaz & Paras are the first on Salman Khan's connection kursiBigg Boss 13 October 5, 2019 Written Update: Shehnaaz & Paras are the first on Salman Khan's connection kursi
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Salman Khan maes a grand entry as 'Chalti hai kya 9 se 12' plays in the background, and he then welcomes everyone to Bigg Boss 13's first Weekend Ka Vaar. He makes everyone laugh as he makes a bee fly away, and moves on to highlight how everyone inside the house is under control as yet. He also says how everyone thought he is kidding when he said everything will move on in fast forward to the 4 weeks finale, and after a first week that saw contestants settle in, and so, they decided to keep the voting lines close.

He then enters the house through 'Me TV' and the housemates welcome him with claps and cheer. Salman then expresses his anger and says how he has to scold everyone later in the week but he is angry that he has to do it in the first week and then shouts out 'get out' but then moves on to praising everyone about how they look good, thereby indulging in some fun banter, and then praises everyone. Salman then asks who are the people nominated this week, and gives a rundown of the names, and plays around how someone will be eliminated tonight.

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He then moves on to Best Friends Forever pairings and asks them to sit accordingly. Salman tries to pull Paras Chhabra's leg by calling him Ranveer Singh's cousin and then moves onto his dialogue about burning 800 calories with one kiss. He then moves on to Koena Mitra and tells her how she has become 'Didi' already, and that too, for someone with their same age, and both Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashami Desai say how they only have respect for them. Salman then makes some fun of Abu Malik for the song he sang, and then tells Sidharth Shukla how he is in demand effortlessly. Salman then calls Shehnaaz Gill the Katrina Kaif of 'punjab' and she tells how they are both matching but he teases her with Paras, and then, makes her dance to Bumroo while the contestants sing. He then questions her who is her BFF and makes some fun of Siddharth Dey by calling him 'horny' for his spikes and also, his beahviour, questioning him did he ever asks others how are they feeling about what he thinks. Salman then moves onto his snoring and how he made India laugh with it, and Shehnaaz tells how this is an issue but he is a nice person.

Next up, he moves on to how she can mimic Sidharth as well, and when he asks her to mimic Mahira Sharma, she says she cannot copy her because there is nothing she can do, and Salman then asks if it is because she is not doing anything. Salman then asks everyone why is there someone who has spoilt his/her game and how she went on from taking a stand at the start, and then he names Arti Singh doing it. He then shows a clip of Arti crying and admitting before Siddharth Dey how she hasn't been true to herself and how something is putting her down. 

Salman then enters the house again and reveals a two-seater seat which is called the 'connection kursi' and how one has to earn the chance to sit on it. He asks everyone to name two people who have made the strongest connections, and Shehnaaz says hers and Paras' is the strongest while he makes fun of Siddharth for coming in between them. Siddharth names himself and Shefali Bagga, and when he asks the latter, she agrees too. Koena, Sidharth, Arti, and Rashami also name Paras and Shehnaaz, and Paras agrees to it too. Devoleena, Dalljiet Kaur, Abu Malik, Mahira, and Asim Riaz take the same names as well. Meanwhile, Salman indulges in some banter over Asim's accent and asks Paras and Shehnaaz to come sit on the connection kursi.

Next up, he introduces a 'kaal kursi' and asks them to pick someone who might come in between this jodi, leading to their break up. Siddharth, Rashami, Devoleena, Arti, Dalljiet, Abu, Asim, and all other housemates take Mahira's name. Koena and Mahira take Siddharth's name and she is then made to sit on the kursi. Salman then highlights what went about in yesterday's episode and just then, asks Rashami to ge something from the storeroom - what looks like a picnic kit. He then asks Dalljiet, Devoleena, Mahira, and Rashami to take it and have a picnic at the dining table since he feels that's all they have done throughout the week.

Salman then talks about how everyone has different personalities and how people follow herd mentality often, but Salman is always there to correct them at the weekends. He then asks about the Kitchen team which includes Devoleena, Sidharth, and Rashami and how only Sidharth is visible in the kitchen but the other two are now. He tells them how they need to go out bigger and better, and then moves on to the task. 

He first questions Arti and asks her if she did understand the task or not, and what went about when it was her chance and Shefali was talking. He then asks Paras why does one do a task in the first place and explains how everyone lost their focus from the task in an attempt to look good. He praises Sidharth telling him how he had everything in place but his team members did not support him after a point of time and he then says how Siddharth and Rashami weren't ready to go all out. He asks Rashami why is this and if it is true and she says she disagrees because she is not like that, and Salman then asks her why was she stopping everyone while the task was on, and how she pulled her team back like the dead weight. Rashami continues to explain how she was in two minds, and Salman then clarifies how tasks are not extreme and they are all measured, but unlike every other time in the past, this task was cancelled and that is said. 

Salman asks Abu and Sidharth who do they think will make for the queen, and to that, the former explains how he thought it was Shehnaaz but then Devoleena took the point away while Sidharth feels all four did well, while Paras explains why he feels Devoleena deserves to be the Queen. Salman then asks Devoleena what was her strategy behind getting Asim up from the wheelchair and Asim explains why he stood up in the first place. Salman then asks whose idea was it to use the hair removal cream and Paras admits it was his idea. and Salman says how it did work eventually. Salman then questions how did Devoleena's name came out unanimously and if they still think she is the one who deserved to be the Queen and asks Mahira why didn't she take her own name when it was her idea and how it was Shehnaaz and her who did go through it while idea is the most important thing and that is what works in the first place.

Salman then asks Shehnaaz if Devoleena was deserving and she then asks who was the most deserving after all, and she then takes Mahira's name and then asks her why didn't she take her name in the first place. He then moves on to Shefali and praises her for taking a stand for herself and did the right thing, after all, taking the game's spirit forward. He then asks her where did she go wrong, and says how it is what she told Arti during the task but he then says it is something else, and that it is the fact that Shefali is safe.

Salman asks everyone to not follow herd mentality and that they shouldn't do it only because it is fast forward and that 10 people will not win the show. Salman then moves on to Shehnaaz and asks her what is he trying to say and that leads to some banter between the two. Eventually, Arti explains what Salman said, and Shehnaaz says that she ha told everyone how she is good if they win, she will get work in Salman's film. 

Later, we see Shefali and Arti clarifying everything that went on during the Bigg Boss hospital task while Dalljiet says how everyone should take a stand but not everyone can't take their own name and what is the point of a team task then. Paras then explains Shefali's point, and they have a discussion about what Salman told about standing for yourself. Salman makes an entry again, and asks Shefali if she is happy, and then asks Arti too. He then moves on to the 'bahus' Devoleena and Rashami and asks them to keep calm and tells them they have a chance for a fresh start and declares them safe. Salman then talks about the 'khaas kamra' and asks Arti to go there and asks her if Rashami influences other contestants and she says yes. Because contestants are not in agreement, she gets a paint shower. Arti is then asked who will not last till the 4th week according to her, and asks her to name at least one person, and she names Abu ji. The contestants are in disagreement and next up, she gets a shower of powder. He then asks her about who is finding it difficult to make a connection and she then names herself, and contestants do not agree, and this time, she gets a shower with water. 

Next up, Rashami goes into the room and asks her if she has a slow game plan in this season's fast game, and to this, she says yes but Sidharth disagrees because she is thinking her game and playing but most of them agree. Next, he asks ehr which girl will not make it to the 4th week, and most of them disagree, and to this, she is showered with a red something. Next, Siddharth goes into the shower and his first question is if the 'bahus' have made a gang and majority agrees. He then asks her if girls are feeling their romantic nature to be wrong, and on this, maturity disagrees and he gets a red paint shower. The next question is if Paras is the right connection for Shehnaaz and the majority disagrees and next follows is a shower of powder. He is then asked which guy does he think will not make it to the 4th week, and majority disagrees, and finally follows a shower of water. The last question turns out to be a funny banter and then hen food follows. The next question is who is the most domination girl and he names Devoleena while everyone disagrees, and finally, a shower of feathers comes in.

Salman then takes the called of the week, and the question is for Devoleena and the caller asks her when she entered the show, she entered the show on the song Aashiq Banaya aapne but she is being seen as a bahu in the show, and to this, she says she will try to live up to the expectations. The caller of the week then says some kind words to Salman and the call then ends. Devoleena then reveals how Sidharth tells her she is bahu in the morning, babe after the bath, and devil during the task. 

Salman bids everyone goodbye and reminds us once again how they don't know about no eliminations just yet and Koena and Dalljiet are currently getting fried over what is happening.

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